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1. Which one of these would NOT be found in a good Human Computer Interaction?

a. common short cuts, like ctrl+z for undo

B. icons that can have specific meanings

c. a long command line to achieve a function

d. sounds that convey meanings

2. Conventional wisdom says that tell the user when he has made some mistake.How do you identify the user in the usability engineering lifecycle?

a. program crash

B. system stuck

c. error messages

d. metadata

3. In a heuristic evaluation ……………………

a. a group of usability expert judges an interface with a detailed checklist of guidelines

B. a group of test users conducts a formal experiment

c. a group of psychologists administers a questionnaire

d. a group of usability experts reviews a user interface according to a small set of general principles

4. The primary interactive method of communication used by human is …….

a. reading

B. writing

c. speaking

d. listening

5. Identify from among the following the attribute of usability.

a. learnability

B. usefulness

c. generalizability

d. subjective satisfaction

6. Unlike traditional observation, guided observation ………………..

a. set a strict guidelines for session activities

B. reduces error introduced by the experimenter

c. sets strict guidelines for session length

d. includes some interaction with participants

7. A persona in the context of goa- oriented interaction design ………..

a. is used to role-play through an interface design

B. is a real person

c. represents a particular type of user

d. should represent an average user

8. Which of the following fields is not an influence on Human Computer Interaction (HCI)?

a. ergonomics

B. cognitive psychology

c. computer science

d. all of the above are an influence on hci

9. The name of the document should be shown on the application’s ………………

a. menu bar

B. title bar

c. tool bar

d. status bar

10. is the best example for design.

a. view

B. model

c. analyzing

d. none

11. What is the benefit of good design

a. positive effect or performance

B. success

c. both a & b

d. none

12. Study of how computer works together and to satisfy for accurate results is known as

a. good design

B. hci

c. bad design

d. all the above

13. &

a. pointing & selecting

B. selecting & executing

c. pointing & editing

d. none of these

14. When users are involved in complex tasks, the demand on                       can be significant.

a. short-term memory

B. shortcuts

c. objects that appear on the screen

d. all of the mentioned

15. Which of the following option is not considered by the Interface design?

a. the design of interfaces between software components

B. interfaces betweenthe software and human producers and consumers of information

c. the design of the interface between two computers

d. all of the mentioned

16. What incorporates data, architectural, interface, and procedural representations of the software?

a. design model

B. user’s model

c. mental image

d. system image

17. What establishes the profile of end-users of the system?

a. design model

B. user’s model

c. mental image

d. system image

18. The cognitive walkthrough mainly evaluates a product's?

a. utility

B. efficiency

c. likeability

d. learnability

19. Providing accelerators (e.g. keyboard shortcuts) mostly addresses?

a. efficiency

B. learnability

c. attitude

d. utility

20. A pluralistic walkthrough?

a. requires a fully functional prototype

B. is usually conducted at the end of the development process

c. is often conducted with low- fidelity designs

d. requires having several alternate designs

21. Which of the following is general term for the technology capable of creating a virtual world with intense reality using the computer?

a. vr

B. ir

c. ar

d. or

22. Which of the following corresponds to the computer interface technology that uses icon, etc?

a. cui

B. cai

c. gdi

d. gui

23. Which of the following is the appropriate term to represent the processing mode in which computer user exchange information with the computer by selecting the icons displayed on the screen, and entering commands using the keyboard, adding human judgment to the information processing?

a. time sharing processing

B. online transaction processing

c. batch processing

d. interactive processing

24. Which of the following does not include in Shneiderman's 8 golden rules?

a. support internal locus control

B. maintain the system frequently

c. permit easy reversal actions

d. offer informative feedback

25. How many main categories of principles to support usability?

a. 5

B. 4

c. 6

d. 3


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