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1. What does XML stand for?

a. extra modern link

B. extensible markup language

c. example markup language

d. x-markup language

2. What is the correct syntax of the declaration which defines the XML version?:

a. <xml version="a.0" />

B. <?xml version="a.0"?>

c. <?xml version="a.0" />

d. none of the above

3. Which statement is true?

a. all the statements are true

B. all xml elements must have a closing tag

c. all xml elements must be lower case

d. all xml documents must have a dtd

4. Is it easier to process XML than HTML?

a. yes

B. no

c. somtimes

d. cant say

5. Which of the following programs support XML or XML applications?:

a. internet explorer 5.5

B. netscape d.7

c. realplayer.

d. both a and b

6. Kind of Parsers are

a. well-formed

B. well-documented

c. non-validating and validating

d. none of the above

7. Well formed XML document means

a. it contains a root element

B. it contain an element

c. it contains one or more elements

d. must contain one or more elements and root element must contain all other elements

8. Comment in XML document is given by

a. <?-- -->

B. <!-- --!>

c. <!-- -->

d. </-- -- >

9. When processing an output XML, "new line" symbols

a. are copied into output "as is", i.e. "cr+lf" for windows, cr for macintosh, lf for unix.

B. are converted to single lf symbol

c. are converted to single cr symbol

d. are discarded

10. Which of the following strings are a correct XML name?

a. _myelement

B. my element

c. #myelement

d. none of the above

11. Which of the following strings are a correct XML name?

a. xmlextension

B. xslnewelement

c. xmlelement#123

d. all

12. Which of the following XML fragments are well-formed?

a. <?xml?>

B. <?xml version="a.0"?>

c. <?xml encoding="jis"?>

d. <?xml encoding="jis" version="a.0"?>

13. What are the predefined attributes

a. xml:lang

B. xml:space

c. both

d. none.

14. Kind of Parsers are

a. well-formed

B. validating

c. non-validating

d. both b & c

15. Valid XML document means (most appropriate)

a. the document has root element

B. the document contains atleast one or more root element

c. the xml document has dtd associated with it & it complies with that dtd

d. each element must nest inside any enclosing element property

16. XML uses the features of

a. html

B. xhtml

c. vml

d. sgml

17. XML document can be viewed in

a. ie c.0

B. ie b.0

c. ie 6.0

d. ie x.0

18. There is a way of describing XML data, how?

a. xml uses a dtd to describe the data

B. xml uses xsl to describe data

c. xml uses a description node to describe data

d. both a and c

19. What does DTD stand for?

a. direct type definition

B. document type definition

c. do the dance

d. dynamic type definition

20. DTD includes the specifications about the markup that can be used within the document, the specifications consists of all EXCEPT

a. the browser name

B. the size of element name

c. entity declarations

d. element declarations

21. Which of the following XML fragments are well-formed?

a. <myelement myattribute="somevalue"/>

B. <myelement myattribute=somevalue/>

c. <myelement myattribute=’somevalue’>

d. <myelement myattribute="somevalue’/>

22. How can we make attributes have multiple values:

a. <myelement myattribute="value1 value2"/>

B. <myelement myattribute="value1" myattribute="value2"/>

c. <myelement myattribute="value1, value2"/>

d. attributes cannot have multiple values

23. Which of the following XML fragments are well-formed?

a. <myelement myattribute="value1 <= value2"/>

B. <myelement myattribute="value1 & value2"/>

c. <myelement myattribute="value1 > value2"/>

d. none of the above

24. The use of a DTD in XML development is:

a. required when validating xml documents

B. no longer necessary after the xml editor has been customized

c. used to direct conversion using an xslt processor

d. a good guide to populating a templates to be filled in when generating an xml document automatically

25. Parameter entities can appear in

a. xml file

B. dtd file

c. xsl file

d. both 1 and 2


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