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1. Rankine cycle efficiency of a good Steam

a. 15 to 20%

B. 35 to 45%

c. 70 to 80%

d. 90 to 95%

2. A simple Rankine cycle operates the Boiler at 3 MPa with an outlet temperature of 350°C and the Condenser at 50 kPa. Assuming ideal operation and processes, what is the thermal efficiency of this cycle?

a. 7.7

B. 17.7

c. 27.7

d. 37.7

3. On what basis are fire and water tube boilers are classified?

a. depending the combustion products formed

B. depending the state of fuel

c. depending on the steam formation rate

d. depending tubular heating surface

4. Cornish boiler is an example of which type of boiler?

a. fire tube boiler

B. water tube boiler

c. vertical tube boiler

d. externally fired boiler

5. Stirling boiler is an example of which type of boiler?

a. inclined tube boilers

B. mobile boiler

c. fire tube boiler

d. water tube boiler

6. Which of these is a stationary boiler?

a. locomotive boiler

B. marine boiler

c. mobile boiler

d. babcock-wilcox boiler

7. Which of these is a mobile boiler?

a. lancashire boiler

B. stirling boiler

c. locomotive boiler

d. cochran boiler

8. Are boilers defined on the basis of heat source.

a. yes

B. no

9. What is the steam pressure limit of natural circulation boilers?

a. 650bar

B. 180bar

c. 400bar

d. 550bar

10. Which of the given boilers operate above critical pressure?

a. natural circulation boilers

B. forced circulation boilers

c. once-through boilers

d. water tube boilers

11. Which type of boilers are called drum-less boilers?

a. natural circulation boilers

B. fire tube boilers

c. positive forced circulation boiler

d. forced circulation boiler

12. Chances of sediments depositing inside the water tubes in the shell is less due to?

a. low working pressure

B. natural circulation of water

c. partial circulation of water

d. high working pressure

13. Out of the given option choose the advantage that supports fire tube boilers?

a. water circulation is cyclic

B. used as a mobile boiler

c. water circulation is limited inside boiler shell

d. bursting of flue tube does not cause any explosion

14. Apart from feedheating, what should a plant have to obtain a gain in thermal efficiency?

a. lubrication

B. differential heating

c. reheating cycles

d. regenerative cycles

15. Which of the following needs to be incorporated to prevent the low pressure turbine exhaust wetness from being excessive?

a. double regeneration

B. double carnotization

c. double reheat

d. double cooling

16. What is the critical point of steam generation in a “once through” boiler?

a. 221.5 bar

B. 221.4 bar

c. 221.3 bar

d. 221.2 bar

17. In a typical layout of a 215MW reheat power plant, the feed in the boiler is at?

a. 280 degree centigrade

B. 230 degree centigrade

c. 238 degree centigrade

d. 250 degree centigrade

18. The input to the low pressure feedwater heater is from?

a. drain heater

B. drain cooler

c. drain pipe

d. none of the mentioned

19. The best capable alternative source which can meet the future energy demand is

a. thermal power plant

B. nuclear power plant

c. hydroelectric power plant

d. geothermal power plant

20. How much coal is required to generate energy equivalent to the energy generated by 1 kg of uranium?

a. 30000 tonnes of high grade coal

B. 300 tonnes of high grade coal

c. 10000 tonnes of high grade coal

d. 3000 tonnes of high grade coal

21. Nuclear fuel in reactor lasts for

a. more than 5 months

B. few weeks

c. few days

d. more than 5 years

22. Cost of nuclear fuel in nuclear power plant economics is considered as  

a. running cost

B. maintenance cost

c. capital cost

d. development cost

23. Which of the following are not taken as operation and maintenance cost in economics of nuclear power plant?

a. taxes and insurance

B. salaries and wages of staff

c. cost of waste disposal

d. cost of processing materials

24. What is the overall efficiency of nuclear power plant?

a. 20 to 25%

B. 25 to 30%

c. 30 to 40 %

d. 50 to 70 %

25. The land area required for installation of nuclear power plant is  

a. more than thermal power plant

B. less than thermal power plant

c. equel to thermal power plant

d. depends on type of construction


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