For year 2018 Equity Share Capital is Rs 3,00,000 Preference Share Capital is Rs.1,00,000,10% debentures is Rs.2,00,000 and Share premium is Rs.30,000. For year 2019 Equity Share Capital is Rs 4,00,000 Preference Share Capital is Rs.60,000 10% debentures is Rs.1,00,000 and Share premium is 40,000. Also given, Dividend paid on shares Rs 15,000 and Interest paid on debentures Rs. 20,000. Determine net cash flow from financing activities.

A. Inflow of Rs 65,000
B. Outflow of Rs 65,000
C. Inflow of Rs 56,000
D. Outflow of Rs 56000
Answer» B. Outflow of Rs 65,000
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