Interpretation of Status solved MCQs

1. Which one among the following are external aids to interpretation?

a. Tittle

B. Illustrations

c. Proviso clause

d. Dictionary

2. Under which section of General Clauses Act does effect of repeal is stated?

a. Section 3

B. Section 4

c. Section 6

d. Section 8

3. Statutes which are there in existence for a specified fixed period is knownas

a. Permanent Statute

B. Temporary Statute

c. Codifying Statute

d. Remedial statute

4. Which legal maxim means “to stand by things decided”?

a. Stare Decisis

B. Ration Decendiin

c. In BonemPartem

d. Ejusdem Generis

5. Doctrine of Mischief Rule was given under

a. Foss Vs Harbottle

B. Heydon’s Case

c. Thomson Vs Clan Morris

d. Foster Vs DiphwysCasson

6. Which of the following rules of interpretation are applicable to Taxation Statutes?

a. Liberal and wide interpretation

B. Strict and narrow interpretation

c. Beneficial interpretation

d. Utilitarian interpretation

7. In Exchequer Vs. Heydon [1584] EWHC Exch J36 76 ER 637,the court expounded which of the following rule?

a. The Golden rule

B. The Red rule

c. The Mischief rule

d. The literal interpretation rule

8. The judiciary when interpreting a criminal statute generally applies whichof the following rule of interpretation?

a. Forgiveness rule

B. Rule of literal interpretation

c. Beneficial interpretation

d. Golden rule of interpretation

9. “A person to whom an authority or decision-making power has been delegated to from a higher source, cannot, in turn, delegate again to another, unless the original delegation explicitly authorized it”, Which maxim fits this explanation?

a. Delegatus Non PotestDelegare

B. Audi Alteram Partem

c. Nemojudex in causasua

d. Reddendosingulasingulis

10. Which out of the following is a statute?

a. A circular issued by a private club regulating entry

B. A set of rules made for a game of UNO

c. A bye law made by the Municipality for segregation of waste

d. A pamphlet instructing the use of a herbal hair dye

11. Section _____ of the General Clauses Act, 1897 deals with meaningof service by post.

a. 25

B. 26

c. 27

d. 28

12. Which of the following is not a General rule of interpretation.

a. a statute must be read as a whole

B. same word to have a same meaning

c. a construction to avoid absurdity is permissible

d. technical words to have ordinary meaning

13. Which of the following is based on the principle that a law which violates fundamental rights is not a nullity or void ab initio but becomes unenforceable.

a. Doctrine of waiver

B. Doctrine of lifting the veil

c. Doctrine of severalty

d. Doctrine of eclipse

14. The general rule is that a taxing statute should be construed ______ , that is, a person should not be taxed unless the words of the statue unambiguously impose the talk on him.

a. beneficially

B. leniently

c. harmoniously

d. strictly

15. The effect of an Act which has expired or was repealed was that for all purposes it would be presumed that the Act _____ existed, unless the contrary intention appeared.

a. always

B. never

c. sometimes

d. rarely


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