Force and Pressure solved MCQs

1. A push or pull on an object is called

a. Pressure

B. Push-pull

c. Force

d. All of the above

2. If two forces act in the opposite directions on an object, the net force acting on it is the

a. Sum of the two forces

B. difference between the two forces

c. Multiplication of the two forces

d. Division of the two forces

3. Which of the following is proper example(s) to explain that force on an object may change its shape

a. A ball of dough rolled into chapati

B. Pressing a rubber ball kept on table

c. Making model using clay

d. All of the above

4. A ball rolling on the ground slows down and finally stops. This is because of

a. Force

B. Less force applied

c. Friction

d. None of the above

5. Force of friction always acts on moving objects and its direction shall be ____

a. On any direction

B. Along the direction of motion

c. Perpendicular to the direction of motion

d. Opposite to the direction of motion

6. If In a tug-o-war, two teams pulling a rope does not move towards any team, it implies that

a. Equal force is being applied in the same direction

B. Equal Force is being applied in opposite direction

c. No force is applied in any direction

d. Cannot be explained

7. An example of a non- contact force is

a. Force exerted by us to lift a bucket

B. Push a stationary car

c. Force exerted by magnet

d. Hit a cricket ball for a 6 run

8. Pressure =

a. Area / force on which it acts

B. force / area on which it acts

c. Volume / force on which it acts

d. Force / volume on which it acts

9. Gravity is

a. Repulsive

B. Attraction + Repulsive force

c. Attractive force

d. Not a force

10. A batsman hits the ball for a boundary past the bowler i.e. four runs. The batsman thus

a. Changes the direction & speed of the ball

B. Does not change the direction but speed only

c. Does not change the speed but direction only

d. Does not change either direction or speed


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