60+ News Reporting and Editing Solved MCQs


Who coined the term “fourth estate”?

A. charles marrian
B. james bryce
C. edmund burke
D. thomas jefferson
Answer» C. edmund burke

is the latest time at which a story can be accepted :

A. dateline
B. deadline
C. press time
D. print time
Answer» B. deadline

Some stories that wrap similar events into a single story is called  

A. multiple story
B. round
C. capital story
D. same incident story
Answer» B. round

Small advertisements classified according to subject area and carrying no illustrations are known as

A. small ads
B. news library
C. back volume stock.
D. classified
Answer» D. classified

Morgue is  

A. photo archive.
B. news library
C. back volume
D. printing machine
Answer» B. news library

Leader writer is one who writes the -------------------------

A. main story
B. middle article
C. editorial
D. edit page article
Answer» C. editorial

is a detailed account of the coming event.

A. future story
B. advancer
C. curtain raiser
D. advance
Answer» C. curtain raiser

Condensing a story is generally referred to as in the newspaper offices.

A. rewriting
B. miniaturizing
C. shortening
D. boiling down.
Answer» D. boiling down.

Title registration of newspaper is done by:

A. rni
B. davp
C. pib
D. iprd
Answer» A. rni

An advertisement written in the style of a news item or feature:

A. ad news
B. paid news
C. news ad
D. news ad
Answer» D. news ad

One or two word small headline appearing on the left hand top of the story

A. topline
B. slug
C. small head
D. tophead
Answer» B. slug

‘XXX’in a news copy denotes:

A. end of the story
B. end of thirty words
C. story written by three people
D. story approved by three editors
Answer» A. end of the story

The main headline on the top of a page covering all columns is known as:

A. blurb
B. lead
C. banner
D. blow-up
Answer» C. banner

Copy editor is a synonym of  

A. sub editor
B. news editor
C. copywriter
D. copyholder
Answer» A. sub editor

is not a principle of page make-up.

A. proportion
B. balance
C. contrast
D. five ws
Answer» D. five ws

Sensation is the main feature of journalism.

A. black
B. yellow
C. red
D. blue
Answer» B. yellow

Removing unwanted area of picture is called  

A. cropping
B. creeping
C. crossing
D. crawling
Answer» A. cropping

is not a factor in editing process

A. checking
B. cutting
C. conflict
D. changing
Answer» C. conflict

One line copy that describes the illustration, drawing or photograph is known as:

A. on-line
B. cutline
C. cut-off
D. cut out
Answer» B. cutline

Obituaries should always be:

A. posthumous
B. premature
C. printed
D. passing through
Answer» A. posthumous

Letters to the editor are included in:

A. sports page
B. last page
C. editorial page
D. local page
Answer» C. editorial page

Slander and libel is associated with:

A. assault
B. defamation
C. nuisance
D. hot news
Answer» B. defamation

Official Secrets Act was passed in:

A. 1923
B. 1922
C. 1924
D. 1925
Answer» A. 1923

Times of India was the first newspaper to appoint

A. editor
B. managing editor
C. executive editor
D. ombudsman
Answer» D. ombudsman

‘Chief Minister resigned’ is an example of:

A. summary intro
B. common intro
C. bullet intro
D. none of these
Answer» C. bullet intro

A press run of a publication for one day

A. edition
B. publication
C. imprint
D. pre-print
Answer» A. edition

Mandatory deadline for the release of a story is called  

A. hold
B. scoop
C. release
D. embargo
Answer» D. embargo

A publication started by Mahatma Gandhi

A. the harijan
B. bombay samachar
C. indian mail
D. the times of india
Answer» A. the harijan

Crystallising public opinions was authored by

A. black sam
B. edward l. bernay
C. berlo
D. aristotle
Answer» B. edward l. bernay

Which one of the following is most perishable?

A. a book
B. a newspaper
C. a magazine
D. all the above are equally perishable
Answer» B. a newspaper

The word ‘journalism’ is derived from the word ‘Diurnalis’.

A. latin
B. french
C. italian
D. english
Answer» A. latin

Who edits local news?

A. sub editor
B. stringer
C. bureau chief
D. assistant editor
Answer» A. sub editor

The Chairman of Press Council of India is selected by a committee consisting of

A. chairman of rajya sabha
B. speaker of lok sabha
C. person chosen by the members of the council from among themselves
D. all the above
Answer» D. all the above

Which section of IPC defines the offence of defamation?

A. 409
B. 499
C. 489
D. 408
Answer» B. 499

The Pioneer was started in Allahabad in the year

A. 1901
B. 1865
C. 1890
D. 1923
Answer» B. 1865

Name of an Indian news agency

A. pti
B. cnn
C. ap
D. afp
Answer» A. pti

is copy and pictures running over two pages in the middle of the newspaper.

A. news peg
B. centre spread
C. bleed
D. middle
Answer» B. centre spread

means delete or exclude a story or part of a story.

A. dl.
B. kill
C. exclude
D. reject
Answer» B. kill

A piece of news obtained and published by one newspaper before its competitors is known as

A. exclusive
B. runner
C. scoop
D. expose
Answer» A. exclusive

The oldest established news agency in the world:

A. reuters
B. afp
C. upi
D. ap
Answer» B. afp

The nodal agency of the Government to disseminate the information to the print media in Government policies:

A. pib
B. door darshan
C. akash vani
D. films division
Answer» A. pib

The first Chairman of the Press Council of India was  

A. justice j.r.mudholkar
B. justice y.v. chandrachood.
C. justice v.r.krishna iyer
D. justice ranganath mishra
Answer» A. justice j.r.mudholkar

“Four Theories of Press is conceived by  

A. w. schramm
B. j. carey
C. d. mcquail
D. mc luhan
Answer» A. w. schramm

The head quarters of the PTI:

A. mumbai
B. chennai
C. new delhi
D. bangalore
Answer» C. new delhi

Development Journalism is  

A. pro-capitalist
B. pro- third world
C. neutral
D. anti-third world
Answer» B. pro- third world

Who was the Chairman of the First Press Council of India?

A. v.k.r.v.rao
B. t.n. singh
C. swarn singh
D. g.s. rajadhyaksha
Answer» D. g.s. rajadhyaksha

DAVP is functioning under the control of  

A. press council
B. government o f india
C. government of kerala
D. prasar bharathy
Answer» B. government o f india

The tenure of the First Press Council was

A. 3 years
B. 6 years
C. 1 year
D. 5 years
Answer» A. 3 years

is the oldest leading mass medium for advertising.

A. website
B. newspapers
C. radio
D. t.v.
Answer» B. newspapers

The most authentic and dependable circulation figures of newspapers are published by

A. rni
B. uni
C. abc
D. pib
Answer» C. abc

Which of the following is /are called as ‘fourth estate’?

A. print media
B. electronic media
C. visual media
D. all the above
Answer» D. all the above

Folio line gives details of:

A. editorial staff
B. index of stories
C. company
D. page numbers
Answer» B. index of stories

‘Middle’ means:

A. a type of headline
B. an amusing write up on the editorial page
C. a kind of advertisement
D. a style of writing
Answer» B. an amusing write up on the editorial page

Imprint line means:

A. type size
B. details of registration
C. a printing method
D. lead story
Answer» B. details of registration

The other name of feature is:

A. colour story
B. entertainer
C. brightner
D. lightner
Answer» A. colour story

Another name for Banner headline is:

A. kicker head
B. line head
C. crossline
D. hammer head
Answer» C. crossline

National Press Day is on:

A. november 1
B. october 21
C. november 16
D. january 7
Answer» C. november 16

The New Trend in journalism:

A. sensationalism
B. patriotism
C. socialism
D. mechanism
Answer» A. sensationalism

Name the magazine that gives the highest priority to women and children:

A. the crown
B. the times
C. down to earth
D. india today
Answer» A. the crown

The term fourth estate is coined by:

A. edmund burke
B. thomas carlyle
C. laski
D. henry fayol
Answer» A. edmund burke

Freedom of press deals with:

A. reporting
B. editing
C. freedom of expression
D. none of the above.
Answer» C. freedom of expression

Editor is the person who news for the newspaper or journal.

A. reporting
B. editing
C. collecting
D. publishing
Answer» B. editing

If you have decided to publish a newspaper, the first step would be to register it with the:

A. registrar of newspaper
B. press council of india
C. kuwj
D. registrar general
Answer» A. registrar of newspaper

Find the odd woman out from among the following

A. shobha de
B. nalini singh
C. tavleen singh
D. soni sangwan
Answer» B. nalini singh
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