430+ Research Methodology (RM) Solved MCQs


Who authored the book “methods in Social Research”

A. Wilkinson
B. CR Kothari
C. Kerlinger
D. Goode and Halt
Answer» D. Goode and Halt

“Research is an organized and systematic enquiry” Defined by

A. Marshall
B. P.V. Young
C. Emory
D. Kerlinger
Answer» C. Emory

Research is a “Scientific undertaking” opined by

A. Young
B. Kerlinger
C. Kothari
D. Emory
Answer» A. Young

“A systematic step-by-step Procedure following logical process of reasoning” called

A. Experiment
B. Observation
C. Deduction
D. Scientific method
Answer» D. Scientific method

Ethical Neutrality is a feature of

A. Deduction
B. Scientific method
C. Observation
D. experience
Answer» B. Scientific method

Scientific method is committed to ……………….

A. Objectivity
B. Ethics
C. Proposition
D. Neutrality
Answer» A. Objectivity

“One of the methods of logical reasoning process” is called

A. Induction
B. Deduction
C. Research
D. Experiment
Answer» A. Induction

An essential Criterion of Scientific study is

A. Belief
B. Value
C. Objectivity
D. Subjectivity
Answer» C. Objectivity

“Reasoning from general to particular “is called

A. Induction
B. deduction
C. Observation
D. experience
Answer» B. deduction

“Deduction and induction are a part of system of reasoning” – stated by

A. Caroline
B. P.V.Young
C. Dewey John
D. Emory
Answer» B. P.V.Young

“ A system of systematically interrelated concepts definitions and propositions that are advanced to explain and predict phenomena” … is

A. Facts
B. Values
C. Theory
D. Generalization
Answer» C. Theory

“ A system of systematically interrelated concepts, definitions and propositions that are advanced to explain and Predict phenomena” defined by

A. Jack Gibbs
B. PV Young
C. Black
D. Rose Arnold
Answer» B. PV Young

Theory is “ a set of systematically related propositions specifying casual relationship among variables” is defined by

A. Black James and Champion
B. P.V. Young
C. Emory
D. Gibbes
Answer» A. Black James and Champion

“Empirically verifiable observation” is

A. Theory
B. Value
C. Fact
D. Statement
Answer» C. Fact

Fact is “empirically verifiable observation” --- is defined by

A. Good and Hatt
B. Emory
C. P.V. Young
D. Claver
Answer» A. Good and Hatt

……….. is “systematically conceptual structure of inter related elements in some schematic form”

A. Concept
B. Variable
C. Model
D. Facts
Answer» C. Model

Social Science deals with ………..

A. Objects
B. Human beings
C. Living things
D. Non living things
Answer» B. Human beings

Science is broadly divided into ……………….

A. Natural and Social
B. Natural and Physical
C. Physical and Mental
D. Social and Physical
Answer» A. Natural and Social

Social Science try to explain …………. Between human activities and natural laws governing them

A. Causal Connection
B. reason
C. Interaction
D. Objectives
Answer» A. Causal Connection

Social Science Research ……………. Problems

A. Explain
B. diagnosis
C. Recommend
D. Formulate
Answer» B. diagnosis

Social research aims at ……………….

A. Integration
B. Social Harmony
C. National Integration
D. Social Equality
Answer» A. Integration

The method by which a sample is chosen

A. Unit
B. design
C. Random
D. Census
Answer» B. design

Basing conclusions without any bias and value judgment is ……………

A. Objectivity
B. Specificity
C. Values
D. Facts
Answer» A. Objectivity

Research is classified on the basis of …….. and methods

A. Purpose
B. Intent
C. Methodology
D. Techniques
Answer» B. Intent

Research undertaken for knowledge sake is

A. Pure Research
B. Action Research
C. Pilot study
D. Survey
Answer» A. Pure Research

Example for fact finding study is

A. Pure Research
B. Survey
C. Action Research
D. Long term Research
Answer» B. Survey

Facts or information’s are analyzed and critical evaluation is made in

A. Survey
B. Action research
C. Analytical research
D. Pilot study
Answer» C. Analytical research

Research conducted to find solution for an immediate problem is ………….

A. Fundamental Research
B. Analytical Research
C. Survey
D. Action Research
Answer» D. Action Research

Fundamental Research is otherwise called

A. Action Research
B. Survey
C. Pilot study
D. Pure Research
Answer» D. Pure Research

Motivation Research is a type of …………… research

A. Quantitative
B. Qualitative
C. Pure
D. applied
Answer» B. Qualitative

Research related to abstract ideas or concepts is

A. Empirical research
B. Conceptual Research
C. Quantitative research
D. Qualitative research
Answer» B. Conceptual Research

A research which follows case study method is called

A. Clinical or diagnostic
B. Causal
C. Analytical
D. Qualitative
Answer» A. Clinical or diagnostic

Research conducted in class room atmosphere is called

A. Field study
B. Survey
C. Laboratory Research
D. Empirical Research
Answer» C. Laboratory Research

Research through experiment and observation is called

A. Clinical Research
B. Experimental Research
C. Laboratory Research
D. Empirical Research
Answer» D. Empirical Research

Population Census is an example of ………….. Research

A. Survey
B. Empirical
C. Clinical
D. Diagnostic
Answer» A. Survey

The author of “ The Grammar of Science” is

A. Ostle
B. Richard
C. Karl Pearson
D. Kerlinger
Answer» C. Karl Pearson

“The Romance of Research” is authored by

A. Redmen and Mory
B. P.V.Young
C. Robert C meir
D. Harold Dazier
Answer» A. Redmen and Mory

………….. is a way to systematically solve the research problem

A. Technique
B. Operations
C. Research methodology
D. Research Process
Answer» C. Research methodology

Good Research is always ……………

A. Slow
B. Fast
C. Narrow
D. Systematic
Answer» D. Systematic

Good research is ……………

A. Logical
B. Non logical
C. Narrow
D. Systematic
Answer» A. Logical

“Criteria of Good Research” is written by

A. Delta Kappan
B. James Harold Fox
C. P.V.Young
D. Karl Popper
Answer» B. James Harold Fox

Research method is a part of …………..

A. Problem
B. Experiment
C. Research Techniques
D. Research methodology
Answer» D. Research methodology

Identifying causes of a problem and possible solution to a problem is

A. Field Study
B. diagnosis tic study
C. Action study
D. Pilot study
Answer» B. diagnosis tic study

………… helps in social planning

A. Social Science Research
B. Experience Survey
C. Problem formulation
D. diagnostic study
Answer» A. Social Science Research

“Foundations of Behavioral Research” is written by

A. P.V. Young
B. Kerlinger
C. Emory
D. Clover Vernon
Answer» B. Kerlinger

Methods and issues in Social Research” is written by

A. Black James and Champions
B. P.V. Young
C. Mortan Kaplan
D. William Emory
Answer» A. Black James and Champions

“Scientific Social Survey and Research” is written by

A. Best John
B. Emory
C. Clover
D. P.V. Young
Answer» D. P.V. Young

“Doubt is often better than ……………….”

A. Belief
B. Value
C. Confidence
D. Overconfidence
Answer» D. Overconfidence

Research help in explaining the ………… with which something operates.

A. Velocity
B. Momentum
C. Frequency
D. gravity
Answer» C. Frequency

…………… is a motivation for research in students

A. Research degree
B. Research Academy
C. Research Labs
D. Research Problems
Answer» A. Research degree

Which of the following is an example of primary data?

A. Book
B. Journal
C. News Paper
D. Census Report
Answer» C. News Paper

Major drawback to researchers in India is …………….

A. Lack of sufficient number of Universities
B. Lack of sufficient research guides
C. Lack of sufficient Fund
D. Lack of scientific training in research
Answer» D. Lack of scientific training in research

ICSSR stands for

A. Indian Council for Survey and Research
B. Indian Council for strategic Research
C. Indian Council for Social Science Research
D. Inter National Council for Social Science Research
Answer» C. Indian Council for Social Science Research

UGC Stands for

A. University Grants Commission
B. Union Government Commission
C. University Governance Council
D. Union government Council
Answer» A. University Grants Commission

JRF is for

A. Junior Research Functions
B. Junior Research Fellowship
C. Junior Fellowship
D. None of the above
Answer» B. Junior Research Fellowship

………….. is the first step of Research process

A. Formulation of a problem
B. Collection of Data
C. Editing and Coding
D. Selection of a problem
Answer» D. Selection of a problem

A problem well put is ……………….

A. Fully solved
B. Not solved
C. Cannot be solved
D. half- solved
Answer» D. half- solved

……………. is a source of problem

A. Schools and Colleges
B. Class Room Lectures
C. Play grounds
D. Infra structures
Answer» B. Class Room Lectures

A question which requires a solution is ………….

A. Observation
B. Problem
C. Data
D. Experiment
Answer» B. Problem

Converting a question into a Researchable problem is called …………

A. Solution
B. Examination
C. Problem formulation
D. Problem Solving
Answer» C. Problem formulation

While Selecting a problem, problem which is ………….. is no taken

A. Very Common
B. Overdone
C. Easy one
D. rare
Answer» B. Overdone

The first step in formulating a problem is

A. Statement of the problem
B. Gathering of Data
C. Measurement
D. Survey
Answer» A. Statement of the problem

…………….. will help in finding out a problem for research

A. Professor
B. Tutor
D. Guide
Answer» D. Guide

Second step in problem formulation is

A. Statement of the problem
B. Understanding the nature of the problem
C. Survey
D. Discussions
Answer» B. Understanding the nature of the problem

Third step in problem formulation is

A. Statement of the problem
B. Understanding the nature of the problem
C. Survey the available literature
D. Discussion
Answer» C. Survey the available literature

Last step in problem formulation is

A. Survey
B. Discussion
C. Literature survey
D. Re Phrasing the Research problem
Answer» D. Re Phrasing the Research problem

In the formulation of the problem we need to give a ………….

A. Title
B. Index
C. Bibliography
D. Concepts
Answer» A. Title

Objectives in problem formulation means

A. Questions to be answered
B. methods
C. Techniques
D. methodology
Answer» A. Questions to be answered

The problem selected must have

A. Speed
B. Facts
C. Values
D. Novelty
Answer» D. Novelty

The formulated problem should have

A. Originality
B. Values
C. Coherence
D. Facts
Answer» A. Originality

The purpose of Social Science Research is

A. Academic and Non academic
B. Cultivation
C. Academic
D. Utilitarian
Answer» B. Cultivation

The Academic purpose is to have ……………….

A. Information
B. firsthand knowledge
C. Knowledge and information
D. models
Answer» C. Knowledge and information

Social Science Research creates Social ……………

A. Alienation
B. Cohesion
C. mobility
D. Integration
Answer» B. Cohesion

………… is a quality of Good Researcher

A. Scientific temper
B. Age
C. Money
D. time
Answer» A. Scientific temper

Social Science Research in India aims at a ………. State

A. Secular
B. Totalitarian
C. democratic
D. welfare
Answer» D. welfare

A ……………… is an abstraction formed by generalization from particulars

A. Hypothesis
B. Variable
C. Concept
D. facts
Answer» C. Concept

Concept is of two types

A. Abstract and Coherent
B. Concrete and Coherent
C. Abstract and concrete
D. None of the above
Answer» C. Abstract and concrete

Concepts are of ……………….types

A. 4
B. 6
C. 10
D. 2
Answer» D. 2

There is a concept by ……………………

A. Observation
B. formulation
C. Theory
D. Postulation
Answer» D. Postulation

Another concept is by ………………..

A. Formulation
B. Postulation
C. Intuition
D. Observation
Answer» C. Intuition

Concepts are ……………. of Research

A. guide
B. tools
C. methods
D. Variables
Answer» B. tools

Concepts are ………………….

A. Metaphor
B. Simile
C. Symbols
D. Models
Answer» C. Symbols

Concepts represent various degree of ……………..

A. Formulation
B. Calculation
C. Abstraction
D. Specification
Answer» C. Abstraction

Concepts which cannot be given operational definitions are ………… concepts

A. Verbal
B. Oral
C. Hypothetical
D. Operational
Answer» C. Hypothetical

“Concept is in reality a definition in short hand or a class or group of facts” –defined by

A. Kerlinger
B. P.V. Young
C. Aurthur
D. Kaplan
Answer» B. P.V. Young

Different people hold ……………. of the same thing

A. Same and different
B. Same
C. different
D. None of the above
Answer» C. different

Many concepts find their origin from

A. Greek
B. English
C. Latin
D. Many languages
Answer» D. Many languages

A tentative proposition subject to test is

A. Variable
B. Hypothesis
C. Data
D. Concept
Answer» B. Hypothesis

Analogies are sources of ……………….

A. Data
B. Concept
C. Research
D. Hypothesis
Answer» D. Hypothesis

“A Proposition which can be put to test to determine its validity” Defined by

A. Lund berg
B. Emory
C. Johnson
D. Good and Hatt
Answer» D. Good and Hatt

“ A tentative generalization” stated by

A. Good and Hatt
B. Lund berg
C. Emory
D. Orwell
Answer» B. Lund berg

Propositions which describe the characteristics are …………. Hypothesis

A. Descriptive
B. Imaginative
C. Relational
D. Variable
Answer» A. Descriptive

A Hypothesis which develops while planning the research is

A. Null Hypothesis
B. Working Hypothesis
C. Relational Hypothesis
D. Descriptive Hypothesis
Answer» B. Working Hypothesis

When a hypothesis is stated negatively it is called

A. Relational Hypothesis
B. Situational Hypothesis
C. Null Hypothesis
D. Casual Hypothesis
Answer» C. Null Hypothesis

The first variable is …………….. variable

A. Abstract
B. Dependent
C. Independent
D. Separate
Answer» C. Independent

The second variable is called …………

A. Independent
B. Dependent
C. Separate
D. Abstract
Answer» B. Dependent

Hypothesis which explain relationship between two variables is

A. Causal
B. Relational
C. Descriptive
D. Tentative
Answer» B. Relational

Null means

A. One
B. Many
C. Zero
D. None of these
Answer» C. Zero

…………………. Represent common sense ideas

A. Statistical Hypothesis
B. Complex Hypothesis
C. Common sense Hypothesis
D. Analytical Hypothesis
Answer» C. Common sense Hypothesis

Hypothesis concerned with analytical variable is

A. Null Hypothesis
B. Casual Hypothesis
C. Barren Hypothesis
D. Analytical Hypothesis
Answer» D. Analytical Hypothesis
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