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chapter:   Public Personnel, Administration in India, Types of Personnel system, Principles of personnel system

1. .Who said ‘Personnel is the sovereign factor in public administration’

a. Herman Finer

B. Woodrow Wilson

c. Robert Dahl

2. In POSDCORB, the letter ‘C’ stands for

a. Control

B. Coordinating

c. Centre

3. Public Personnel Administration function involves




4. Aristocratic type of Personnel system developed in

a. USA

B. England

c. India

5. The standard and efficiency of Public Administration depends on

a. outlook of the employer

B. educational qualification of the civil servants

c. integrity of the civil service

6. Public Personnel Administration involves

a. recruitment, training and classification

B. recruitment only

c. appointment only

7. Spoils system is associated with

a. Germany


c. UK

8. Bureaucratic system rests on the notion of

a. political favouritism

B. imperfection

c. hierarchy of divisions

9. Equality of opportunity is ensured in

a. spoils system

B. merit system

c. aristocratic system

10. In the USA,the spoils system was discarded by which Act

a. Pendleton Act,1883

B. Hatch Act,1939

c. Civil Service Act,1853

11. The requirements of the civil service include

a. partial selection and nepotism

B. impartial selection and political neutrality

c. fraudulence and deceit

12. Who used the term "manpower management" instead of "personnel management"

a. Dale Yoder

B. Thomas Spates

c. Michael Jucius

13. One of the aims of Personnel Management is

a. to maintain impartiality

B. to create competition amongst the public servants

c. to enable people to make their best contribution

14. Personnel are required to perform

a. Line functions and Staff functions

B. Line functions only

c. Staff functions only

15. Personnel Administration functions in

a. Formal Organisations

B. Informal Organisations

c. Formal and Informal organisations

16. Personnel Administration include within its scope

a. recruitment, training, promotion

B. selection and retirement only

c. providing services only

17. An occupation which one takes up with expectation of advancement till retirement is

a. promotion

B. career

c. recruitment

18. A person who specializes in some particular field is called

a. generalist

B. idealist

c. specialist

19. In POSDCORB,the letter P stands for

a. planning

B. position

c. promotion

20. The word’Aristocracy’means

a. government by a king

B. government by the people

c. government by the nobles

21. The word ‘bureaucracy’was coined by

a. Gourney

B. Taylor

c. Weber

22. One of the advantages of the Bureaucratic system is

a. it produces the highest degree of pride

B. it brings skilled mind to solution of technical problems

c. it serves as an instrument of oppressing the employee’s ideas

23. The greatest disadvantage of the Bureaucratic system is

a. it exempts public service from popular control

B. it is incompetent

c. it is inefficient

24. Who said ‘To the victor belongs the spoils’

a. Andrew Jackson

B. Woodrow Wilson

c. William Marcy

25. Who said ,’My notion of democracy is that under it the weakest should have the sameopportunity as the strongest’

a. Mahatma Gandhi

B. Abraham Lincoln

c. Clement Atlee


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