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Histotoxic anoxia produced by all except

A. Drowning
B. Fire accidents
C. Cyanide poisoning
D. Strangulation
Answer» C. Cyanide poisoning

In poisoning with hydrocyanic acid, nitrates are given in order to:

A. Reduce cyanide
B. Induce vasodilatation
C. Produce methaemoglobin
D. Oxidize cyanide
Answer» C. Produce methaemoglobin

After skin contamination, the patient passed into coma with miosis and finally acute nephritis, the poison is:

A. Oxalic acid
B. Nitric acid
C. Hydrocyanic acid
D. Carbolic acid
Answer» C. Hydrocyanic acid

During post mortem exam odour of bitter almond is found in case of …….poisoning.

A. Hydrocyanic acid
B. Nitric acid
C. Acetic acid
D. Carbolic acid
Answer» A. Hydrocyanic acid

Gastric lavage with 5% Sodium thiosulfate can be done in…….poisoning.

A. H2SO4
Answer» D. HCN

Ophotoxemia refers to

A. Organophosphorous poisoning
B. Heavy metal poisoning
C. Scorpion venom poisoning
D. Snake venom poisoning
Answer» D. Snake venom poisoning

Elapidaes are

A. Vasculotoxic
B. Neurotoxic
C. Musculotoxic
D. Nontoxic
Answer» B. Neurotoxic

The most useful bedside test to suggest snake bite envenomation is

A. Prothrombin time
B. 20 min whole blood clotting time
C. International normalized ratio
D. Platelet count
Answer» B. 20 min whole blood clotting time

Viper venom causes

A. Acute renal failure
B. Dysphagia
C. Nerve paralysis
D. Polycythemia
Answer» A. Acute renal failure

Haematuria may occur in bite of

A. Krait
B. Cobra
C. Viper
D. Sea snake
Answer» C. Viper

Lethal dose of krait venom:

A. 3 mg
B. 6 mg
C. 12 mg
D. 15 mg
Answer» B. 6 mg

Most characteristic feature of elapidae snake envenomation:

A. Bleeding manifestation
B. Rhabdomyolysis
C. Cardiotoxicity
D. Neuro-paralytic symptoms
Answer» D. Neuro-paralytic symptoms

A girl, otherwise healthy, sleeping on the floor suddenly develops nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, quadriplegia at night. Diagnosis is:

A. Guillain Barre syndrome
B. Krait bite
C. Poliomyelitis
D. Periodic paralysis
Answer» B. Krait bite

True of poisonous snakes are all, except:

A. Fangs present
B. Belly scales are small
C. Small head scales
D. Grooved teeth
Answer» B. Belly scales are small

Cholinesterase is seen in venom of:

A. Elapids
B. Vipers
C. Sea snakes
D. All
Answer» A. Elapids

…… responsible for spread of snake venom in body.

A. Serine proteases
B. Hyaluronidase
C. Phospholipase A2
D. Fibrinolysin
Answer» B. Hyaluronidase

1 ml of anti snake venom neutralizes ……..cobra venom.

A. 0.6mg
B. 0.45mg
C. 0.5mg
D. 0.4mg
Answer» A. 0.6mg

Neostigmine – Atropine therapy can be given in case of ………bite

A. Elapid
B. Rusells viper
C. Saw scaled viper
D. Sea snake
Answer» A. Elapid

Muscle paralysis is caused by bite of:

A. Sea snake
B. Krait
C. Mamba
D. Python
Answer» A. Sea snake

Polyvalent snake vaccines contains immunoglobins against all, except:

A. Ophiophagus hannah
B. Naja naja
C. Daboia rusellii
D. Bungarus caeruleus
Answer» A. Ophiophagus hannah

False but firm belief about something which is not a fact:

A. Illusion
B. Delusion
C. Hallucination
D. Obsession
Answer» B. Delusion

False perception without any external stimulus is:

A. Hallucination
B. Delirium
C. Illusion
D. Delusion
Answer» A. Hallucination

Visual hallucinations are most commonly seen in:

A. Delusional syndrome
B. Mania
C. Delirium
Answer» C. Delirium

McNaughten rule is concerned with:

A. Civil responsibility in drunken person
B. Criminal responsibility in insane person
C. Professional misconduct by doctors
D. Capacity of a person to make a valid will 205 To plead for insanity in a court of law, the IPC is:
Answer» B. Criminal responsibility in insane person

Punishment for culpable homicide not amounting to murder is dealt under:

A. Sec. 299 IPC
B. Sec. 300 IPC
C. Sec.302 IPC
D. Sec. 304 IPC
Answer» D. Sec. 304 IPC
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