United Nations Organization (UNO) solved MCQs

126. The Executive Board of the WHO composed of

a. 31 members

B. 32 members

c. 33 members

d. 34 members

127. The UNEP has been created to be the

a. capacity building

B. technological change

c. environmental conscience

d. work programme

128. WHO is leading a worldwide campaign to provide effectiveimmunization for all children by

a. A.D. 2005

B. A.D. 2000

c. A

d. 2007

129. India has provided police personnel to UN mission in Haiti with a totalof

a. 123

B. 125

c. 130

d. 150

130. Between 1960-1970, UNDP entrusted ILO with carrying out more than

a. 120 major projects

B. 130 major projects

c. 140 major projects

d. 150 major projects

131. The ILO has established the International Institute for Labour Studies at

a. Singapore

B. Moscow

c. Geneva

d. San Marino

132. The ECOSOC has

a. 6 functional commissions

B. 7 functional commissions

c. 8 functional commissions

d. 9 functional commissions

133. “United Nations Global Programme of Action for the Protection of theMarine Environment” was sponsored the UNEP in

a. 1994

B. 1995

c. 1996

d. 1997

134. Human Rights Day is observed on

a. 10th December

B. 15th September

c. 20th October

d. 16th January

135. The purposes of the UNO are enshrined in Article

a. 3

B. 4

c. 1

d. 5

136. The principal organ of the UNO responsible for promoting economicand social development is

a. Economic and Social Council

B. Security Council

c. Secretariat

d. International Court of Justice

137. During 1990 – 1995, UNICEF and other partners helped almost 800million people gain access to

a. baby friendly

B. childhood desease

c. eradication of polio

d. safe drinking water

138. There are more than 5000 UNESCO clubs in

a. 170 Countries

B. 116 countries

c. 125 countries

d. 140 countries

139. The ILO has established the International Centre for Advanced andVocational Training at

a. Turin, Italy

B. Sofia, Bulgaria

c. Mexico City, Mexico

d. Oslo, Norway

140. The General Conference of UNESCO meets every

a. 1 year

B. 2 years

c. 3 years

d. 4 years

141. The UNO created a Research Institute for Social Development in

a. 1961

B. 1962

c. 1963

d. 1964

142. The ECOSOC has

a. 4 Standing Committee

B. 5 Standing Committee

c. 6 Standing Committee

d. 7 Standing Committee

143. Till today, the number of Secretary General stood at

a. 11

B. 8

c. 10

d. 9

144. The ILO composed of

a. two bodies

B. three bodies

c. four bodies

d. five bodies

145. The UNICEF’s The Convention on the Rights of the Child by theGeneral Assembly was adopted in

a. 1978

B. 1988

c. 1989

d. 1990

146. The WHO came into being on 7 April, 1948 when its constitution hadbeen ratified by UNO with

a. 25 members states

B. 26 member states

c. 27 member states

d. 28 member states

147. Palestine was recognized as a “non-member state” when the GeneralAssembly passed a resolution on

a. 16 september, 2013

B. 20 October, 2012

c. 14 September, 2013

d. 29 November, 2012

148. The Secretary General of the UNO was envisioned as

a. world advocate

B. world moderator

c. world performer

d. world diplomat

149. In 1997, UNICEF provided emergency assistance to affected by conflictin

a. 26 countries

B. 27 countries

c. 28

d. 29

150. A serious crises confronts the UNESCO on account of withdrawal ofBritish in

a. 1982

B. 1983

c. 1984

d. 1985


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