News Media Management solved MCQs

1. What is primary objective of the ABC?

a. to contact government

B. to cover news

c. to secure accurate circulation figures and data relating to all periodicals and media

d. to circulate news

2. Which of the following is not type of advertising?

a. editorial

B. advertorial

c. classified ads

d. display ad

3. Advertising revenue and _______ revenue are backbone of newspaper’s finance.

a. share

B. circulation

c. saving

d. value

4. For any organisation Financial summary of the year is recorded in _______.

a. record

B. analysis

c. circulation

d. balance sheet

5. What is press release?

a. newspapers

B. content given to media by pr agencies

c. blog

d. data

6. What are 4Ps of marketing mix?

a. product, price, population, place

B. product, price, place, population

c. product, price, place, promotion

d. product, price, population, promotion

7. What bring different technologies together?

a. advertising convergence

B. product

c. auto

d. digital convergence

8. In _______ type of ownership owner alone takes all decisions .

a. individual

B. partnership

c. trust

d. corporate

9. How does Human Resource department appoint employees?

a. through lottery system

B. through recruitment process and interview

c. without any process

d. financial department of company

10. Define advertising revenue.

a. money given by investors

B. money through shares

c. money calculated by abc

d. money generated by advertising

11. What is TRP?

a. television regional point

B. television revised points

c. television rise points

d. television rating point

12. Which among following is not tool of IMC?

a. advertising

B. sales promotion

c. personal selling

d. theory

13. Financial management is ____for any efficient functioning of business.

a. key

B. loss

c. financial

d. average

14. When one owner owns media across different platforms is called as______ media ownership.

a. cross

B. straight

c. government

d. individual

15. Foreign ______ investment brings foreign investors in India.

a. global

B. digital

c. direct

d. duplicate

16. Widely known Star TV in India is known as _______ in some foreign countries.

a. zee tv

B. new tv

c. sky network

d. etv

17. Why marketing research is conducted?

a. to understand market for advertising

B. to understand research

c. to understand formula

d. to understand issue

18. In which company maximum 50 number of members are allowed?

a. limited company

B. individual

c. trust

d. unregistered company

19. Editor is involved in _________process with management

a. none of the

B. policy making

c. assistance

d. association

20. Which process enables communication with end users?

a. circulation

B. direct marketing

c. strategy planning

d. communication with employees

21. What percentage of FDI is allowed in newspapers?

a. 0.44

B. 0.5

c. 0.26

d. 0.8

22. Facebook has become one of the popular ______site.

a. news media

B. youtube

c. social media

d. traditional media

23. Eenadu is _______ language daily newspaper, started in 1974.

a. kannada

B. telugu

c. malyalama

d. tamil

24. Which act makes it mandatoryto register printed publication in India?

a. press and registration of books act 1867

B. official secrets act 1923

c. copyright act

d. working journalist act 1955

25. Which among following is not role of HRD?

a. recruitment and selection

B. record keeping of all personal data

c. performance appraisal

d. market watch


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