Kaumarbhritya Solved MCQs


According to Ayurved, the number of ‘Sakrujjata Danta’ is ------

A. 8
B. 12
C. 20
D. 24
Answer» A. 8

‘Charmadala’ is a disorder of ------ stage of childhood

A. Ksheerapa
B. Annada
C. Ksheerannada
D. A and C
Answer» D. A and C

According to Sushruta, the number of female Grahas are -------

A. 3
B. 5
C. 6
D. 7
Answer» C. 6

Malina danta are seen, if the teeth erupt in ------- month of age

A. 4
B. 5
C. 6
D. 7
Answer» C. 6

A child who is not able to stand on his own at the age of ------- months is said to be suffering from ‘Phakka’ vyadhi.

A. 09
B. 12
C. 18
D. 24
Answer» B. 12

Ulba Parimarjana is done with the help of ------

A. Saindhava Sarpi
B. Bala Taila
C. Saindhava Taila
D. Taila Sarpi
Answer» A. Saindhava Sarpi

‘Maruti Ishtika’ is performed in -----

A. Dental Disorders
B. Grahabadha
C. Apasmara
D. Rakshakarama
Answer» A. Dental Disorders

Of the following causes ------- is not one, related to Dhatri, for Graha affliction in children

A. Apachara
B. Mangalacharaheena
C. Trasta
D. Ashaucha
Answer» C. Trasta

Of the following, ----- is not a character of ‘Charmadala

A. Visarpana
B. Agnidagdha rupa
C. Twak Sfutana
D. Ati Aaabadhkara
Answer» C. Twak Sfutana

Ghritapana in Phakka vyadhi should be carried out for maximum ----- days

A. 3
B. 5
C. 7
D. 9
Answer» C. 7

Prasutiklesha to a child is relieved by ------

A. Ulba shodhana
B. Balataila Abhyanga
C. Shiropichu
D. Snana
Answer» B. Balataila Abhyanga

------- upakrama is not performed in Graharoga

A. Mardana
B. Snana
C. Udwartana
D. Abhyanga
Answer» A. Mardana

According to Ayurved, the number of ‘Dwija Danta’ is ------

A. 8
B. 12
C. 20
D. 24
Answer» D. 24

According to Vagbhata ----- is the chief Graha

A. Putana
B. Revati
C. Skanda
D. Pitru
Answer» C. Skanda

Charmadala is a ------ vyadhi

A. Raktabhuyishtha
B. Kaphabhuyishtha
C. Pittabhuyishtha
D. Vatabhuyishtha
Answer» D. Vatabhuyishtha

According to Sushrut, Shiropichu to be used in Jatamatra paricharya should be dipped in -------

A. Til taila
B. Bala taila
C. Ghrita
D. Vasa
Answer» C. Ghrita

------ dugdha of dhatri is called ‘Phakka dugdh’

A. Shlaishmika
B. Vatik
C. Vata shalishmika
D. Sannipataj
Answer» A. Shlaishmika

Vacha along with Saindhava and Sarpi should be used for Garbhodaka Vamana. This is said by --------

A. Charaka
B. Sushruta
C. Vagbhata
D. Kashyapa
Answer» C. Vagbhata

Sankhyasamprapti of Charmadala is ------

A. 1
B. 3
C. 4
D. 7
Answer» C. 4

Saindhava and Sarpi is used in Jatamatra Paricharya for -------

A. Ulba Vishodhana
B. GarbhodakaVamana
C. A and B
D. None
Answer» A. Ulba Vishodhana

A mother with ------ prakruti having stanya with salty taste causes a child to be born pangu, jada and muka

A. Vatakapha
B. Pittakapha
C. Pittavata
D. Kapha
Answer» C. Pittavata

Nabhinala kartana should be done at 8 angulas. This is said by -----

A. Charaka
B. Vagbhata
C. Sushruta
D. A and C
Answer» D. A and C

Padmapatratulya leisions of charmadala are seen in ---- type of Charmadala

A. Vatika
B. Paittika
C. Shlaishmika
D. Sannipatika
Answer» B. Paittika

According to Yog Ratnakara, the pathyapathya to be followed by a child suffering from Graharoga should be the same as that of ---- vyadhi

A. Apasmara
B. Unmada
C. Manodainya
D. Vatavyadhi
Answer» B. Unmada

Of the following drugs, ----- is not used post Nabhinala Kartana

A. Manjishtha
B. Yashtimadu
C. Kushtha
D. Haridra
Answer» A. Manjishtha
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