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chapter:   Major Barbara - George Bernard Shaw

1. Lomax will not receive his trust fund until he is

a. 30

B. 35

c. 37

d. 39

2. The Undershaft tradition is to appoint

a. The eldest son as successor

B. The youngest son as successor

c. A foundling as successor

d. A brilliant daughter as successor

3. Barbara is pleased that her father is going to visit them because

a. She misses him

B. She has something important to tell him

c. He had always wanted to give her monetary help

d. He had a soul to be saved

4. The bargain that Barbara and her father struck was that

a. Each would try to convert the other to their cause

B. Each would try to convert as many converts as possible to their cause

c. Each would try to excel in uplifting the poor

d. Each would try to surpass the other in acquiring wealth

5. Britomart accused Cusins of joining the Salvation Army to

a. Play the trumpet

B. Convert people to the worship of Dionysus

c. To worship Barbara

d. Help people in the Army

6. Barbara realizes that those who hold the means of salvation are

a. Holy people

B. Humble people

c. Talented writers

d. Millionaires

7. A Doll’s House opens on

a. New Year’s Eve

B. Passover Eve

c. Christmas Eve

d. Palm Sunday

8. Barbara is engaged to

a. Adolphus Cusins

B. Charles Lomax

c. Bill Walker

d. Horace Bodger

9. What does Undershaft identify as necessary for salvation?

a. Money and religion

B. Morality and money

c. Money and gunpowder

d. Money and marriage

10. What job does Peter Shirley take on at the foundry?

a. Gravedigger

B. Gatekeeper

c. Foreman

d. Driver

11. Where do Cusin’s parents reside?

a. Canada

B. India

c. Spain

d. Australia

12. Who steals Bill Walker’s money?

a. Rummy Mitchens

B. Jenny Hill

c. Snobby Price

d. Peter Shirley

13. What profession does Undershaft suggest to Stephen?

a. A politician

B. A philosopher

c. A Professor

d. A lawyer

14. When Sarah is to be married to her fiancé Charles Lomax, at what age could Lomax come into his wealth?

a. Twenty one

B. Eighteen

c. Thirty five

d. Twenty seven.

15. To what does Andrew Undershaft compare his munition factory to and found manysimilarities with?

a. His daughter’s upbringing

B. The Salvation Army

c. Lady Britomart’s outlook on life

d. None of the above

16. When Bill Walker refused to give his name to Barbara, she had to write down hisname as _________

a. The homeless man

B. The man with no food

c. The man who struck Jenny

d. The man with a temper

17. To whom did Barbara say that one cannot ‘buy’ his/her salvation?

a. Lady Britomart

B. Adolphus Cusins

c. Charles Lomax

d. Andrew Undershaft

18. To whom did Barbara say that The Salvation Army cannot be bought?

a. Bill Walker

B. Andrew Undershaft

c. Mrs. Baines

d. Bodger

19. Both Lady Britomart and Andrew Undershaft said that Stephen would make a good journalist because of what?

a. Because he was good at spending a lot of money

B. Because he knows how to use words that have no meaning

c. Because he liked to ask a lot of questions

d. Because there was no one who was vain enough like him

20. What is Cusins’s first name?

a. Horace

B. Adolphus

c. Charles

d. Andrew

21. What is the inscription on the dome of the Labor Church in Perivale St. Andrews?

a. If God gave the hand, let not man withhold the sword.

B. No man is good enough to be another man’s master

c. To man the weapon: the heaven the victory

d. All have the right to fight: None have the right to judge

22. Who is Lord Saxmundham?

a. Andrew Undershaft

B. Lazarus

c. Horace Bodger

d. Todger Fairmille

23. What does Undershaft identify as necessary to Salvation?

a. Baptism and first communion

B. Money and gunpowder

c. Money and mind

d. Money and courage

24. What profession does Undershaft suggest to Stephen?

a. To become a politician

B. To write

c. To become a philosopher

d. To go into law

25. Who does Barbara ask for at the end of the play?

a. God

B. Undershaft

c. Cusins

d. Lady Britomart


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