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1. A set of guidelines about dividend is known as _____ _____.

a. dividend policy

B. profit

c. loss

d. expenses

2. There are two approaches to dividend policy _____ _____.

a. relevance, irrelevance

B. final dividend

c. interims dividend

d. annual dividend

3. XBRL stands for _____ _____ _____ _____.

a. u.s securities exchange communication adopted a final rule for adoption

B. ifsb released an expanded ifrs, xbrl

c. extensible business reporting language

d. ifar

4. XBRL presents solution to _____ problem.

a. registered company

B. government corporation

c. communication

d. unregistered company

5. The project with _____ co-efficient of variation should be selected.

a. lesser

B. management

c. higher

d. medium

6. Under standard deviation _____ of cash flow is ascertained.

a. dispersion

B. subjective

c. objective

d. comparative

7. Capital rationing is selection of investment proposal under _____.

a. constraint

B. weakness of capital market

c. funds are scare today

d. very strong

8. _____ provides details of compliance of corporate governance.

a. annual report

B. board of directors

c. independent audit committee

d. employees

9. Investment in venture capital fund carries _____% risk.

a. 1.5

B. 2

c. 1

d. 0.5

10. MPBF refers to

a. maximum permissible bank finance

B. minimum permissible bank financ

c. bank overdraft

d. cash credit

11. Ploughing back of profit means

a. declaration of dividend

B. retainning profits

c. re-investing profits

d. building reserves

12. The first taxonomy for financial reporting was released on

a. 30th june,2003

B. 31st july,2000

c. 26th january, 2003

d. 15th august, 2009

13. Banks in India have to achieve C.A. Ratio of

a. 9%

B. 15%

c. 5%

d. 10%

14. Amalgamation is governed by

a. as 14

B. as 3

c. as 21

d. as 32

15. The % of provision required on sub-standard asset on secured portion is:

a. 15%

B. 12%

c. 10%

d. 5%

16. The % of provision on unsecured portion of doubtful asset is:

a. 125%

B. 100%

c. 75%

d. 25%

17. Cash credit and overdrafts is considered as NPA when is remains out of order for more than:

a. 90 days

B. 30 days

c. 60 days

d. 45 days

18. The models known as bird in the hand argument

a. gordon\s model

B. walter\s model

c. fayol’s model

d. henry model

19. Loans upto Rs. 1,00,000 against gold and silver ornaments carry risk

a. 50%

B. 10%

c. 100%

d. 20%

20. Provision for standard asset in respect of advances to commercial Real Estate sector is

a. 1%

B. 2%

c. 2%

d. 0%

21. The policy in which less dividend is paid is

a. liberal dividend policy

B. conservative dividend policy

c. stable dividend policy

d. fluctuating dividend policy

22. Present Value of a Rupee is always:

a. equal to its future value.

B. greater than its future value.

c. less than its future value

d. is not related to its future value

23. An ideal current ratio must be------

a. 2 : 1

B. 1 : 2

c. 1 : 1

d. 2.5 : 1

24. The abbreviation "IPO" stands for-----

a. indian public offer

B. indian post office

c. initial private offer

d. initial public offering.

25. …... shares are issued free of cost

a. equity

B. rights

c. preference.

d. bonus


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