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1. ------- generally refers to up-to-the-minute news and events that are reported immediately.

a. soft news

B. hard news

c. entertainment news

d. feature news

2. ------- is background information or human-interest stories.

a. Soft news

B. Facts

c. Entertainment

d. Hard news

3. One difference between hard and soft news is the ------- of presentation.

a. Timing

B. Method

c. Tone

d. Voice

4. Arts, entertainment and lifestyle stories are considered to be ------- in nature.

a. Entertaining

B. Emotional

c. Hard News

d. Soft News

5. ------- stories are human-interest articles that focus on particular people, places, events and issues.

a. Feature

B. crime

c. Travellogue

d. Court

6. ------- stories are journalistic, researched, descriptive, colorful, thoughtful, reflective, thorough writing about original ideas.

a. News

B. Feature

c. Magazine

d. Short

7. In ------- stories, the reporter makes the point, sets the tone, and frames the issue in the first paragraph or two.

a. Horror

B. Soft news

c. Comedy

d. Hard news

8. Feature stories aren't defined so much by subject matter as they are by the ------- in which they are written.

a. page

B. style

c. font

d. size

9. the ------- is an article about an individual.

a. travellogue

B. profile

c. trend story

d. spot

10. The objective of a ------- story is to create a true portrait of your profile subject.

a. spot

B. profile

c. trend

d. live-in

11. The ------- is just what it sounds like - a feature article that focuses on a topic of interest in the immediate news.

a. News feature

B. historical story

c. hard news

d. soft news

12. ------- are feature stories produced on deadline that focus on a breaking news event.

a. News features

B. Depth features

c. None of the above

d. Spot features

13. ------- stories take the pulse of the culture at the moment, looking at what's new, fresh and exciting in the world of art, fashion, film, music, high-technology etc.

a. Live-in

B. Trend

c. profile

d. spot

14. The ------- is an in-depth, often magazine-length article that paints a picture of a particular place and the people who work or live there.

a. Live-in

B. trend

c. spot

d. profile

15. In -------, you simply choose a topic and make a list of everything that comes to mind.

a. direct

B. indirect

c. demonstrative

d. brainstorming

16. Magazine articles have a ------- shelf life than newspaper articles.

a. same

B. different

c. Longer

d. shorter

17. ------- aims to please a geographically restricted audience, with a broad range of ages, interests, and socio-economic backgrounds.

a. Newspaper writing

B. Advertisement writing

c. Magazine writing

d. Radio scripting

18. ------- is directed towards a geographically diverse, but narrow target audience who has specific interests and demographic characteristics.

a. Advertisement writing

B. Newspaper writing

c. Magazine writing

d. Radio scripting

19. Newspaper feature writing is generally detached and -------.

a. lengthy

B. subjective

c. Objective

d. short

20. ------- writers have more freedom to display viewpoint, voice, tone, and style in their writing.

a. magazine

B. young

c. story

d. newspaper

21. One must always use the ------- voice while writing a headline.

a. high

B. low

c. active

d. passive

22. The role of the ------- paragraph is to grab the reader’s attention and persuade him or her to read more.

a. second

B. closing

c. middle

d. opening

23. ------- validate the writer's viewpoints.

a. Facts

B. Stories

c. Fiction

d. Statements

24. ------- help to maintain reader interest.

a. Figures

B. Anecdotes

c. Font type

d. Fiction

25. Relevant ------- adds authenticity to the information and opinions.

a. jargon

B. anecdotes

c. findings

d. voice


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