430+ High Performance Computing (HPC) Solved MCQs


The Prefix Sum Operation can be implemented using the?

A. all-to-all broadcast kernel.
B. all-to-one broadcast kernel.
C. one-to-all broadcast kernel
D. scatter kernel
Answer» A. all-to-all broadcast kernel.

In the scatter operation?

A. single node send a unique message of size m to every other node
B. single node send a same message of size m to every other node
C. single node send a unique message of size m to next node
D. none of above
Answer» A. single node send a unique message of size m to every other node

The gather operation is exactly the inverse of the?

A. scatter operation
B. broadcast operation
C. prefix sum
D. reduction operation
Answer» A. scatter operation

Simplifies applications of three-tier architecture is ____________?

A. maintenance
B. initiation
C. implementation
D. deployment
Answer» D. deployment

Dynamic networks of networks, is a dynamic connection that grows is called?

A. multithreading
B. cyber cycle
C. internet of things
D. cyber-physical system
Answer» C. internet of things

In which application system Distributed systems can run well?

A. hpc
B. . htc
C. hrc
D. both a and b
Answer» D. both a and b

In which systems desire HPC and HTC?

A. adaptivity
B. transparency
C. dependency
D. secretive
Answer» B. transparency

No special machines manage the network of architecture in which resources are known as?

A. peer-to-peer
B. space based
C. tightly coupled
D. loosely coupled
Answer» A. peer-to-peer

Significant characteristics of Distributed systems have of ?

A. 5 types
B. 2 types
C. 3 types
D. 4 types
Answer» C. 3 types

Built of Peer machines are over?

A. many server machines
B. 1 server machine
C. 1 client machine
D. many client machines
Answer» D. many client machines

Type HTC applications are?

A. business
B. engineering
C. science
D. media mass
Answer» A. business

Virtualization that creates one single address space architecture that of, is called?

A. loosely coupled
B. peer-to-peer
C. space-based
D. tightly coupled
Answer» C. space-based

We have an internet cloud of resources In cloud computing to form?

A. centralized computing
B. decentralized computing
C. parallel computing
D. all of these
Answer» D. all of these

Data access and storage are elements of Job throughput, of __________?

A. flexibility
B. adaptation
C. efficiency
D. dependability
Answer» C. efficiency

Billions of job requests is over massive data sets, ability to support known as?

A. efficiency
B. dependability
C. adaptation
D. flexibility
Answer» C. adaptation

Broader concept offers Cloud computing .to select which of the following?

A. parallel computing
B. centralized computing
C. utility computing
D. decentralized computing
Answer» C. utility computing

Resources and clients transparency that allows movement within a system is called?

A. mobility transparency
B. concurrency transparency
C. performance transparency
D. replication transparency
Answer» A. mobility transparency

Distributed program in a distributed computer running a is known as?

A. distributed process
B. distributed program
C. distributed application
D. distributed computing
Answer» B. distributed program

Uniprocessor computing devices is called__________?

A. grid computing
B. centralized computing
C. parallel computing
D. distributed computing
Answer» B. centralized computing

Utility computing focuses on a______________ model?

A. data
B. cloud
C. scalable
D. business
Answer» D. business

What is a CPS merges technologies?

A. 5c
B. 2c
C. 3c
D. 4c
Answer» C. 3c

Aberration of HPC?

A. high-peak computing
B. high-peripheral computing
C. high-performance computing
D. highly-parallel computing
Answer» C. high-performance computing

Peer-to-Peer leads to the development of technologies like?

A. norming grids
B. data grids
C. computational grids
D. both a and b
Answer» D. both a and b

Type of HPC applications of?

A. management
B. media mass
C. business
D. science
Answer» D. science

The development generations of Computer technology has gone through?

A. 6
B. 3
C. 4
D. 5
Answer» D. 5

Utilization rate of resources in an execution model is known to be its?

A. adaptation
B. efficiency
C. dependability
D. flexibility
Answer» B. efficiency

Even under failure conditions Providing Quality of Service (QoS) assurance is the responsibility of?

A. dependability
B. adaptation
C. flexibility
D. efficiency
Answer» A. dependability

Interprocessor communication that takes place?

A. centralized memory
B. shared memory
C. message passing
D. both a and b
Answer» D. both a and b

Data centers and centralized computing covers many and?

A. microcomputers
B. minicomputers
C. mainframe computers
D. supercomputers
Answer» D. supercomputers

Which of the following is an primary goal of HTC paradigm___________?

A. high ratio identification
B. low-flux computing
C. high-flux computing
D. computer utilities
Answer» C. high-flux computing

The high-throughput service provided is measures taken by

A. flexibility
B. efficiency
C. dependability
D. adaptation
Answer» D. adaptation

What are the sources of overhead?

A. essential /excess computation
B. inter-process communication
C. idling
D. all above
Answer» D. all above

Which are the performance metrics for parallel systems?

A. execution time
B. total parallel overhead
C. speedup
D. all above
Answer» D. all above

The important feature of the VLIW is ______?

A. ilp
B. performance
C. cost effectiveness
D. delay
Answer» A. ilp
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