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chapter:   Bend in the river - V.S.Naipaul

1. In the novel, A Bend in the River, Salim starts an affair with the wife of Raymond named

a. Yvette

B. Georgina

c. Zabeth

d. Shoba

2. Salim, starts narrating a story in the interior of an unnamed African country of what river?

a. The bend of the long river

B. The bend of the dead river

c. The bend of the great river

d. The bend of the black river

3. When Salim finds out that Raymond was the ‘Big man’s white man’ why was he thrilled?

a. Because Salim thinks that Raymond could help him

B. Because Salim wants to be closer to Raymond’s wife

c. Because Salim thinks Raymond could take him away

d. Because Salim thinks Raymond to be the highest power in the land

4. What does the river symbolise in The Bend in the River

a. Lifeline of the people

B. A connection between the past and present

c. The drinking water shared by the people

d. None of the above

5. Who is the ‘big man’ in the novel, A Bend in the River?

a. Raymond

B. Nazruddin

c. The President

d. Théotime

6. Why does Salim feel sorry for the president after returning from Europe

a. The President was attacked by the media in Europe

B. He knows the future he has seen in Europe could not compare to the President’s promise for Africa

c. Salim likes the President and does not want to see him suffer

d. The President was not as good a leader as the one in Europe.

7. Salim travels to London to visit

a. Nazruddin

B. Winterbottom

c. Soraya

d. Ezeulu

8. What is the name of the British Colonial policy Winterbottom is tasked withenforcing?

a. Direct Rule

B. Development

c. Indirect Rule

d. Protectorship

9. ‘A Bend in the River’ was published in

a. 1979

B. 1980

c. 1981

d. 1982

10. Salim has a love affair with a women named

a. Annie.

B. Yvette

c. Florence

d. Isabella

11. ‘A Bend in the River’ is set in post-colonial

a. Europe

B. America

c. Africa

d. None of the above

12. “The New Domain” covers several years during which the country is in a period of

a. Economic prosperity

B. Social prosperity

c. Political prosperity

d. Religious prosperity

13. Salim is both the protagonist and the first-person

a. Business-man

B. Hero

c. President

d. Narrator

14. Salim gets involved in the illegal smuggling of

a. Ivory and gold

B. Gold and silver

c. Gold and copper

d. Ivory and copper

15. What ethnicity was Soraya?

a. Muslim

B. Afrikaner

c. Dutch

d. British

16. What was wrong with Mahesh's engraving machine that makes signs?

a. The machine was too complicated for him to operate.

B. It was impossible to assemble.

c. He could not get the raw materials to make the signs.

d. No one needed signs.

17. What is Indar's moment of insight?

a. He understands that he was meant to write the African story.

B. He realizes he must return to his roots to be happy.

c. He knows without a doubt that he belongs to himself alone and would surrender his manhood to nobody.

d. He sees he has not marketed himself correctly.

18. How does the purser on the steamer show that he does not respect the President in A Bend in the River?

a. He speaks French which the President has banned.

B. He sneers every time the President is mentioned.

c. He puts a cloth over the President's portrait.

d. He sits down when the national anthem is played.

19. What confidence does Indar impart to Salim?

a. The Domain is about to become an officer training school for the army.

B. The Domain is going to close for lack of funds.

c. The President is going to replace Raymond at the Domain.

d. The President is going his own way and no longer needs Raymond's help.

20. Why does Salim think Yvette married the much older Raymond?

a. She must have had an unhappy homelife.

B. She must have been very lonely.

c. She must have thought he was extraordinary.

d. She must have thought he would be rich.

21. Who is the surprise visitor to Salim's store?

a. Zabeth's husband

B. The President

c. Indar

d. Salim's brother

22. What amazes Salim about Raymond?

a. He does not seem to love Yvette.

B. He has no ambition to leave the country.

c. He works on plans to overthrow the President.

d. His position with the President is shaky but he remains loyal.

23. What does the President in A Bend in the River do at a ruined suburb?

a. He builds a large complex.

B. He builds a shoe factory.

c. He builds a new barracks for his army.

d. He levels it and makes a park.

24. Why does Metty inform on Salim's black market activities?

a. Because Salim refused him money to leave the town

B. Because Salim takes Theo's side againt him

c. Because Metty has always hated Salim

d. Because Salim did not bring back presents from Europe

25. What do the townspeople in A Bend in the River speculate about the new complex?

a. That it will be a munitions factory.

B. That it will be a model farm and agriculture school.

c. That it will be a large hospital.

d. That it will be the President's winter palace.


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