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chapter:   Sonnet 116 and Death be not proud

1. William Shakespeare was born in the year:

a. 1588

B. 1564

c. 1616

d. 1600

2. Sonnet 116 shares the poet’s reflections on the nature of:

a. ideal love

B. ideal companionship

c. ideal moments

d. ideal friendship

3. Love is not love/ Which alters when it alterations ______

a. seen

B. sees

c. finds

d. meets

4. Love alters not with his brief _______ and weeks

a. hours

B. minutes

c. honours

d. times

5. “Death be not Proud” first appeared as ____________ in Songs and Sonnets in1633.

a. Holy Sonnet IX

B. Holy Sonnet X

c. Holy Sonnet III

d. Holy Sonnet XI

6. From rest and sleep, which but thy _________ be

a. melancholy

B. statements

c. pictures

d. remembrances

7. And soonest our best men with thee do go,/ Rest of their ______, and soul’sdelivery

a. bones

B. bodies

c. leaps

d. souls

8. One short sleep past, we wake ___________

a. eternally

B. immortally

c. extraordinarily

d. inevitably

9. Let Me Not To The Marriage of True Minds is

a. An allegory

B. An epic

c. A sonnet

d. A metaphysical poem

10. The remover who comes with his bending sickle is

a. Time

B. Distance

c. Society

d. Hardships

11. Love is not love if it alters

a. With every season

B. For any reason

c. With time

d. When beauty fades

12. Love does not alter with brief hours and

a. Minutes

B. Weeks

c. Days

d. Seconds

13. John Donne is

a. Afraid of death

B. Challenging death

c. Submitting to death

d. Resisting death

14. According to Donne, death is a slave to

a. Poison

B. Chance

c. Sleep

d. Fate

15. According to Donne, the thing that is better than the stroke of death is

a. Sleep

B. Poison

c. Poppy

d. Dreams

16. Rest of their bones refers to

a. The bones of everyone

B. The bones of poets

c. The bones of our best men

d. The bones of rich men

17. “Sonnet 116” is a record of the poet’s reflections on the nature of

a. classical love

B. friendship love

c. romantic love

d. ideal love

18. “Death, be not proud” first appeared as ‘Holy Sonnet X’ in Songs and Sonnets, acollection of 19 sonnets published in

a. 1632

B. 1633

c. 1639

d. 1640

19. Shakespeare’s notion of ideal love in “Sonnet 116” is juxtaposed with the problemsof

a. Instability

B. Unsteadiness

c. Unfaithfulness

d. flux and change

20. According to John Donne, when we wake eternally, there shall be no more

a. Pain

B. Hunger

c. Grief

d. Death

21. Shakespeare compares true love to-

a. a sun

B. the guiding star

c. the moon

d. a compass

22. What is the theme of Let me not to the Marriage of True Minds by Shakespeare?

a. Even the strongest love is temporary

B. True love remains steady

c. Age and time alter love

d. Love changes as life changes

23. Let me not to the marriage of true mindsAdmit impediments; love is not _________.

a. love

B. true

c. alter

d. steady

24. In the poem Death be not Proud, Donne has presented ‘death’ as a –

a. powerless figure

B. powerful figure

c. murderer

d. ruler over his soul

25. Donne considers death an immense pleasure similar to –

a. sleep and fun

B. fun and game

c. sleep and rest

d. rest and game


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