140+ E-Commerce Management Solved MCQs


The internet is

A. web site
B. network of networks
C. host
D. server
Answer» B. network of networks

EDI is an early form of

A. traditional commerce
B. digital commerce
C. e-commerce
D. mobile commerce
Answer» C. e-commerce

E-commerce refers to paperless exchange of business information using

A. electronics data interchange
B. electronic mail
C. bulleting boards
D. all the above
Answer» D. all the above

EDI is a set of standards developed in

A. 1960’s
B. 1970’s
C. 1980’s
D. 1950’s
Answer» A. 1960’s

ASCX12 standards were established is

A. 1986
B. 1984
C. 1982
D. 1987
Answer» B. 1984

Today the largest electronic commerce is

A. b2b
B. b2e
C. p2p
D. all the above
Answer» A. b2b

Which is much helpful to do business beyond cultural and national boundaries

A. e-commerce
B. traditional commerce
C. mobile commerce
D. retailing
Answer» A. e-commerce

Which is not a feature of e-commerce

A. universal standard
B. global reach
C. ample information
D. retailing
Answer» D. retailing

Electronic exchange of business documents in a standard format is known as:

A. e commerce
B. e business
C. edi
D. none of these
Answer» C. edi

This is essentially a business process that connects manufactures retailers, customers and suppliers in the form of a chain to develop deliver products

A. e-commerce
B. edi
C. scm
D. net working
Answer» C. scm

EDI stands for

A. electric data interface
B. electronic data interchange
C. electronic data interface
D. name of these
Answer» B. electronic data interchange

Both buyers and sellers actively participate and exchange products services in

A. scm
B. edi
C. e-commerce
D. traditional commerce
Answer» D. traditional commerce

Bargaining is possible only in ………… business model

A. traditional commerce
B. e commerce
C. m commerce
D. name of these
Answer» A. traditional commerce

In e- Commerce , they can not explore the stores shelves and product space. They can only search a

A. electronic items
B. specific copy
C. digital catalogue
D. none
Answer» C. digital catalogue

……………………………. Refers to companies for which internet is one of several channels to customers and perhaps not even the primary one

A. traditional commerce
B. e- commerce
C. edi
D. none of these
Answer» B. e- commerce

E commerce refers to

A. direct buying
B. retailing
C. scm
D. online transaction
Answer» D. online transaction

E – commerce firms ……………………..large inventory

A. need not stock
B. need stock
C. need to stock
D. non of these
Answer» A. need not stock

EDI cannot be implemented ……………… but requires the co-operation of trading partners

A. unilaterally
B. bilaterally
C. multilaterally
D. all the above
Answer» A. unilaterally

EDI soft ware translates the information

A. from structured to unstructured format
B. from unstructured to structured format
C. from structured to semi structured format
D. non of these
Answer» B. from unstructured to structured format

Components of SCM system includes

A. scm software and hardware
B. business processes
C. users
D. all the above
Answer» D. all the above

Which aspects include in supply chain planning

A. demand forecasting
B. inventory simulation
C. manufacturing planning
D. all the above
Answer» D. all the above

Supply chain execution is the process of putting supply chain planning in to …………….

A. action
B. operation
C. maintenance
D. control
Answer» A. action

The cost of participating in a public exchange is significantly …………….. than implementing out own SCM systems

A. higher
B. lower
C. medium
D. non
Answer» B. lower

Which of the following are not a drawback of public B2B exchanges

A. lack of customization
B. limited supper participants
C. customers satisfaction
D. non
Answer» C. customers satisfaction

Essential elements needed to develop successful business model in any field are…………………….

A. value proposition
B. revenue model
C. competitive advantage
D. all the above
Answer» D. all the above

A model describes how the firm will earn revenue, make profit and produce a better return on invested capital is

A. revenue model
B. competitive advantage
C. value proposition
D. markets strategy
Answer» A. revenue model

……………… e commerce is conducted between two separate business and has been in effect for many years

A. b2b
B. c2c
C. p2p
D. b2c
Answer» A. b2b

Which of the following are not the major business models utilized in the B2B are

A. e distributor
B. e-procurement
C. b2b hubs
D. none of these
Answer» D. none of these

The sale of products (or) service from a business to general public is …………..

A. b2c
B. b2b
C. b2g
D. b2e
Answer» A. b2c

20north .com, flipkart.com. are an example for

A. b2b
B. b2e
C. b2g
D. b2c
Answer» D. b2c

Which are not the benefits of B2c E commerce

A. lower marketing cost
B. lower order processing cost
C. better customer service
D. narrow market
Answer» D. narrow market

………….. were considered as the “gateways” to the internet

A. portal
B. e tailer
C. content provider
D. narrow market
Answer» A. portal

Service providers offer service ………………..

A. offline
B. direct
C. indirect
D. online
Answer» D. online

An online auction is an example of

A. b2b
B. c2c
C. b2c
D. none of these
Answer» B. c2c

……….. refers to supply of goods and services for online govt. procurement

A. c2c
B. b2g
C. b2e
D. b2b
Answer» B. b2g

…………… is sometimes called ‘ intra business ecommerce

A. b2e
B. b2g
C. b2b
D. c2c
Answer» A. b2e

Which commerce model permits mobile access:

A. e commerce
B. mobile commerce
C. traditional commerce
D. none
Answer» B. mobile commerce

Which among these is a cheap alternative method to traditional printed catalogues

A. paper catalogue
B. floppy
C. cd–rom s
D. none
Answer» C. cd–rom s

Arrange the steps to Ecommerce
1) Security
2) Process payment
3) Service & support
4) Generating demand
5) ordering & fulfillment

A. 4,5,2,3
B. 5,3,1,2,4
C. 1,2,3,4,5
D. 3,2,5,1,4
Answer» A. 4,5,2,3

Which of following is the reasons for the failure of E-commerce

A. poor management
B. high cost
C. poor planning
D. all the above
Answer» D. all the above

The word internet was coined from the word

A. interconnection and network
B. intra connection and net transfer
C. interlink and network
D. inter activity net work
Answer» A. interconnection and network

The most commonly used protocols are

A. ftp
B. tcp/ip
C. http
D. all the above
Answer» D. all the above

…………… is an internet standard (or) set of rules that allows the exchange of information on the www

A. http
B. ftp
C. tcp/ip
D. telnet
Answer» A. http

This is a protocol which allows file to be transferred from one computer to another computer

A. tcp/ip
B. ftp
C. http
D. none
Answer» B. ftp

B2C sells

A. products or service directly to consumers
B. products or services directly to companies
C. products or services directly to govt
D. none
Answer» A. products or service directly to consumers

B2B E commerce has been conducted between

A. business to customer
B. business to bank
C. business to business
D. none
Answer» C. business to business

Which of the following is C2C ecommerce

A. financial service
B. product distribution
C. online auction
D. none
Answer» C. online auction

Business to consumer involves customers gathering information, purchasing and receiving products through.

A. catalogue
B. store
C. electronic network
D. none
Answer» C. electronic network

A web page is created using

A. html
B. web browsing
C. documents
D. none
Answer» A. html

Internet browsing also called

A. net surfing
B. net hunting
C. net chatting
D. none
Answer» A. net surfing

VOIP services convert our voice into ……………. Signal

A. electronic
B. wireless
C. digital
D. none
Answer» C. digital

ATA stands for

A. analog telegraphic adaptor
B. analog telephone adaptor
C. analog tele system
D. adaptor telephone analog
Answer» B. analog telephone adaptor

Which of the following are important among HTTP

A. http is stateless
B. http is media independent
C. http is connection less
D. all the above
Answer» D. all the above

GET method, HEAD method , the post methods are the methods of

A. http methods
B. hptp method
C. current standard
D. none
Answer» A. http methods

…………………… is a new architecture if or the development of loosely coupled distributed application

A. s0a
B. wsdl
C. soap
D. uddi
Answer» A. s0a

VOIP began to be used regularly for long distance voice communication in

A. 2005
B. 2002
C. 2001
D. 2003
Answer» B. 2002

The internets open TCP/IP design was origin ally inspired by use for radio communication network in the

A. 1960’s
B. 1980’s
C. 1970’s
D. 2000’s
Answer» C. 1970’s

This type of network does not allow an external user to access the company data

A. interanet
B. internet
C. extranet
D. none
Answer» A. interanet

The IP was originally designed for

A. data net working
B. data processing
C. data execution
D. none
Answer» A. data net working

The structure of a web page is called it’s

A. web design
B. web layout
C. architecture
D. none
Answer» C. architecture

……………… is a representation language used to create hypertext documents containing text list boxes and graphic

A. html
B. http
C. java
D. none
Answer» A. html

……………… is a client server based internet standards or set of rules

A. html
B. http
C. hptp
D. none
Answer» B. http

Which are the important concepts in the development of web site

A. information presentation
B. good navigation & usability
C. feed back
D. all the above
Answer» D. all the above

Which are not the types of web pages

A. summary page
B. content page
C. support page
D. help me page
Answer» D. help me page

Web pages are prepared using this language

A. html
B. http
C. nttp
D. none
Answer» A. html

A web page is transferred to users of computer through

A. html
B. nttp
C. http
D. none
Answer» C. http

The user reaches this page when they specify the address of a web site.

A. home page
B. web page
C. summary page
D. none
Answer» A. home page

The purpose of this page is to provide links to other pages

A. home page
B. web page
C. summary page
D. none
Answer» C. summary page

These are online magazines generally covering topic of interest

A. banner adv’s
B. search engineers
C. e-zines
D. none
Answer» C. e-zines

This is an internet based interactive search device that enables a user to search for information on the internet.

A. portal
B. browser
C. search engine
D. none
Answer» B. browser

Google is one of the most popular

A. portal
B. search engine
C. browser
D. none
Answer» B. search engine

This is a website that provide a gateway to other resources on the internet

A. portal
B. browser
C. search engine
D. none
Answer» A. portal

These portals simply provide tools , information articles, research & statistics on the specific industry

A. horizontal
B. vertical
C. enterprise
D. none
Answer» B. vertical

These are mega portals dealing in wide range of topics

A. horizontal
B. vertical
C. enterprise
D. non e
Answer» A. horizontal

This is a form of advt. on the web that appears between web pages that the user requests

A. banner advt
B. floating advt
C. interstitials
D. none
Answer» C. interstitials

This is a service that communicates with clients through a set of standard protocols and technologies

A. voip
B. web services
C. xml
D. none
Answer» A. voip

Interoperable systems are essential to mass adoption of

A. mobile commerce
B. e commerce
C. traditional commerce
D. none
Answer» A. mobile commerce

Important site evaluation criteria are

A. key words
B. retention rates
C. conversion rates
D. all the above
Answer» D. all the above

Which is the creation and development o f communication strategies specifically for brands to have meaning and context on the web

A. e branding
B. branding
C. advertising
D. none
Answer» A. e branding

This is the classic from of advertising on the net

A. floating advt
B. banner advt
C. interstitials
D. none
Answer» B. banner advt

The advt which float over the page for 5 to 30 sec is

A. banner advt
B. interstitials
C. floating advt
D. none
Answer» C. floating advt

The new advertising medium is

A. newspaper
B. radio
C. magazines
D. internet
Answer» D. internet

This type of portal is application oriented

A. application centric portals
B. b2b portals
C. horizontal portals
D. none
Answer» A. application centric portals

An enterprise portal is also called as

A. vertical portal s
B. corporate portal
C. b2b portals
D. none
Answer» B. corporate portal

Meta crawler is also an example for

A. mega search engine
B. meta-search engine
C. search engine
D. none
Answer» B. meta-search engine

Which is a web- roaming program used to find documents pertaining to your search

A. spider
B. meta search engine
C. metatags
D. indexers
Answer» A. spider

PPC engines is called

A. per –pay click
B. pay- per click
C. pay - pay click
D. none
Answer» B. pay- per click

Key factors that distinguish mobile marketing form other more traditional informs of marketing is

A. two way
B. permission – based
C. targeted
D. all the above
Answer» D. all the above

Business to consumer application of mobile commerce includes

A. advertising promotion
B. an intelligent device
C. a connective device
D. a transactional device
Answer» A. advertising promotion

TV Viewer can interact with what is happening on screens using their mobile phone is

A. cable tv
B. interactive
C. set off box
D. none
Answer» B. interactive

The cyber crime related to monitoring data flow between shoppers computer and e commerce website

A. spoofing
B. hacking
C. sniffing
D. phishing
Answer» B. hacking

Secret key is used in

A. public key cryptography
B. symmetric cryptography
C. asymmetric cryptography
D. none
Answer» B. symmetric cryptography

This acts like a gate keeper that examines each users identification before allowing them to enter to the organization internal networks

A. antivirus program
B. biometrics
C. fire wall
D. none
Answer» B. biometrics

This type of electronic payment systems is highly useful to those customers who would like to control over spending

A. post paid payment system
B. pre paid payment system
C. spot payment system
D. none
Answer» B. pre paid payment system

This type of card includes an embedded ICC

A. credit card
B. debit card
C. e cash
D. smart card
Answer» D. smart card

ATM card is a

A. credit card
B. debit card
C. e cash
D. smart card
Answer» B. debit card

This is a financial instrument which can be used more than once to borrow money or products or credit

A. credit card
B. debit card
C. e- cash
D. non e
Answer» A. credit card

SET Means

A. standard electronic technology
B. standard electronic transfer
C. secure electronic transaction
D. none
Answer» C. secure electronic transaction

Which is defined as a financial exchange that takes place on line between buyers and sellers

A. e payment
B. prepaid payment
C. post paid payment
D. non e
Answer» A. e payment

The participants in an online electronic payment transaction include

A. the customer
B. the issuer
C. the merchant
D. all above
Answer» D. all above
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