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1. G.E Moore states that the predicate good was

a. definable

B. difficult

c. indefinable

d. wrong

2. Analytic philosophy is not a movement, instead there are various subgroups and individual thinkers collected under it

a. justified

B. unified

c. meaningful

d. scattered

3. Principia Ethica is book written by which of the following thinkers

a. wittgenstein

B. russell

c. g.e. moore

d. carnap

4. In Principia Ethicaanalysis was applied to understand the nature of deliberations

a. mathematical

B. moral

c. material

d. difficult

5. According to Hacker, analysis is the of a concept in to its elements.

a. decomposition

B. unification

c. joining

d. synthesis

6. Symbolic logic was seen to be fundamental to theorizing

a. spiritual

B. poetic

c. scientific

d. psychological

7. Regarding the origin of 20th century analytic philosophy is in orientation

a. psychological

B. non - psychological

c. intuitive

d. transcendental

8. A good way ahead was the role of logic and in philosophizing

a. sophistry

B. illusion

c. science

d. myth

9. Frege observed that there was lack of firm foundations in the discipline.

a. temporary

B. hierarchical

c. logical

d. cyclical

10. Frege’s logistic thesis claims that mathematical theorems concerning number can be in terms of purely logical sort

a. mistaken

B. cancelled

c. error

d. re-expressed

11. Frege’s concern was mainly issues

a. botanical

B. logico-linguistic

c. religious

d. ethical

12. The logical foundations for the proofs of are given in Begriffschrift

a. ethics

B. theology

c. arithmetic

d. geology

13. The looseness and of natural language is cancelled by using specialnotations of ideal language

a. clarity

B. depth

c. ambience

d. vagueness

14. It is not the processes that Frege points to when he insistson the proofs of the law of arithmetic.

a. psychological

B. mathematical

c. logical

d. logico-linguistic

15. The form of system of logic is through the conceptual notation of Frege.

a. old

B. traditional

c. modern

d. classical

16. The predicate in the proposition of the older logic is clarified through the analogyof the mathematical notion of and logical notion of concept.

a. function

B. matrix

c. equation

d. reference

17. The combination of and function is said to have a truth value

a. concept

B. argument

c. vagueness

d. emptiness

18. According to Frege,It is the features inlanguage that one understands if one understands the nature of meaning in language

a. subjective

B. objective

c. partial

d. incomplete

19. For Frege concepts are entities

a. subjective

B. transcendent

c. objective

d. transient

20. According to Frege, the linguistic expression that stands for concepts is called

a. constant

B. concept word

c. antonym

d. proper name

21. In Fregean thought understanding of words is successfully achieved by itscontribution to the formation and in sentences

a. opposition

B. verification

c. use

d. complexity

22. Frege’s approach to philosophy of language is one

a. syntactical

B. dialectical

c. atomistic

d. semantical

23. According to Frege, can be called the science which makes discoveriesabout the existence and properties of certain independent abstract objects say numbers

a. taxonomy

B. physics

c. arithmetic

d. botany

24. In defining number, Frege defines class as the of the concept

a. extension

B. intension

c. verification

d. negation

25. It is only through standards set through language that the deficiencies ofnatural language in day to day use could be recognized

a. complex

B. atomic

c. hierarchical

d. ideal


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