160+ Production and Operations Management Solved MCQs


In Production Management, at every next level some _______ is added to the previous level.

A. income
B. profit
C. loss
D. value
Answer» D. value

___________ is one of the objective of Production Management.

A. right person
B. right cost
C. right quantity
D. continuous process
Answer» C. right quantity

__________ is responsible for all the activities related to production of goods and services.

A. production person
B. production workers
C. production personnel
D. production manager
Answer» D. production manager

________ is one of the most important factor, required for production activities.

A. money
B. man-power
C. time
D. customer
Answer» B. man-power

_________ is one of the quality of Production Manager.

A. quickness
B. sympathy
C. timeliness
D. integrated
Answer» B. sympathy

The Production Manager, is also responsible for maintaining a specific ______ of the product.

A. quality
B. size
C. price
D. ability.
Answer» A. quality

Production Manager must have __________ on wastages.

A. notice
B. choice
C. control
D. plan
Answer» C. control

___________ system is one of the type of Production System.

A. non-flow
B. intermittent
C. assembly lines
D. periodical
Answer» B. intermittent

__________ is a characteristic of good product design.

A. functionality
B. size
C. price
D. quantity
Answer» A. functionality

The product design should be as per the customer’s _________.

A. price
B. requirements
C. desire’s
D. quality
Answer» B. requirements

Factors affecting Product Design includes _______ and ______ perspectives.

A. customer & price
B. customer & production
C. customer & organization
D. quality & quantity
Answer» C. customer & organization

________ is one of the parts of product policy of an organization.

A. product modification
B. product quantity
C. product quality
D. product development
Answer» A. product modification

___________ is concerned with developing specific course of action for production system.

A. production plant
B. production planning
C. production time
D. production system
Answer» B. production planning

__________ quality of production manager allows, him to adapt to changing situations.

A. intelligence
B. flexibility
C. sympathy
D. imagination
Answer» B. flexibility

Production manager, should be a ________ person, which will enable him to do various innovative functions, in a well-planned manner.

A. enthusiasm
B. interested
C. self-control
D. flexibility
Answer» A. enthusiasm

__________ is the process which helps in determining, where the plant should be located, for maximum operating economy and effectiveness.

A. plant layout
B. plant design
C. plant location
D. plant arrangement
Answer» C. plant location

__________ is the process of, creating a new product, which is to be sold by a business or enterprise to its customers.

A. modification
B. diversification
C. development
D. eliminate
Answer» C. development

__________ is the 2nd stage in Product Life Cycle.

A. introduction
B. maturity
C. growth
D. decline
Answer» C. growth

Materials should be made available at right quantity, right place, right price and at right __________.

A. size
B. time
C. forecast
D. features
Answer» B. time

In Manufacturing a product, cost can be kept within, control through _________ reduction.

A. profit
B. loss
C. wastage
D. time
Answer» C. wastage

Better _________ of the product improves consumers satisfaction , this enhances the goodwill of the organization.

A. quantity
B. quality
C. shape
D. variations
Answer» B. quality

___________ is a common measure of how well a country, industry, or business unit is using its resources (or factors of production).

A. production system
B. productivity
C. effectiveness
D. competition
Answer» B. productivity

_________ is one of the importance of Productivity.

A. to beat the competition
B. to beat the price
C. to beat the time
D. to beat the system
Answer» A. to beat the competition

The term Ergonomics, is derived from _________ word.

A. latin
B. greek
C. spanish
D. japanese
Answer» B. greek

___________ is the science of designing, the job equipments & workplace to fit the workers.

A. economics
B. ergonomics
C. productivity
D. psychology
Answer» B. ergonomics

_________ is the objectives of Ergonomics.

A. to improve profits
B. to improve efficiency
C. to improve human performance
D. to remove barriers
Answer» C. to improve human performance

In Ergonomics, less man-power, is required to complete the whole job as the __________, of each worker is higher.

A. knowledge
B. intelligence
C. output
D. standard
Answer» C. output

In Ergonomics, there will be less rejections, because work is carried out without ____________.

A. wastage
B. mistakes
C. monotony
D. partiality
Answer» A. wastage

To see, whether the product is according to the standards and specifications , is the objective of ___________.

A. production system
B. quantity management
C. quality management
D. six sigma
Answer» C. quality management

__________ concept is used to measure the company’s quality.

A. production system
B. sales forecast
C. six sigma
D. iso 9001
Answer» C. six sigma

Six-Sigma, can help many __________ to design better products with less wastage and at a less cost possible.

A. companies
B. shops
C. individuals
D. customers
Answer» A. companies

_________ is one of the benefits of Six Sigma.

A. down-top approach
B. top-down approach
C. left-right approach
D. top-level approach
Answer» B. top-down approach

Kaizen is a _________ term.

A. greek
B. latin
C. japanese
D. korean
Answer» C. japanese

According to principle of Kaizen, people is the most important __________.

A. factor
B. feature
C. asset
D. team
Answer» C. asset

“J.I.T”, stands for Just-in _____________.

A. time
B. term
C. test
D. today
Answer» A. time

___________ is a small group of employees, who work in same work area , who voluntarily meet, to analyze and resolve work related problems.

A. j.i.t
B. quality- circle
C. quality-group
D. quality- team
Answer» B. quality- circle

__________ is one of the benefit of Quality-Circle.

A. better profits
B. management support
C. time-required
D. better communication
Answer» D. better communication

__________ , is a management approach for long term success, through customer satisfaction.

A. t.q.m
B. iso 9001
C. six-sigma
D. quality-circle
Answer» A. t.q.m

“ISO 9000”, is a set of ________ worldwide standards, that establish requirements for management of quality.

A. 4 (four)
B. 5 (five)
C. 6 (six)
D. 7 (seven)
Answer» B. 5 (five)

To facilitate, international trade of Goods & Services is the objective of ________________.

A. j.i.t
B. tqm
C. quality circle
D. iso 9000
Answer» D. iso 9000

Production System, is a complete step-wise, process because a proper _________ is followed in production management.

A. sequence
B. quality
C. rules
D. discipline
Answer» A. sequence

___________ manager is responsible for producing the required quantity of product, on time to meet the stipulated delivery date.

A. dispatch manager
B. hr manager
C. purchase manager
D. production manager
Answer» D. production manager

“Batch-production”, occurs when many _______ items, are produced together.

A. different
B. similar
C. varied
D. specified
Answer» B. similar

Production is the process by which raw materials and other inputs are converted in to ______________.

A. finished product.
B. services.
C. satisfaction.
D. loyalty.
Answer» A. finished product.

Inputs in a production system includes____________.

A. organization, output.
B. process, procedure.
C. system, supply .
D. men, materials.
Answer» D. men, materials.

For a production manager, the product is________________

A. optimal blend of uses.
B. optimal blend of services.
C. combination of surfaces.
D. combination of properties.
Answer» C. combination of surfaces.

Planning and controlling the quality of products and services is a ________ type of decision.

A. control.
B. operating.
C. strategic.
D. organisation.
Answer» A. control.

The competitive advantage in the production function can be achieved through _________.

A. high wastages.
B. more cost.
C. higher quality.
D. lowest quantity.
Answer» C. higher quality.

The function of _______________ involves the decision when, what,how, and why to produce goods.

A. production planning.
B. production control.
C. method analysis.
D. quality control.
Answer» A. production planning.

More textile mills in Coimbatore is mainly due to _________.

A. no other industry can be setup in this area.
B. regulation by govt.
C. climate.
D. power supply.
Answer» C. climate.

The advantage of locating a plant in urban (city) side is __________. A. cheap

A. ailability of land.
B. disposal of waste is easy.
C. cost of operation is low.
D. large markets for finished products.
Answer» D. large markets for finished products.

Unavailability of skilled labour is a big problem if we locate our factory in _____________.

A. road.
B. rural.
C. city.
D. foreign.
Answer» B. rural.

_____________ refers to the arrangement of machinery, equipment and other industrial facilities.

A. plant lining.
B. plant location.
C. facility location.
D. plant layout.
Answer» D. plant layout.

The objective of good layout is to _____.

A. reduce production.
B. reduce wastages.
C. reduce productivity.
D. reduce labour.
Answer» B. reduce wastages.

Every foot of available space should be used effectively is a principle of _________.

A. sequence.
B. safety.
C. flexibility.
D. usage.
Answer» D. usage.

__________ type of layout is also called as functional layout.

A. process.
B. product.
C. line.
D. matrix.
Answer» A. process.

Grouping together of like machines in one department is in _______ layout.

A. product.
B. process.
C. group.
D. parallel.
Answer» B. process.

Product layout is also called as ________ layout.

A. line
B. cellular.
C. process.
D. functional.
Answer» A. line

In _________ type of layout machineries are arranged according to the sequence of operations.

A. process.
B. group.
C. matrix.
D. line.
Answer» D. line.

______________ type of layout are suitable for non repetitive or standard types of production .

A. process.
B. product
C. group.
D. matrix.
Answer» A. process.

________ type of layout is a combination of functional layout and line layout.

A. cellular.
B. group.
C. product.
D. process.
Answer» B. group.

Ship Building and Aircraft manufacturing is an example of ________ type of layout .

A. combined.
B. matrix.
C. fixed.
D. group.
Answer» C. fixed.

In ________ layout machines are grouped in to cells and the cells function somewhat like a product layout in larger shop or process layout.

A. functional.
B. fixed.
C. matrix.
D. cellular.
Answer» D. cellular.

Which of the following is not a computerized technique for layout planning?

A. cad.
B. aldep.
C. craft .
D. corelap.
Answer» A. cad.

Product layout is suitable for _________ type of production.

A. small.
B. mass.
C. less.
D. medium.
Answer» B. mass.

The main components of production system include which of the following?

A. men, material.
B. services, satisfaction.
C. input, process, output.
D. process, service.
Answer» C. input, process, output.

The products are produced for stock purpose in _____________.

A. continuous production system.
B. assembly production system.
C. intermittent production system.
D. analytic production system.
Answer» A. continuous production system.

Operations management is applicable ________________.

A. mostly to the service sector .
B. to services exclusively .
C. mostly to the manufacturing sector .
D. to manufacturing and service sectors .
Answer» D. to manufacturing and service sectors .

The vendor rating is the process of rating the ______.

A. suppliers .
B. buyers.
C. manufacturers.
D. sellers.
Answer» A. suppliers .

Henry Ford is noted for his contributions to ____________________.

A. standardization of parts
B. statistical quality control
C. assembly line operations
D. scientific management
Answer» C. assembly line operations

Which of the following method is used for recording path of movement during method study?

A. chronocyclographs.
B. simo chart.
C. two handed process chart.
D. therblig.
Answer» A. chronocyclographs.

All of the following decisions fall within the scope of operations management except for ______________________.

A. financial analysis
B. design of products and processes
C. location of facilities
D. quality management
Answer» A. financial analysis

Budgeting, paying the bills, and collection of funds are activities associated with the ______________.

A. management function
B. control function
C. finance/accounting function
D. production/operations function
Answer» C. finance/accounting function

Which of the following would not be an operations function in a fast-food restaurant?

A. making hamburgers and fries.
B. advertising and promotion.
C. maintaining equipment.
D. designing the layout of the facility.
Answer» B. advertising and promotion.

Current trends in operations management include all of the following except ______________.

A. just-in-time performance.
B. rapid product development.
C. mass customization.
D. mass production.
Answer» D. mass production.

Typical differences between goods and services do not include _____________.

A. cost per unit.
B. ability to inventory items.
C. timing of production and consumption.
D. customer interaction.
Answer» A. cost per unit.

In a __________ Layout all machines or process of the same type are grouped together.

A. fixed position.
B. factory.
C. process.
D. product.
Answer» C. process.

Which of the following services is not unique, i.e., customized to a particular individual's needs?

A. hairdressing.
B. elementary education.
C. legal services.
D. dental care.
Answer» B. elementary education.

Which of the following is not a typical service attribute?

A. intangible product.
B. easy to store.
C. customer interaction is high.
D. simultaneous production and consumption.
Answer» B. easy to store.

Productivity can be improved by __________.

A. increasing inputs while holding outputs steady.
B. decreasing outputs while holding inputs steady.
C. increasing inputs and outputs in the same proportion.
D. decreasing inputs while holding outputs steady.
Answer» D. decreasing inputs while holding outputs steady.

In intermittent manufacturing system the goods are produced for __________.

A. storing.
B. processing.
C. order.
D. own consumption.
Answer» C. order.

___________ may be defined as the ratio between output and input.

A. production.
B. productivity.
C. batch production.
D. job production.
Answer» B. productivity.

Which of the following is a production planning technique?

A. dispatching.
B. loading.
C. inspection.
D. expediting.
Answer» B. loading.

The process of deciding the path on which material move from start to finish is known as_______.

A. scheduling.
B. routing.
C. dispatching.
D. sequencing.
Answer» B. routing.

Production planning and control starts with ________.

A. routing.
B. estimating.
C. scheduling.
D. expediting.
Answer» B. estimating.

________ function of production planning and control determines the starting time and finishing time for each operation.

A. routing.
B. loading.
C. scheduling.
D. controlling.
Answer» B. loading.

________________ ensures that, the work is carried out as per the plan and delivery schedules are met.

A. expediting.
B. dispatching.
C. evaluating.
D. loading.
Answer» A. expediting.

Which of the following is defined as a set of activities which help to keep plant, machinery and other facilities in good working condition?

A. management.
B. maintenance.
C. materials.
D. mechanic.
Answer» B. maintenance.

The primary function of plant maintenance does not which of the following_______.

A. maintenance of existing plant and equipments.
B. alterations to existing equipments and buildings.
C. selling of old machineries.
D. equipment inspection and lubrication.
Answer» C. selling of old machineries.

Building construction and maintenance, maintaining service facilities such as
water, gas, steam, compressed air, heating and ventilating, air conditioning, painting,
plumbing and carpentry work includes _______________ type of maintenance.

A. electric maintenance.
B. civil maintenance.
C. corrective maintenance.
D. preventive maintenance.
Answer» B. civil maintenance.

_____________ function of production planning and control decides the quantity of output to be produced and the cost involved in it on the basis of sales forecast.

A. expediting.
B. loading.
C. estimating.
D. scheduling.
Answer» C. estimating.

VED analysis of inventory management stands for_________

A. vital-essential-desirable
B. valuable-easy-difficult
C. very-essentially-desired
D. valuable-effective-difficult to obtain
Answer» A. vital-essential-desirable

_____________ is one of the functions of materials management.

A. selling finished goods.
B. collection of bad debts.
C. receiving and warehousing.
D. managing cash flows.
Answer» C. receiving and warehousing.

______________ material handling device is used to move the material of different sizes and weights.

A. industrial trucks.
B. trolley.
C. crawlers.
D. cranes.
Answer» D. cranes.

The material handling device which moves materials between two fixed points is _____________.

A. conveyors.
B. cranes.
C. hoists.
D. trucks.
Answer» A. conveyors.

The manager of inventory would most likely be found in the __________.

A. finance function.
B. marketing function.
C. manufacturing function.
D. information system function.
Answer» C. manufacturing function.

The 4Ms does not include___________.

A. men.
B. material.
C. message.
D. machinery.
Answer» C. message.

___________ study is concerned with the determination of the amount of time required to perform a unit of work.

A. method.
B. motion.
C. work.
D. time.
Answer» D. time.

THERBLIGS was coined by _____________.

A. taylor.
B. gilberth.
C. henry ford.
D. adam smith.
Answer» B. gilberth.

_________ records graphically or diagrammatically, in sequence the movements connected with a process.

A. process chart.
B. route chart.
C. flow chart.
D. handling chart.
Answer» A. process chart.
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