410+ Agadtantra Solved MCQs


According to Sushruta, Sthavar visha adhisthana are …. in number.

A. 16
B. 10
C. 8
D. 13
Answer» B. 10

According to Sushruta, Jangam visha adhisthana are …. in number.

A. 10
B. 12
C. 16
D. 14
Answer» C. 16

…… is one of the ingredients of dooshivishari Agad.

A. Mamsi
B. Amruta
C. Shunthi
D. Triphala
Answer» A. Mamsi

Which of the following yog is used for the treatment of garopahat pawak?

A. Dooshivishari
B. Moorvadi
C. Eladi
D. Panchashirisha
Answer» B. Moorvadi

Tobacco is……poison.

A. Corrosive
B. somniferous
C. cardiac
D. spinal
Answer» C. cardiac

Which of the following is a spinal stimulant poison?

A. Ahifen
B. Kuchala
C. Vatsanabh
D. Arka
Answer» B. Kuchala

Which of the following dravya is not used for hrudayavaran?

A. Gomay ras
B. Kshaudra
C. Supakwa Ekshu
D. Mudgayusha
Answer» D. Mudgayusha

In visha chikitsa, Kakandadi yog is indicated for……….chikitsa.

A. vaman
B. virechan
C. mrutasanjivan
D. upadhan
Answer» C. mrutasanjivan

According to Sharangadhar, vish guna are …… in number.

A. 8
B. 10
C. 7
D. 9
Answer» A. 8

According to Sushruta, Moola Visha are …. in number.

A. 7
B. 9
C. 6
D. 8
Answer» D. 8

Dah upkrama is indicated for…… visha.

A. twakgat
B. mamsagat
C. takmamsagat
D. raktagat
Answer» C. takmamsagat

Shodhan chikitsa protocol for Dooshivisha is……..

A. Snehan,- swedan,- vamanvirechana
B. Snehan- swedan- vaman
C. Snehan,- vaman- virechana
D. Swedan,- vaman- virechana
Answer» D. Swedan,- vaman- virechana

According to Sushruta, which of the following is one of the upadrava of Dooshivisha?

A. Jwar
B. Pandu
C. Kotha
D. Shwas
Answer» A. Jwar

According to Rastarangini, the upavisha are ……in number.

A. 8
B. 9
C. 10
D. 11
Answer» D. 11

…… is the toxic principle present in vatsanabh.

A. Usharin
B. Aconitine
C. Nerin
D. Calotropin
Answer» B. Aconitine

According to Rastarangini, vatsanabh is a…..

A. trina
B. taru
C. lata
D. kshupa
Answer» D. kshupa

Inj. Atropine is mainly used as antidote in acute poisoning of….

A. bhanga
B. vatsanabh
C. dhatura
D. kuchala
Answer» B. vatsanabh

Risus sardonicus is a feature seen in …… poisoning.

A. vatsanabh
B. dhatura
C. kuchala
D. karveer
Answer» C. kuchala

Pleurosthotonus is…….. of the body.

A. Forward bending
B. backward bending
C. lateral bending
D. straight stiffening
Answer» C. lateral bending

Which of the following is the antidote of kuchala?

A. Atropine
B. Naloxone
C. Prostigmine
D. Barbiturates
Answer» D. Barbiturates

The usual fatal dose of Vatsanabh rhizome powder is……

A. 10 mg
B. 100 mg
C. 1 gm
D. 1mg
Answer» C. 1 gm

….. is the English name of Vatsanabh.

A. Jimson seed
B. Wolf’s bane
C. Tiger’s claws
D. Swallow wart
Answer» B. Wolf’s bane

The differential diagnosis for Kuchala poisoning is with………

A. acute gastroenteritis
B. tetanus
C. gullien barrie Syndrome
D. ventricular tachycardia
Answer» B. tetanus

According to Rastarangini, …..is the synonym of Kuchala.

A. visha
B. vijaya
C. rechak
D. vishatinduk
Answer» D. vishatinduk

Pin pointed pupils are the toxicity feature of ……

A. Ahifen
B. Dhatura
C. Bhanga
D. Kuchala
Answer» A. Ahifen

………is the toxic principle present in Ahifen.

A. Scopolamine
B. Brucine
C. Euphol
D. Morphine
Answer» D. Morphine

According to Rastarangini, vatsanabh is…. visha.

A. patra
B. niryas
C. kand
D. pushpa
Answer» C. kand

Postmortem findings showing combination of intense lividity of the face approaching blackness and oedema of lungs are the hallmark of.…..…poisoning.

A. opium
B. aconite
C. strychnine
D. abrin
Answer» A. opium

The exuding milk is collected from…….. of Papaver somniferum.

A. leaves
B. stem
C. Ripened poppy capsules
D. unripened poppy capsules
Answer» D. unripened poppy capsules

In opium poisoning, weight in limbs and diminution of sensibility is initially seen in ……..

A. stage of Excitement
B. stage of Stupor
C. stage of Narcosis
D. stage of Medullary paralysis
Answer» B. stage of Stupor

Hemp insanity sometimes results after chronic intoxication of…….

A. bhanga
B. opium
C. tobacco
D. alcohol
Answer» A. bhanga

Frenzied desire on part of the victim of killing any person against whom he may have false or real enemity is……

A. risus sardonicus
B. carphologia
C. delirium
D. run amok
Answer» D. run amok

Which of the following isnot an abuse preparation of bhanga?

A. Charas
B. Ganja
C. Marijuana
D. Afim
Answer» D. Afim

Which of the following active principle is responsible for psychoactive effects of Bhanga?

A. Tetrahydrocannabinol
B. Hyoscyamine
C. Pseudoaconitine
D. Epinephrine
Answer» A. Tetrahydrocannabinol

Inj. Methadone is used as drug of choice in the treatment of…….

A. dhatura poisoning
B. morphinism
C. hashish insanity
D. plumbism
Answer» B. morphinism

The usual fatal dose of opium is……

A. 500 mg
B. 20 mg
C. 5 gm
D. 20 gm
Answer» A. 500 mg

Which of the following visha dravya doesnot come under NDPS Act ?

A. Opium
B. Bhanga
C. Cocaine
D. Tobacco
Answer» D. Tobacco

……. is the active principle present in Jaypal.

A. Croton
B. Abrin
C. Ricin
D. Calotoxin
Answer» A. Croton

Which of the following is a plant irritant poison?

A. Dhatura
B. Bhanga
C. Jaypal
D. Karveer
Answer» C. Jaypal

Which of the following drug is mentioned in Charakokta Vishghna Mahakashay?

A. Amruta
B. Suvaha
C. Klitak
D. Apamarga
Answer» B. Suvaha

According to Gangadhar Teeka, the sthavar visha gati is…..

A. tiryak
B. Sarvag
C. urdhwa
D. Adho
Answer» D. Adho

According to Charaka,……… is one of the hetu of shotha.

A. Gunja
B. Bhallatak
C. Jaypal
D. Arka
Answer» B. Bhallatak

According to Anupan Manjiri, lepa of ……..is indicated in bhallatakjanit Shotha.

A. Meghnad ras with navneet
B. Punarnava ras with madhu
C. Triphala with madhu
D. Yashtimadhu with ghee
Answer» A. Meghnad ras with navneet

According to Anupan Manjiri, ……. is stated to be used in Dhatura vishajanit vikara.

A. Vruntak-Phalabeej ras
B. Patwan vriksha ras
C. Meghnad ras
D. Bruhatkshudra ras with godugdha
Answer» A. Vruntak-Phalabeej ras

Arushkar is the synonym of…….. upavisha.

A. Gunja
B. Bhallatak
C. Jaypal
D. Snuhi
Answer» B. Bhallatak

Anaphylaxis reaction may occur with the consumption of……visha.

A. Arka
B. Snuhi
C. Bhallatak
D. Dhatura
Answer» C. Bhallatak

Which of the following is not the toxicity feature of dhatura?

A. Dermatitis
B. Dysphagia
C. Mydriasis
D. Dysurea
Answer» A. Dermatitis

Dhatura has been used as …..poison.

A. abortifacient
B. Somniferous
C. stupefying
D. Sui
Answer» C. stupefying

The antidote used in the treatment of Dhatura poisoning is…..

A. Physostigmine
B. Atropine
C. Coramine
D. Phenobarbitone
Answer» A. Physostigmine

Fatal dose of dhatura seeds is……….

A. 1-2
B. 10-20
C. 50-100
D. 500-600
Answer» C. 50-100

Which of the following is used as sui poison?

A. Dhatura
B. Gunja
C. Arka
D. Karveer
Answer» B. Gunja

The features of gunja poisoning resemble with ……poisoning.

A. cobra snake bite
B. viper snake bite
C. krait snake bite
D. Phosphorus
Answer» B. viper snake bite

The principal toxicological action of abrin is……………..

A. Metabolic enzyme deactivation
B. protein synthesis inhibition
C. Disruption of signal transduction in neurons
D. Hb synthesis disruption
Answer» B. protein synthesis inhibition

Which of the following visha dravya are the ingredients of Sanjeevani Vati ?

A. Bhallatak and Dhatura
B. Dhatura and Vatsanabh
C. Bhallatak and Vatsanabh
D. Kuchala and Vatsanabh
Answer» C. Bhallatak and Vatsanabh

Which of the following bhavana dravya is used for shodhan of Afu?

A. Godugdha
B. Gomutra
C. Aardrak Swaras
D. Babbul twak kwatha
Answer» C. Aardrak Swaras

According to Yogratnakar, ……visha dravya are shuddha themselves.

A. Arka and Snuhi ksheer
B. Dhatura and Gunja seeds
C. Bhanga and Ahifen
D. Bhallatak and Langali
Answer» A. Arka and Snuhi ksheer

Yukaliksha vinashak is one of the karma of…….

A. arka
B. Dhatura
C. karveer
D. Gunja
Answer» B. Dhatura

According to Rastarangini, Aparapatini is one of the karma of……..

A. arka
B. Snuhi
C. bhallatak
D. Langali
Answer» D. Langali

According to Charak, visha vega in human are… in number.

A. 7
B. 4
C. 8
D. 10
Answer» C. 8

Sushruta advised consumption of Ajeya ghruta for………...

A. virechana
B. Hrudayavaran
C. nasya
D. pratisaran
Answer» B. Hrudayavaran

Anirdeshya ras is mentioned as one of the guna of visha by……..

A. Charak
B. Sushruta
C. Vagbhata
D. Sharangdhar
Answer» A. Charak

The average fatal dose of Oleander root is….

A. 1 gm
B. 100mg
C. 15 gm
D. 5 gm
Answer» C. 15 gm

Which of the following mantra is uttered for visha chikitsa ?

A. Gayatri Mantra
B. Vishnu Sahatranam
C. Ram Raksha
D. Nilkantha trayakshari
Answer» D. Nilkantha trayakshari

“Vishagarvairodhik Prashaman” is mentioned as one of the ashtanga of Ayurved by……

A. Charak
B. Vagbhata
C. Sushruta
D. Kashyap
Answer» A. Charak

According to Charak, Yoni of visha is………….

A. Ras
B. Tej
C. Ambu
D. Pruthwi
Answer» C. Ambu

Activated charcoal is ………….. type of physical antidote.

A. bulky food
B. Adsorbent
C. demulcent
D. Diluents
Answer» B. Adsorbent

Syp. Ipecac is orally given in the treatment of poisoning for………………..

A. purgation
B. dilution of poison
C. forced emesis
D. hastening the excretion through
Answer» C. forced emesis

Which of the following is the first principle of treatment of poisoning?

A. Removal of unabsorbed poison from the body
B. Stabilization of vital functions
C. Administration of antidote
D. Removal of absorbed poison from the body
Answer» B. Stabilization of vital functions

Which of the following is not the method of hastening the removal of absorbed poison from the body?

A. Peritoneal dialysis
B. Haemodialysis
C. Irrigation of bowel
D. Haemoperfusion
Answer» C. Irrigation of bowel

Which agent is used for stomach wash in the removal of unabsorbed organic plant poison?

A. Potassium Permanagnate
B. Normal saline water
C. Magnesium sulphate
D. Activated charcoal
Answer» A. Potassium Permanagnate

Which of the following is the best choice of chelation therapy in acute lead poisoning?

D. Penicillamine
Answer» C. BAL+EDTA

Which of the following is the toxic organic compound of lead?

A. Lead acetate
B. Tetraethyl lead
C. Lead oxide
D. Lead sulphide
Answer» B. Tetraethyl lead

Blastophoric effect on spermatozoa is seen in .........chronic poisoning.

A. lead
B. Arsenic
C. copper
D. Mercury
Answer» D. Mercury

Aminoleuvelinic acid dehydratase enzyme is mainly deactivated in lead poisoning, which leads to......

A. oesteopathy
B. Hypertension
C. encephalopathy
D. Anaemia
Answer» D. Anaemia

Literally where no activity is possible in mercury poisoning, the condition is called as......

A. Mercuria Lentis
B. Hatter's Shake
C. Concossio Mercurialis
D. Mercurialism
Answer» C. Concossio Mercurialis

Most corrosive and toxic compound of mercury is....

A. elemental mercury
B. mercury sulphide
C. mercuric chloride
D. mercurous chloride
Answer» C. mercuric chloride

Primary acute mercury poisoning is seen as...

A. CNS degeneration
B. Bone damage
C. Kidney damage
D. Heart damage
Answer» C. Kidney damage

Which of the following is the oral chelating agent administered in mercury poisoning?

A. Dimercaprol
B. Dimarcaptosuccinic acid
C. Desferrioxamine
D. Ethylene diamine tetraacetic acid
Answer» B. Dimarcaptosuccinic acid

Ammonium hydrooxide test is carried out with......in acute copper poisoning.

A. Bile
B. Urine
C. Stool
D. blood
Answer» A. Bile

. ......levels are reduced in copper toxicity.

B. ceruloplasmin
C. calcium
Answer» B. ceruloplasmin

Fatal dose of Copper Sulphate is.....

A. 1-2 mg
B. 100-200mg
C. 1-2 gm
D. 10-20 gm
Answer» D. 10-20 gm

Vineyard sprayer's lung disease is the result of ....chronic poisoning

A. Lead
B. Arsenic
C. Phosphorus
D. copper
Answer» D. copper

Which of the following toxic element is highly reactive to air?

A. Mercury
B. Phosphorus
C. Lead
D. Copper
Answer» B. Phosphorus

Which of the following is used as chemical antidote in phosphorus poisoning?

A. Potassium permanganate
B. Calcium gluconate
D. Magnesium sulphate
Answer» A. Potassium permanganate

Which of the following symptom is seen in phossy jaw?

A. carious teeth
B. gingivitis
C. furred tongue
D. burtonian lines on gums
Answer» B. gingivitis

The main target organ of acute primary toxicity in case of phosphorus is.....?

A. heart
B. liver
C. brain
D. spinal cord
Answer» B. liver

In PM findings of acute arsenic poisoning, ........ appearance of stomach is seen.

A. whitish
B. bluish black
C. yellowish
D. velvet
Answer» D. velvet

In arsenic poisoning, .........deficiency is principally seen.

A. Vitamin E
B. Vitamin D3
C. Vitamin B1
D. calcium
Answer» C. Vitamin B1

Which of the following skin manifestation is generally seen in chronic arsenic poisoning?

A. Vitiligo
B. Ichthyosis
C. Hyperkeratosis
D. Psoriasis
Answer» C. Hyperkeratosis

Arsenicosis may occur through................

A. water
B. food
C. air
D. soil
Answer» A. water

In postmortem findings,………smell of the stomach contents emanates in arsenic poisoning.

A. kerosene
B. garlic
C. no
D. sweet
Answer» B. garlic

…………………..is a protoplasmic poison.

A. Iodine
B. Copper
C. Arsenic
D. Phosphorus
Answer» D. Phosphorus

………… is a autosomal recessive disorder having error of copper metabolism.

A. Klienfilter’s syndrome
B. Dawn’s syndrome
C. Wilson’s disease
D. Pot’s disease
Answer» C. Wilson’s disease

Which of the following disorder is the result of chronic mercury poisoning?

A. Black foot disease
B. Menke’s Kinky hair syndrome
C. Pink’s disease
D. Wilson’s disease
Answer» C. Pink’s disease

Constipation and offensive stool are the characteristics in acute………poisoning.

A. lead
B. mercury
C. arsenic
D. copper
Answer» A. lead

Section 375 IPC deals with....

A. Rape
B. Grievous hurt
C. Murder
D. Sodomy
Answer» A. Rape

Tribadism is also called as....

A. Lesbianism
B. Sexual oralism
C. Buccal coitus
D. Eonism
Answer» A. Lesbianism

Valid consent for sexual intercourse can be given by a female above the age of.....years.

A. 12
B. 15
C. 16
D. 18
Answer» C. 16

Sodomy is punishable under section......IPC.

A. 354
B. 375
C. 377
D. 378
Answer» C. 377

Disulfiram is useful in .............dependence.

A. Alcohol
B. Heroin
C. Cocaine
D. Cannabis
Answer» A. Alcohol
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