Operation Management Solved MCQs


Inadequate production capacity ultimately leads to

A. poor quality
B. poor customer service
C. poor inventory control
D. all of the above
Answer» B. poor customer service

A ____ is something which is offered to customers to satisfy their needs or wants.

A. process
B. price
C. promotion
D. product
Answer» D. product

Product layout is also called as _____ layout

A. product
B. process
C. group
D. parallel
Answer» B. process

Unavailability of skilled labour is a big problem if we locate our factory in _____

A. road
B. rural
C. city
D. foreign
Answer» B. rural

The advantage of locating a plant in urban (city) side is _______

A. cheap availability of land
B. disposal of waste is easy
C. cost of operation is low
D. large markets for finished products
Answer» D. large markets for finished products

Production is the process by which rawmaterials and other inputs are converted in to _______

A. finished product
B. services
C. satisfaction
D. loyality
Answer» A. finished product

The competitive advantage in the production function can be achieved through _______

A. high wastages
B. more cost
C. higher quality
D. lowest quantity
Answer» C. higher quality

Henry Ford is noted for his contributions to _____

A. standardization of parts
B. statistical quality control
C. assembly line operation
D. scientific management
Answer» C. assembly line operation

The 4M's does not include

A. men
B. material
C. message
D. machinery
Answer» C. message

The function of ________ involves the decision when, what, how and why to produce goods

A. production planning
B. production control
C. method analysis
D. quality control
Answer» A. production planning

Ship Building and Aircraft manufacturing is an example of ________ type of layout

A. combined
B. matrix
C. fixed
D. group
Answer» C. fixed

Which of the following is not a typical service attribute

A. intangible product
B. easy to store
C. customer interaction is high
D. simultaneous production and consumption
Answer» B. easy to store

_________ involves the activities relating to procuring materials and supplies consumed during production

A. selling
B. pricing
C. purchasing
D. distributing
Answer» C. purchasing

Operation process chart is also called as

A. outline chart
B. outline process chart
C. a and b
D. none of these
Answer» B. outline process chart

_________ is the process of comparing actual performance with the standard and taking corrective Action

A. controlling
B. management
C. planning
D. co-ordination
Answer» A. controlling

______ refers to the verification of and confirmation towards the requirments of an entity

A. inspection
B. pricing
C. alteration
D. none of these
Answer» A. inspection

______ aims at visualizing and identifying deviation before they actually occur

A. predictive control
B. concurrent control
C. operational control
D. all of the above
Answer» A. predictive control

Which of the following statement is not true in the case of goods?

A. tangibility
B. can be stored
C. physical shape
D. intangibility
Answer» D. intangibility

Which of the following is not an objective of operation Management.

A. customer satisfaction
B. profitability
C. timeliness
D. employee punishment
Answer» D. employee punishment

_________ is measure of the quantity of output per unit of input.

A. productivity
B. marketability
C. sociability
D. none of these
Answer» A. productivity
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