The colour of loamy soil is –

A. Greenish brown
B. Bluish green
C. Yellowish brown
D. Blackish brown
Answer» D. Blackish brown
Explanation: Loam encompasses a variety of soil types, some granulated and nicely draining, while others may be thicker and have the consistency of mud. Most loam soils are a brown or black colour, making them ideal for gardens. It is often the most preferred type for plant growth and does well with just about any species. Large plants and trees, including maples and poplars, are both commonly found growingin loam soil. Loam is a Combination of small rock particles, organic matter and nutrients, often in ideal combinations for healthy plant growth. The granular soil retains water very easily, yet the drainage is well. Loamy soil is composed of 40 % sand, 40% silt and 20% clay.
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