Information Technology (IT) Solved MCQs


Bying and selling of product and services using electronic means is called as _____

A. ecommerce
B. traditional commerce
C. online pruchase
D. computer buying
Answer» A. ecommerce

URL stands for ___________

A. uniform resource locator
B. uniform record locator
C. unified record locator
D. uninterrupted data locator
Answer» A. uniform resource locator

Low value purchasing like purchasing of news article or pay on click is done by ________.

A. debit card
B. micro payment
C. credit card
D. cheques
Answer» B. micro payment

credit card, debit card and smart card is called as ____.

A. instant money
B. deposited money
C. plastic money
D. stored money
Answer» C. plastic money

Excel sheet is also called as ______.

A. table sheet
B. spreadsheet
C. worksheet
D. grid sheet
Answer» B. spreadsheet

Which function in Excel checks whether a condition is true or not ?

A. sum
B. count
C. if
D. average
Answer» C. if

A scenario uses all of the following except ________

A. changing cell
B. table area
C. result cell
D. formulas
Answer» B. table area

SSL stands for ___________.

A. secure secret level
B. section security layer
C. secure socket layer
D. secure system level
Answer» C. secure socket layer

Unsolicited emails are called as _______.

A. virus
B. worms
C. spam
D. trojan horse
Answer» C. spam

_____ is a type of internet fraud that seeks to acquire users credentials by deception.

A. spoofing
B. sniffing
C. hacking
D. phishing
Answer» D. phishing
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