Geographic Information System (GIS) solved MCQs

1. GIS uses the information from which of the following sources?

a. non- spatial information system

B. spatial information system

c. global information system

d. position information system

2.  Among the following ____________ can be expressed as an example of hardware component.

a. keyboard

B. arc gis

c. auto cad

d. digitalization

3. Which among the following is not related to GIS software’s?

a. cad

B. arc gis

c. arc view

d. staad pro

4.  Which type of data set is not used in GIS related software’s?

a. vertex

B. ??point

c. poly line

d. polygon

5. The entire earth surface is divided into zones in which type of map projection?

a. poly conic projection system

B. cylindrical projection

c. utm projection

d. ??lambert- azimuthal equal area projection

6. In which of the following ways, meridians are projected in cylindrical projection?

a. mathematically

B. geometrically

c. horizontally

d. vertically

7. Which of the following doesn’t indicate a topology error?

a. polygonal features

B. gaps between polygons

c. silver polygons

d. unclosed polygons

8. In a map showing contours, the name of the darker contour lines is

a. index contours

B. key contours

c. lines of deviation

d. lines of elevations

9. If you are making a web map of sampling locations, streams and watershed areas, in what order would you place the layers on the map?

a. sampling locations, wetland areas, streams

B. streams, wetland areas, sampling locations

c. sampling locations, streams, wetland areas

d. it doesn’t matter what order they are in


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