Financial Market Solved MCQs


The central banking functions in India are performed by the __________

A. central bank of india
B. reserve bank of india
C. state bank of india
D. punjab national bank
Answer» B. reserve bank of india

The BSE Sensex consists of a basket of ___________ stocks.

A. 50
B. 100
C. 30
D. 60
Answer» C. 30

_____________ is the function of financial system.

A. saving function
B. nationalization of financial institutions
C. establishment of development banks
D. intermediaries control
Answer» A. saving function

____________ consists of number of Number of money lenders, indigenous bankers, traders, etc.

A. capital market
B. money market
C. organized markets
D. unorganized markets
Answer» D. unorganized markets

A ___________ Is a promissory note issued by the RBI to meet the short-term requirement of funds.

A. treasury bills
B. commercial banks
C. commercial paper
D. rrb\s
Answer» A. treasury bills

_____________ are those who are not interested in the market or so they are independent, whether prices are going up or market is coming down.

A. bulls
B. bears
C. stags
D. broker
Answer» C. stags

____________ are dealers in securities in a stock exchange, They cannot deal on behalf of public.

A. authorised clerks
B. arbitrageurs
C. tarawaniwalas
D. jobbers
Answer» D. jobbers

If a person is a "bull", then they expect prices to __________.

A. unaffected
B. remain still
C. drop
D. rise
Answer» D. rise

________ contracts are on the underlying futures contract and not the commodity itself.

A. derivative
B. future
C. forward
D. options
Answer» D. options

_____________ is a prospectus, which does not have facts of either price or number of shares being offered, or the amount of issue.

A. prospectus
B. brochure
C. red herring prospectus
D. card
Answer» C. red herring prospectus
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