Chapter: Pathological issues in India

“A person is rich or poor according to the degree in which he can afford to enjoy the necessaries, the conveniences and the amusements of lie”. Who said this? -

A. Gillin and Gillin
B. Adam Smith
C. Goddard
D. G.R.Madan
Answer» B. Adam Smith

Absolute Poverty is often known as;

A. Subsistence Poverty
B. Relative Poverty
C. Rapid Poverty
D. Standard Poverty
Answer» A. Subsistence Poverty

What is the percentage of people living below poverty line in Mizoram according to 2011 census?

A. 20.40%
B. 17.35%
C. 30%
D. 33.74%
Answer» A. 20.40%

Which are the causes of poverty in India?

A. Individual incapacity
B. Economic Factor
C. Social Factor
D. All of the above
Answer» D. All of the above

In which year did the Government of India set up the Planning Commission and started the Five Year Plan?

A. 1951
B. 1960
C. 1950
D. 1955
Answer» C. 1950

The Five Year Plan mainly aimed at:

A. Attaining self reliance in agriculture production
B. Remove unemployment
C. Wiping out poverty
D. All of the above
Answer» D. All of the above

Concept of Absolute Poverty even includes:

A. Basic cultural needs
B. Social needs
C. Economic needs
D. Psychological needs
Answer» A. Basic cultural needs

The Indian Planning Commission defined ‘poverty line on the basis of nutritional requirements in rural areas per day of :

A. 2400 calories
B. 3000 calories
C. 2600 calories
D. 2800 calories
Answer» A. 2400 calories

The Indian Planning Commission defined ‘poverty line’ on the basis of nutritional requirement in urban areas per day of:

A. 1500 calories
B. 2000 calories
C. 2100 calories
D. 2400 calories
Answer» C. 2100 calories

Pradhan Mantri Gramdaya Yojana (PMGY) was launched in the year:

A. 1999
B. 2002
C. 2000
D. 2005
Answer» C. 2000

“Unemployment is a state of worklessness for a man fit and willing to work, that is, it is a condition of voluntary and not voluntary idleness”. Who said this?

A. C.B.Mamoria
B. D’Mello
C. Nava Gopal Das
D. Andre Betielle
Answer» A. C.B.Mamoria

Agricultural unemployment is caused by -

A. Seasonal nature of agricultural work
B. Decay of cottage industries
C. Sub- division of land holdings
D. All of the above
Answer» D. All of the above

Technological unemployment is caused mainly because of the introduction of :

A. Man power
B. Labour- saving machines
C. Skilled labour
D. Animal power
Answer» B. Labour- saving machines

Slow growth of industries, competition with foreign industries, unplanned industrialization, defective industrial policies, labour strikes or employer’s lockout etc cause

A. Technological unemployment
B. Cyclical unemployment
C. Educational unemployment
D. Industrial unemployment
Answer» D. Industrial unemployment

Which state has the lowest percentage of unemployment in India?

A. Bihar
B. Mizoram
C. Gujarat
D. Mumbai
Answer» C. Gujarat

What is the rate of female unemployment in India according to 2011 census?

A. 7%
B. 6.9 %
C. 8%
D. 11%
Answer» B. 6.9 %

Open employment is also called:

A. Structural employment
B. Voluntary employment
C. Disguised employment
D. Temporary employment
Answer» A. Structural employment

Job opportunities depend very much on:

A. Technological growth
B. Industrial growth
C. Social growth
D. Economic growth
Answer» D. Economic growth

In which year the Government of India adopted the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act?

A. 2005
B. 2004
C. 2007
D. 2010
Answer» A. 2005

Development of Industries includes:

A. Large- scale industries
B. Small- scale industries
C. Village and cottage industries
D. All of the above
Answer» D. All of the above

“The antagonism practiced by the members of one community against the people of other community and religion can be termed as Communalism”. Who said this?

A. Ram Ahuja
B. Bipin Chandra
C. Robert Nelson
D. Howard Wolpe
Answer» A. Ram Ahuja

The riots that take place due to clashes of communal interests of two or more communities are regarded as:

A. Communal riots
B. Violence
C. Communalism
D. Polarization
Answer» A. Communal riots

The main causes for the growth of communalism in India are:

A. Communal political parties
B. Media, literature etc
C. Divide and rule policy
D. All of the above
Answer» D. All of the above

Communalism riots pose a permanent threat to the:

A. Social harmony
B. Religious harmony
C. Economic harmony
D. Psychological harmony
Answer» B. Religious harmony

The remedial measures for communalism is:

A. Use of new strategies and plans
B. Supervision of media
C. Suppressing the extremists
D. All of the above
Answer» D. All of the above

Communal riots often reach new heights due to the support given by the:

A. Local leaders
B. Church leaders
C. Political leaders
D. None of the above
Answer» C. Political leaders

Communalism in India is the result of the emergence of modern politics which has its roots in the partition of Bengal in the year:

A. 1905
B. 1920
C. 1900
D. 1915
Answer» A. 1905

Who introduced communal electorate for the Muslims?

A. Akbar
B. Lord Minto
C. Aurangzeb
D. British
Answer» B. Lord Minto

It is observed that most of the communal riots take place on the occasions of:

A. Social festivals
B. Economic festivals
C. Religious festivals
D. None of the above
Answer» C. Religious festivals

“If I had a power and I could stop legislate, I should certainly stop all proselytizing. It is the cause of much avoidable conflict between classed and unnecessary heart- burning among missionaries”. Who said this?

A. Jawaharlal Nehru
B. Dr. B.R.Ambedkar
C. Narendra Modi
D. Mahatma Gandhi
Answer» D. Mahatma Gandhi

Corruption can be understood as the ‘misuse of authority as a result of consideration of personal gain which need not be monetary? Who said this:

A. D.H.Bailey
B. Andriski
C. Bhargana
D. Malhotra
Answer» A. D.H.Bailey

Corruption refers to:

A. Act of bribery
B. Abuse of political power
C. A departure from what is pure and correct
D. All of the above
Answer» D. All of the above

Corruption today refers to an irregular, illegal and immoral practice associated with our:

A. Social life
B. Economic Life
C. Public life
D. None of the above
Answer» C. Public life

According to Malhotra, corrupting behavior may be dubbed as:

A. Receiving reward on the part of public servant
B. Mis- appropriation of public property
C. Abuse or misuse of official position
D. All of the above
Answer» D. All of the above

The causes responsible for corruption according to C.B.Mamoria is:

A. Economic insecurity
B. High rate of income tax
C. The presence of black money
D. All of the above
Answer» D. All of the above

It is said that modernization breeds corruption in:

A. Medieval society
B. Ancient society
C. Industrial society
D. None of the above
Answer» C. Industrial society

The Central Government appointed a committee in 1962 on ‘Prevention of Corruption’ under the chairmanship of:

A. C.B.Mamoria
B. K.Santhanam
C. Huntington
D. Malhotra
Answer» B. K.Santhanam

The Department set up by the Government as anti- corruption measures is

A. Administrative Vigilance Department
B. Central Bureau of Investigation
C. Domestic Vigilance units
D. All of the above
Answer» D. All of the above

The Vehra committee was set up in the year :

A. 1990
B. 1993
C. 2000
D. 2005
Answer» B. 1993

The Lokpal and Lokayutas Act, was passed in the year:

A. 2013
B. 2000
C. 2015
D. 2014
Answer» A. 2013
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