Corporate Communication and PR Solved MCQs


Corporate Communications use emails, announcements, minutes of meetings, intranet as internal communication platforms

A. external communication
B. internal communication
C. disrupted communication
D. prolonged communication
Answer» B. internal communication

Internal and external communication tools are used to ________________ important information about an organization's present and future plans.

A. disseminate
B. eradicate
C. duplicate
D. formulate
Answer» A. disseminate

Public Relations use the external communications prepared by Corporate Communications to generate a_________________ of the company

A. static image
B. positive image
C. negative image
D. mobile image
Answer» B. positive image

___________ is communication that is used primarily to influence an audience and further an agenda, which may not be objective and may be presenting facts selectively to encourage a particular synthesis or perception

A. persuasion
B. propaganda
C. publicity
D. pseudo-events
Answer» B. propaganda

___________ is a deliberate attempt on the part of public relations practitioners to influence the public

A. propaganda
B. publicity
C. pseudo-events
D. persuasion
Answer» D. persuasion

Diffusion theory has __________discrete steps

A. five
B. six
C. eight
D. ten
Answer» A. five

The first rule of crisis management is to ________

A. communicate
B. hide
C. negate
D. deny
Answer» A. communicate

________is the face of a company

A. website
B. company office
C. twitter account
D. email id
Answer» A. website

______________ marketing allows companies to communicate directly and instantly with their stakeholder, marking a shift from the traditional one-way output of corporate communications, to an expanded dialogue between company and consumer

A. social media
B. affiliate
C. targeted
D. face-to-face
Answer» A. social media

__________________ is the synchronous, interactive, real time exchange of message via a mediated source

A. e-mail
B. social networking sites
C. blogs
D. online chat
Answer» D. online chat
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