Indian Railway solved MCQs

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1. How many zones are there in Indian Railways?

a. 16

B. 18

c. 20

d. 22

2. Where was the first Metro Rail started in India?

a. New Delhi

B. Mumbai

c. Kolkata

d. Hyderabad

3. Who was the first women Rail minister of India?

a. Susmita Mishra

B. Sonia Gandhi

c. Indra Gandhi

d. Mamata Banarjee

4. Which country has the longest railway network?

a. China

B. United State

c. India

d. Nepal

5. Metro Railway is functioning in which of the following Indian States?

a. Odisha

B. West Bengal

c. Jharkhand

d. None of these

6. Which Railway station has longest platform in India?

a. Gorakhpur Railway Station

B. Howrah Railway Station

c. Bhubaneswar Railway Station

d. Kharagpur Railway Station

7. Who is the Metro Man of India?

a. Elattuvalapil Sreedharan

B. Ramesh Mishra

c. Sumay Roy

d. Himanshu Pradhan

8. Which country has the first Railway?

a. China

B. Russia

c. India

d. USA

9. First private Train in India?

a. Tejas Express

B. Utkal Express

c. Duranto Express

d. None of these

10. When was the first Train started in World?

a. 1800

B. 1804

c. 1810

d. 1816

11. When was the first train started in India?

a. 1804

B. 1834

c. 1853

d. 1886

12. The largest Integral Coach Factory in India is located at?

a. Chennai

B. Mumbai

c. Kolkata

d. Hydrabad

13. Which is the oldest Railway zone in India?

a. East Central Railway

B. South East Central Railway

c. Southern Railway

d. None of these

14. When was the first underground Railway (Metro Railway) started in India?

a. 1940

B. 1984

c. 1998

d. 2000

15. The longest Rail journey in the world is between?

a. Shanghai to Lhasa

B. Bhubaneswar to New Delhi

c. Toronto to Vancouver

d. Moscow and Vladivostok

16. When was the Central Railway established?

a. 1934

B. 1951

c. 1966

d. 1971

17. Which is the fastest train in India 2020?

a. Vande Bharat Express

B. Mahamana express

c. Shatabdi express

d. Duronto express

18. Which is the slowest Train in India?

a. Nilgiri express

B. Taj express

c. Duranto express

d. Life line express

19. The first Indian Railway line was opened by the British

a. Delhi to Bombay

B. Howrah to Mumbai

c. Bombay to Thane

d. Puri to Delhi

20. A station where the rail lines end, is called?

a. Terminal station

B. Junction Station

c. Block Station

d. Way-side-station

21. How much distance was traveled by first Train of India?

a. 30 km

B. 34 km

c. 40 km

d. 44 km

22. The headquarters of Northern Railway is at?

a. New Delhi

B. Mumbai

c. Kolkata

d. Hydrabad

23. Shatabdi Express train was started in

a. 1988

B. 1976

c. 1966

d. 1956

24. Which train in India has the longest route length?

a. Howrah - Jammu Tawi Himgiri Express

B. Kanyakumari - Jammu Tawi Himsagar Express

c. Kanyakumari - Dibrugarh Vivek Express

d. Guwahati-Thiruvanthapuram Express

25. Where is the Railway Staff College located?

a. Pune

B. Delhi

c. Vadodara

d. Ranchi


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