90+ Tourism Poduct and Promotion Solved MCQs


The UN specialised agency that catalogues and conserves sites of outstanding cultural and natural heritage importance is____________

A. unicef
B. unesco
C. undp
D. intach
Answer» B. unesco

Find the correct statement:

A. culture is heritage of nature
B. nature is not the heritage of culture
C. the way of life of the inhabitants is not influenced by nature or natural heritage
D. the food production and food habits of the people are largely influenced by the natural heritage
Answer» B. nature is not the heritage of culture

Mahatma Gandhi founded and lived at an Ashram on the bank of river Sabarmati near the city of Ahmedabad when he was not travelling across India or in prison. It was known as:

A. sabarmati ashram
B. swaraj ashram
C. harijan ashram
D. satyagraha ashram
Answer» A. sabarmati ashram

It was established as ‘Hailey National Park’ in 1936 and was first renamed as ‘Ramganga’ in the mid-1950s, before the name was changed to another name in honor of a hunter and naturalist. Identify the current name.

A. manas national park
B. nagarhole national park
C. jim corbett national park
D. govind pashu vihar national park
Answer» C. jim corbett national park

Akbar built the Buland Darwaza in the memory of:

A. his grand father babur
B. khwaja moinudeen chisti
C. shaik salim chisti
D. victory of gujarat
Answer» D. victory of gujarat

Guruprab is one of the most important festivals of Sikh community, and celebrated in Nankanasaheb, the birth place of:

A. guru arjun singh
B. guru tej bahadur
C. gurugovind singh
D. guru nanak
Answer» D. guru nanak

Which one of the following is an example of Historic Resource?

A. aurora borealis
B. coral reef
C. wildlife sanctuary
D. harappan civilization
Answer» D. harappan civilization

For which festival Mysore is famous for:

A. kumb mela
B. holi
C. dussera
D. navratri
Answer» C. dussera

Haridwar is the best place for undertaking:

A. farm tourism
B. eco tourism
C. historical tourism
D. spiritual tourism
Answer» D. spiritual tourism

“Incredible India” campaign was launched in the year

A. 2005
B. 2003
C. 2002
D. 2001
Answer» C. 2002

Identify the art form which requires a special canvas made of fine gauze-like cloth which is fortified with tamarind paste, chalk powder and gum. After drying the canvas most intricate designs are drawn and coloured with natural dyes.

A. warli painting
B. patta chitra
C. kalam
D. madhubani painting
Answer» B. patta chitra

Kashmiri cuisine includes: i. Rogan Josh ii. Yakhni Lamb Curry iii. Aab Gosh iv. Sheermal

A. i and ii only
B. i, ii, iii only
C. none of the above
D. all the above
Answer» D. all the above

The customer pages of a company on “Facebook” is an example of

A. viral marketing
B. social media marketing
C. network marketing
D. referral marketing
Answer» D. referral marketing

The boats with knots are constructed by using ‘Anjili’ wood. Traditionally these boats were used for transportation of merchandise. Which of the following is referred to in this statement ?

A. gondola
B. shikara
C. kettuvallam
D. raft
Answer» C. kettuvallam

The home-stay scheme for tourists was first introduced by:

A. kerala government
B. jammu and kashmir government
C. gujarat government
D. north-east tourism authority
Answer» A. kerala government

How many are listed in UNESCO World Heritage Sites from India?

A. 33
B. 35
C. 37
D. 38
Answer» D. 38

Bibi Ka Maqbara is constructed by the Mughal ruler Aurangzeb as a memorial to his first wife Rabia-Ul-Daurani aka Dilras Banu Begum in 1660. The tomb is located in_______

A. agra
B. delhi
C. aurangabad
D. kabul
Answer» D. kabul

‘Soul of Incredible India’ is a promotional tagline of which state of India?

A. haryana
B. madhya pradesh
C. odissa
D. uttar pradesh
Answer» C. odissa

Identify the type of tourism has been promoted in Kumbalangi, Kochi in the following:

A. adventure tourism
B. amusement park
C. beach tourism
D. rural tourism
Answer» D. rural tourism

Which one of the following is not a function of advertising?

A. persuading customer
B. informing customer
C. reminding the customer for a repeat purchase
D. understanding the buying capacity of customer
Answer» B. informing customer

Splash, a joint venture by Kerala Tourism, Government of Kerala and the Wayanad Tourism Organisation, is a biannual calendar event held in July to showcase the numerous tourist attractions and activities in Wayanad district. The primary objective of the event is to attract tourists during ___________

A. summer vacation
B. monsoon season
C. onam season
D. christmas-new year season
Answer» B. monsoon season

The International Day of Yoga has been celebrated annually on_______ following its inception in the United Nations General Assembly in 2014.

A. 22 july
B. 21 june
C. 22 september
D. 21 september
Answer» B. 21 june

Khantumm Bamboo Dance is the dance form of which state of India?

A. manipur
B. nagaland
C. mizoram
D. sikkim
Answer» C. mizoram

Which among the following is a martial dance?

A. kathakali
B. bamboo dance in meghalaya
C. chhau of mayurbhanj
D. bhangra of punjab
Answer» C. chhau of mayurbhanj

Which among the following is not belongs to handicrafts of Tamil Nadu?

A. kanchipuram sarees
B. pattamadai mats
C. kalamkari paintings
D. chola bronzes of swami hills
Answer» C. kalamkari paintings

Which of the following is signature art form of tribal community of Gujarat?

A. chamba handkerchief
B. banni and heer bharat
C. kutch and kathiawar embroidery
D. bagh kashidakari
Answer» C. kutch and kathiawar embroidery

Where is the Mousoleum of Emperor Akbar located?

A. agra
B. fatehpur sikri
C. sikandra
D. jaipur
Answer» C. sikandra

The famous Meenakshi Temple is situated in ___________

A. chidambaram
B. madurai
C. coimbatore
D. chennai
Answer» B. madurai

Where is Gandhi Memorial Museum present?

A. gandhi nagar, gujarat
B. champaran, bihar
C. madurai, tamil nadu
D. ahmedabad, gujarat
Answer» C. madurai, tamil nadu

Find the incorrect pair.

A. prince of wales of museum – mumbai
B. kerala soil museum – thiruvananthapuram
C. sardar vallabhbhai patel police museum – kollam
D. gass forest museum – bhubaneswar
Answer» D. gass forest museum – bhubaneswar

Which of the following is/are the example of cave paintings?

A. ajanta caves
B. armamalai cave
C. badami cave temple
D. all the above
Answer» D. all the above

Find the correct statement from the below: i. Push factors are defined as internal motives or forces that cause tourists to seek activities to fulfill their needs. ii. Pull factors are destination generated forces and the knowledge that tourists hold about a destination. iii. Pull factors are intrinsic motivators. iv. Push factors are extrinsic motivators.

A. only iv is correct
B. only i and ii are correct
C. only iii and iv are correct
D. all statements are correct
Answer» B. only i and ii are correct

The ‘Buxa Bird Festival’, the famous bird festival is held in which state?

A. odissa
B. west bengal
C. meghalaya
D. assam
Answer» B. west bengal

The Desert Festival, an annual event in Rajasthan that displays local folk arts and culture, aerobatics, camel races, is held at__________

A. jodhpur
B. jaisalmer
C. barmer
D. bikaner
Answer» B. jaisalmer

With which of the following festivals is Jallikattu associated?

A. holi
B. pongal
C. vishu
D. shivaratri
Answer» B. pongal

Hornbill Festival is celebrated in which state of India?

A. manipur
B. meghalaya
C. nagaland
D. mizoram
Answer» C. nagaland

Which one of the following statement is correct?

A. buddha attained mahaparinirvana at sarnath
B. buddha was born in kusinagara
C. buddha attainted enlightment in bodhgaya
D. buddha delivered his first sermon in lumbinivana
Answer» C. buddha attainted enlightment in bodhgaya

Padmanabhapuram Palace in Kanyakumari is maintained and controlled by______

A. kerala government
B. tamil nadu government
C. andhra government
D. delhi government
Answer» A. kerala government

Rani-ki Vav, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, one of the finest example of Step Well at Patan. Which is belongs to which state of India?

A. gujarat
B. uttar pradesh
C. rajasthan
D. maharashtra
Answer» A. gujarat

Which is the largest library in India by volume and public record?

A. the national library of india, kolkata
B. delhi public library, new delhi
C. krishnadas shama central library, goa
D. state central library, thiruvananthapuram, kerala
Answer» A. the national library of india, kolkata

Veer Bhumi in New Delhi is the crematorium of___________

A. indira gandhi
B. rajiv gandhi
C. lal bhadur shastri
D. morarji desai
Answer» B. rajiv gandhi

Which of the following folk dances is associated with Jammu and Kashmir?

A. jhora
B. veedhi
C. rauf
D. suisini
Answer» C. rauf

Which among the following is a wind instrument?

A. sitar
B. shehnai
C. pakhawaj
D. mridangam
Answer» B. shehnai

The Hyderabadi cuisine is a blend of which of the following cuisines?

A. assamese, persian and lucknowi
B. aryan, vedic and mughlai
C. mughlai, lucknowi and persian
D. mughlai, aryan and persian
Answer» C. mughlai, lucknowi and persian

Which among the following is not a folk dance of Rajasthan?

A. ghumar
B. leela
C. ghapal
D. koli
Answer» D. koli

Which one of the following is a pact of adventure tourism?

A. swimming
B. bowling
C. bungee jumping
D. chess
Answer» C. bungee jumping

Recreation is a

A. product
B. service
C. privilege of a tour operator
D. privilege of a tour guide
Answer» B. service

Scuba diving can be associated with

A. farm tourism
B. eco tourism
C. adventure tourism
D. green tourism
Answer» C. adventure tourism

Which one of the following is a travel motivator

A. booking an order
B. bomb blasts in bali
C. imposition of heavy excise duty on gold import
D. none of these
Answer» A. booking an order

If you are moving in a sanctuary and learning more about migratory birds, you are , in all probability, a/an

A. tourist
B. explore
C. eco‐tourist
D. researcher
Answer» C. eco‐tourist

------------ Tourism involves people travel within the country

A. domestic tourism
B. international tourism
C. inbound tourism
D. outbound tourism
Answer» A. domestic tourism

Thomas Cook is famous for:

A. having achieved the first solo transatlantic flight
B. having organized the first package tour
C. having organized the first luxury cruise
D. having founded the holiday inn hotel chain
Answer» B. having organized the first package tour

Which of the following is not a component of tourism product?

A. attractive
B. accessibility
C. amenities
D. attitude
Answer» D. attitude

___________is a key tourism asset

A. culture
B. packages
C. trekking
D. hotels
Answer» A. culture

________ in tourism is defined as all those means that can be beneficially utilized for the purpose of tourism in a given area.

A. people
B. resources
C. transport
D. homes
Answer» B. resources

Destinations that have long insolation periods and few cloudy days are suitable for _______ tourism.

A. summer
B. winter
C. autmn
D. spring
Answer» B. winter

______________ resources are generally associated with aesthetics and creativity.

A. ethnographic
B. artistic
C. heritage
D. natural
Answer» B. artistic

______________ can serve as an effective instrument in integrating this world into a “SINGLE UNIVERSE ".

A. tourism
B. packages
C. heritage
D. products
Answer» A. tourism

Peters has drawn up an inventory of the various attractions which are significant in tourism. Which among the following is an odd one?

A. culture
B. scenic
C. tradition
D. travel
Answer» D. travel

__________ auditing provide the tourism firms with a tool to assess their environmental performance.

A. cultural
B. employee
C. environmental
D. financial
Answer» C. environmental

A _____________ is a unique place where a visitor spends at least one night and exhibit tourism products such as attractions, support services, and tourism resources complete with defined management, physical and administrative boundaries, and a well-known image.

A. destination
B. home stay
C. travel
D. hotel
Answer» A. destination

The ____________ of a destination is the main factor in getting the tourist to visit and spend time at a given destination.

A. attractiveness
B. food
C. trekking
D. culture
Answer» A. attractiveness

A ___________is the sum of the physical and psychological experience got by tourist during their traveling to the destination.

A. tourism
B. tourism product
C. tourism culture
D. tourism audit
Answer» B. tourism product

Tourism is an ___________ product.

A. ideological
B. intangible
C. illustrative
D. indifferent
Answer» B. intangible

Organized mass tourists are highly dependent on______________.

A. trekking
B. togetherness
C. environmental bubble
D. travel
Answer» C. environmental bubble

Educated tourists who like to try new experiences are known as ________________.

A. adventurer
B. worriers
C. dreamers
D. indulgers
Answer» A. adventurer

___________________ perceive that travel does not add any value to their lives. They are always engage in travel thinking and see no worth in paying extra for special amenities.

A. economizer
B. worriers
C. tourists
D. indulgers
Answer» A. economizer

__________________ do something beyond norms. They always want to be away from tourist crowds.

A. elite tourists
B. off beat tourists
C. unusual tourists
D. explorer
Answer» B. off beat tourists

___________ is a broad term that covers all tourism experiences centered on wild or natural environments.

A. nature-based tourism
B. adventure tourism
C. eco tourism
D. responsible tourism
Answer» A. nature-based tourism

_______________ is a type of tourism activity which takes place in a defined and limited geographical space such as hills or mountains with distinctive characteristics and attributes that are inherent to a specific landscape, topography, climate, biodiversity (flora and fauna) and local community.

A. eco tourism
B. mountain tourism
C. scuba diving
D. rural tourism
Answer» B. mountain tourism

International tourist is a _________ migrant to another country.

A. temporary
B. permanent
C. domestic
D. regional
Answer» A. temporary

A tourist generating country is a _________ for tourism.

A. destination
B. market
C. spot
D. region
Answer» A. destination

Platforms of sandy and coral beaches close to the sea, sheltered from high waves and tidal currents, help to develop ______________.

A. responsible tourism
B. beach tourism
C. sea tourism
D. eco tourism
Answer» B. beach tourism

India is a _______________destination because of a much longer time for outdoor activities during the year.

A. prized tourist
B. himalayan
C. hill
D. mountain
Answer» A. prized tourist

India’s inadequate development of __________ has slowed down the development of tourism.

A. transportation
B. infrastructure
C. communication
D. technology
Answer» B. infrastructure

______________ refers to the observation and interaction with local animal and plant life in their natural habitats.

A. wildlife tourism
B. responsible tourism
C. wellness tourism
D. himalayan tourism
Answer» A. wildlife tourism

The Kaziranga wild life sanctuary is located at

A. assam
B. odisha
C. west bengal
D. madhya pradesh
Answer» A. assam

The Gir National Park and wild life sanctuary is located at

A. madhya pradesh
B. gujarat
C. rajasthan
D. uttar pradesh
Answer» B. gujarat

The Manas wild life sanctuary is located at

A. west bengal
B. odisha
C. assam
D. jharkhand
Answer» C. assam

The Periyar National Park and wild life sanctuary is located at

A. tamil nadu
B. karnataka
C. andhra pradesh
D. kerala
Answer» D. kerala

The Chilka Bird Sanctuary is located at

A. assam
B. odisha
C. west bengal
D. bihar
Answer» B. odisha

The Indian Wild Ass Sanctuary is located at

A. kerala
B. gujarat
C. andhra pradesh
D. karnataka
Answer» B. gujarat

Which of the following is not in Rajasthan?

A. bharatpur bird sanctuary
B. sariska wildlife sanctuary
C. ranthambore national park and wildlife sanctuary
D. govind wildlife sanctuary
Answer» D. govind wildlife sanctuary

When was the Indian Board for Wildlife constituted?

A. 1952
B. 1950
C. 1949
D. 1948
Answer» A. 1952

Mount Harriett National Park

A. himachal pradesh
B. andaman & nicobar islands
C. assam
D. mizoram
Answer» B. andaman & nicobar islands

Wayanad Wild Life Sanctuary

A. kerala
B. assam
C. andaman & nicobar islands
D. daman & diu
Answer» A. kerala

Valmiki National Park is located in which area

A. bihar
B. goa
C. odisha
D. ahmedabad
Answer» A. bihar

Bandipur Tiger Reserve and National Park is located in ____________.

A. bihar
B. karnataka
C. kerala
D. tamil nadu
Answer» B. karnataka

Jim Corbett National Park is located in which place.

A. uttarakhand
B. himachal pradesh
C. uttar pradesh
D. chhattisgarh
Answer» A. uttarakhand

Dampa Tiger Reserve is located in

A. karnataka
B. tamil nadu
C. mizoram
D. sikkim
Answer» C. mizoram

Which is the first Wildlife sanctuary in India?

A. jim corbett national park
B. chapramari wildlife sanctuary
C. dampa tiger reserve
D. melghat wildlife sanctuary
Answer» A. jim corbett national park

Which is the smallest National Park of India?

A. south button island national park
B. pench national park
C. mahavir harina vanasthali national park
D. nanda devi national park
Answer» A. south button island national park
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