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1. Law as a system of rules, a union of primary and secondary rules defination given by

a. john austin

B. aristotle

c. hart

d. hobbes

2. Law as a social engineering theory given by

a. kelson

B. austin

c. roscoe pound

d. hart

3. Domestic violence Act was passesd in the year

a. 2005

B. 2004

c. 2006

d. 2003

4. Untouchability is ablolished and it's practice in any form is prohibited under whicharticle of the Indian Constitution

a. article 14

B. article 15

c. article 16

d. article 17

5. Gurupadswamy committee is related to

a. domestic violence

B. child labour

c. sexual harressment of children

d. primary education

6. Gaurav Jain .v. Union of India AIR 1997 this case is related to

a. child labour

B. rehabilitation of children

c. rehabilation of prostitutes

d. education for children

7. Under Indian Constitution secularism means

a. sarvodaya

B. sarva dharma aabhav

c. sarva dharma samabhav

d. savarna dharma samabhav

8. Secularism under Indian Constitution is mentioned under which article

a. article 21

B. article 24

c. article 25

d. article 26

9. Word “secular” was inserted by which amendment in the Indian constitution

a. constitutional first amendment act

B. constitutional twenty fifth amendment act

c. constitutional forty second amendment act

d. constitutional forty fourth amendment act

10. Following which article is relating to Rights of minorities

a. article 29

B. article 25

c. article 30

d. article 28

11. Who was the first president of women commission constituted on thirty first january1992

a. girija vyas

B. jayanti patnayak

c. gurpreet

d. kiran bedi

12. What is the term of office of chairman of women commission

a. 3 years

B. 5 years

c. 10 years

d. 65 years of age

13. The famous case of costodial rape

a. vishakha\s case

B. nirbhaya\s case

c. mathura\s case

d. none of above

14. Law is an instrument of

a. social necessity

B. social dispute

c. social change

d. social activity

15. Who among the following played an appreciable role in abolotion of sati system

a. mahatma phule

B. raja ram mohan roy

c. mahatma gandhi

d. rani lakshmibai

16. Sati is no sucide but

a. murder

B. cold blooded murder

c. hot blooded murder

d. abetment of sucide

17. Article 361 of constitution provides special protection to

a. government of the state

B. president

c. rajpramukh

d. all of above

18. What are criteria for adoption of eligible children

a. the child should be legally free for adoptation

B. siblings/twins/triplets, etc should not be seprated

c. all are correct

d. the consent of children above 6 years should be taken for adoptation

19. The office of National Commision for protection of Child Rights situated at

a. bombay

B. delhi

c. banglore

d. calcutta

20. Which clause under Fundamental duties lays the duty of parent or guardian toprovide oppurtunity for education between 6-14 years under Article 51 A

a. clause d

B. clause f

c. clause k

d. clause h

21. Arbitration and Concilliation Act came into force in the year

a. 1990

B. 1940

c. 1996

d. 2000

22. The lok adalat is presided over by

a. sitting or retired judicial officer as chairman

B. retired judicial officer as chairman

c. sitting judicial officer as chairman

d. all of the above

23. Right under article 25 has been infringed because the temple doors are closedduring lockdown due to Covid-19. Choose the correct option below

a. true

B. false

c. partially true

d. none of the above

24. Sarkaria Commission is related to

a. cultural problem in india

B. religious problem in india

c. language problem in india

d. minority problem in india

25. Indira Sawhney this case is related to

a. 50% reservation policy

B. reservation for women

c. reservation for minorities

d. reservation for differently abled persons


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