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1. Which country is known as the “Cockpit of Europe”?

a. Belgium

B. Switzerland

c. Netherlands

d. Luxembourg

2. Which of the following is the largest museum?

a. The Louvre

B. The National Museum, New York

c. The London Museum

d. The Vatican Museum

3. In which of the following countries long staple type of cotton is mainly grown?

a. India

B. Egypt

c. Greece

d. China

4. The part of Equatorial region which has well developed rubber plantations is -

a. Amazon basin

B. Indonesia

c. Malaysia

d. Zaire basin

5. The largest producer of coffee in the world is -

a. Brazil

B. Sri Lanka

c. India

d. Myanmar

6. Which of the following countries has highest percentage of land under cultivation?

a. U.S.A.

B. India

c. China

d. Canada

7. The largest producer of wool in the world is -

a. Australia

B. China

c. Argentina

d. New Zealand

8. The Daocheng Yading Airport is located in -

a. Thailand

B. Philippines

c. China

d. Tibet

9. ‘Dykes’ are especially constructed in -

a. Norway

B. Holland

c. France

d. United Kingdom

10. Colorado in U.S.A. is famous for this landform             .

a. Grand Canyon

B. Grand Crators

c. Great Valleys

d. Great Basins

11. Which of the following volcanoes is situated in Mexico?

a. Colima

B. Purace

c. Semeru

d. Etna

12. The Melanesian Island Group lies in the -

a. Pacific Ocean

B. Atlantic Ocean

c. Indian Ocean

d. Arctic Ocean

13. The Strait of Gibraltar provides entry into the -

a. Indian Ocean

B. Red Sea

c. Mediterranean Sea

d. Atlantic Ocean

14. The Chinese river known as yellow river is -

a. Hwang-Ho

B. Sikiang

c. Yangtse-Kiang

d. Mekong

15. The Strait that connects Red Sea and Mediterranean Sea is -

a. Panama Strait

B. Suez Strait

c. Palk Strait

d. Bering Strait

16. The world’s largest island is -

a. New Guinea

B. Madagascar

c. Greenland

d. Iceland

17. Which is the hottest place on Earth?

a. Death Valley - California

B. El Azizia - Libya

c. Jacobabad - Pakistan

d. Atacama - Peru

18. The cyclone that brought devastation in Bangladesh was named as -

a. Shary

B. Sidr

c. Wendy

d. Erin

19. Which of the following cities is the capital of the desert country Mali?

a. Damascus

B. Bamako

c. Adra

d. Ankara

20. Which of the following country has the longest overland tunnel?

a. Germany

B. Switzerland

c. Spain

d. France

21. Which one of the following cities of Iraq is located on Tigris river?

a. Baghdad

B. Mousul

c. Kirkuk

d. Basra

22. Which of the following is the Third largest country in population after China and India?

a. Bangladesh

B. United States of America

c. Indonesia

d. Japan

23. The biggest reserves of Thorium are in

a. China


c. India

d. France

24. One of the leading producers of asbestos in the world is -

a. Australia

B. Russia

c. Canada

d. Armenia

25. Which one of the following is not a line of demarcation between two countries?

a. International Date Line

B. MacMahon Line

c. Radcliffe Line

d. Durand Line


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