Data Structure (DS) Solved MCQs


Linked list uses

A. random memory allocation
B. static memory allocation
C. fixed memory allocation
D. dynamic memory allocation
Answer» D. dynamic memory allocation

Standard approach for implementation of a list is/are of

A. 1 type
B. 2 type
C. 3 type
D. 4 type
Answer» B. 2 type

First link node of list is accessed from a pointer named

A. tail
B. head
C. terminator
D. initiator
Answer» B. head

A linked list is made up of a set of objects known as

A. nodes
B. arrays
C. entities
D. instances
Answer» A. nodes

How do you calculate the pointer difference in a memory efficient double linked list?

A. head xor tail
B. pointer to previous node xor pointer to next node
C. pointer to previous node – pointer to next node
D. pointer to next node – pointer to previous node
Answer» B. pointer to previous node xor pointer to next node

A ……………….. is a linear list in which insertions and deletions are made to from either end of the structure.

A. circular queue
B. random of queue
C. priority
D. dequeue
Answer» D. dequeue

Which of the following name does not relate to stacks?

A. fifo lists
B. lifo list
C. piles
D. push-down lists
Answer» A. fifo lists

A data structure where elements can be added or removed at either end but not in the middle is called …

A. arrays
B. stacks
C. queues
D. deque
Answer» D. deque

The postfix form of the expression (A + B)∗(C∗D − E)∗F / G is

A. ab + cd∗e − fg /∗∗
B. / ab + cd ∗ e − f ∗∗g /
C. ab + cd ∗ e − ∗f ∗ g /
D. ab + cde ∗ − ∗ f ∗ g /
Answer» A. ab + cd∗e − fg /∗∗

What is the postfix form of the following prefix expression -A/B*C$DE ?

A. abcde$*/-
B. a-bcde$*/-
C. abc$ed*/-
D. a-bcde$*/
Answer» A. abcde$*/-

The data structure required to evaluate a postfix expression is

A. queue
B. stacks
C. array
D. linked-list
Answer» B. stacks

What is the postfix form of the following prefix: *+ab–cd

A. ab+cd–*
B. abc+*–
C. ab+*cd–
D. ab+*cd–
Answer» A. ab+cd–*

A queue is a,

A. fifo (first in first out) list
B. lifo (last in first out) list
C. ordered array
D. linear tree
Answer» A. fifo (first in first out) list

In stack terminology, the __________operations are known as push and pop operations respectively.

A. delete
B. insert
C. both (a) and (b)
D. none of the above
Answer» C. both (a) and (b)

A common example of a queue is people waiting in line at a__________.

A. bus stop
B. movie hall
C. shopping mall
D. none of the above
Answer» A. bus stop

What is one of the common examples of a stack?

A. a pile of books
B. bus stop
C. a basket of fruits
D. a carat of eggs
Answer» A. a pile of books

When a stack is organized as an array, a variable named Top is used to point to the top element of the stack. Initially, the value of Top is set to_______to indicate an empty stack.

A. -1
B. 0
C. 1
D. x
Answer» A. -1

What happens when the stack is full and there is no space for a new element, and an attempt is made to push a new element?

A. overflow
B. underflow
C. top
D. none of the above
Answer» A. overflow

The total number of elements in a stack at a given point of time can be calculated from the value of______.

A. overflow
B. top
C. queues
D. underflow
Answer» B. top

When the push operation is performed on stack the value of TOS will be ______

A. decrement
B. increment
C. one
D. none of these
Answer» B. increment

A double linked list contains reference to _____

A. previous node
B. next node
C. current node
D. both a & b
Answer» D. both a & b

Data Structure that are created by user as per their requirement are known as

A. primitive data structure
B. non-primitive data structure
C. both a & b
D. none of these
Answer» A. primitive data structure

To insert element at start, the previous pointer of newly added node would point to ______

A. null
B. next node
C. new node
D. head node
Answer» A. null

In linked list implementation, a node carries information regarding

A. the data
B. the link
C. both a & b
D. none of these
Answer» C. both a & b

Which of the following data structure is linear type?

A. strings
B. stack
C. queue
D. all of these
Answer» D. all of these
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