Political Thought- Indian Traditions solved MCQs

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1. Swami Vivekananda was the chief disciple of whom ?

a. swami dayanan

B. ramakrishna paramahsa

c. rajaram mohan ro

d. lohia

2. Who is regarded as the father of Indian Renaissance?

a. dayananda saraswathy

B. tilak

c. raja ram mohan roy

d. gandhiji

3. Who is the founder of Atmiyasabha?

a. dayananda saraswathy

B. raja ram mohan rao

c. tilak

d. gandhiji

4. In which year Swami Vivekananda Visited Chicago?

a. 1863

B. 177

c. 1770

d. 1893

5. Who is regarded as the prophet of Indian Nationalism?

a. tilak

B. aurobindo ghos

c. gandhiji

d. ram mohan roy

6. National youth day is celebrated in the memory of:

a. tilak

B. nehr

c. swami vivekananda

d. gandhiji

7. ‘My Master’ was written by

a. tila

B. swami vivekand

c. tagore

d. subashchandrabose

8. Who is the author of ‘The Life Divine’

a. aurobindo ghosh

B. m.n roy

c. nehru

d. ambedkar

9. Name the congress leader who presided over the Banaras Congress session in 1905.

a. gopakakrishnagokhale

B. gandhiji

c. subhash chandra bose

d. nehru

10. ‘ Servants of India Society’ was established in

a. 1906

B. 190

c. 1915

d. 1916

11. Name the philosopher who believed that freedom is the keynote of spiritual life.?

a. gopalakrishnagokhale

B. nehr

c. ambedkar

d. vivekananda

12. The International day of Non-violence is observed on 2nd October, the Birthday of -----

a. vivekananda

B. gokhal

c. jawaharlal lal nehru

d. m .k. gandhi

13. Who give the name ‘Gurudev’ to Tagore?

a. gandhij

B. tila

c. vivekanda

d. nehru

14. Who is the political Guru of Gandhiji?

a. tagore

B. vivekanand

c. gokhale

d. nehru

15. Which decision of Gandhiji was opposed by Ambedkar?

a. partitioning india

B. calling the lower castes ‘harijans?

c. quit india movement

d. satyagraha movement.

16. Name the magazine published by Ambedkar?

a. young india

B. swara

c. news india

d. mooknayak

17. Tilak regarded that Swaraj was not only a right but a

a. justice

B. dharm

c. power

d. status

18. SNDP Yogam was formed in the year

a. 1903

B. 189

c. 1908

d. 1914

19. The doctrine of Ramarajya was expounded by

a. tilak

B. gokhale

c. gandhiji

d. nehru

20. Who is the Champion of secularism?

a. jinnah

B. nehr

c. savarkar

d. tilak

21. Who regarded the villages as the center of Indian economic organisation?

a. gandhiji

B. vivekananda

c. raja ram mohan roy

d. tilak

22. Gandhism is not merely a political creed, it is

a. a programme of action

B. a messag

c. theory

d. working class movement

23. ‘January 30 ‘ is commemorated as ------- in India

a. martyr’s day

B. freedom day

c. republic day

d. slaves day

24. Who is regarded as the pragmatic social reformer?

a. nehru

B. tila

c. sree narayana guru

d. mahathma gandhi

25. B.R Ambedkar founded the All India Untouchables League in:

a. 1929

B. 1930

c. 1932

d. 1933


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