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A pentagonal prism is resting on H.P on one of its corners and from top view the solid’s axis is making 30 degrees with the xy reference line. What are the top views of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd stages of orthographic drawing?

A. rectangle, rectangle, heptagon
B. pentagon, heptagon, heptagon
C. rectangle, heptagon, rectangle
D. pentagon, rectangle, heptagon
Answer» B. pentagon, heptagon, heptagon
Explanation: as in the 1st stage the pentagonal prism is to be placed in simple position the axis perpendicular to v.p so top view gives pentagon and then rotated so as to keep one of the corners only on h.p so the top view will be irregular heptagon then adjusting the axis so as to make 30 degrees with xy reference line so top view remain same.
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