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1. In telephonic communication who speaks first?

a. Caller

B. Operator

c. Receiver

d. None of the above

2. Which of the following expressions is never used to greet a person?

a. Good Morning

B. Good Night

c. Good Evening

d. Hello

3. Read the telephonic conversation given below and fill in the blank by choosing the appropriate answer.
Railway inquiry: Good afternoon. Railway inquiry.
Caller: ______ you tell me when the Sachkhand Express to Amritsar leaves, please.

a. Will

B. Shall

c. Could

d. All the above

4. Read the telephonic conversation given below and answer the given question.
Fire Service: Hello. Fire station.
Caller: I’m Anju Shukla. A fire has broken out at the Tara Singh Market, Vazirabad. Please send the fire engines soon.
Fire Service: They’re already on their way, ma’am. They should be there any time now.
Caller: Thank you.
“They’re” in the above dialogue is the contracted form of

a. They were

B. There are

c. They are

d. All the above

5. “Hi, Rani! What’s up?” This expression is an instance of

a. Formal expression

B. Informal expression

c. Both the above

d. None of the above

6. “She’s not feeling well today.” Here She’s means

a. She is

B. She has

c. She was

d. All the above

7. Read the following dialogue and answer the given question.
Rohit: Akash, meet Irfan. He’s the captain of our football team.
Akash: Hello, Irfan. Glad to meet you. I’m Akash Patil, captain of the basketball team.
Irfan: Nice to meet you too.
In this conversation:

a. Rohit introduces Akash and Irfan to each other

B. Rohit introduces Akash to Irfan and Akash introduces himself to Irfan

c. Rohit introduces Irfan to Akash

d. Rohit introduces Irfan to Akash and Akash introduces himself to Irfan

8. On cutting her hair Della looked like ______

a. A man

B. A small girl

c. A truant schoolboy

d. None of the above

9. The family name of James and Della is ______

a. Dillingham

B. Young

c. Magi

d. James

10. In ‘The Bet’, the lawyer agrees to stay in solitary confinement for how long?

a. 5 years

B. 10 years

c. 15 years

d. 20 years

11. The astrologer sat under the _______ tree.

a. Banyan

B. Neem

c. Babul

d. Tamarind

12. People were attracted to the astrologer as…

a. Calves are attracted to the cow

B. Bees are attracted to dahlia stalks

c. Ants are attracted to sugar

d. None of the above

13. The fee of the astrologer was ______

a. Five pies per question

B. Three pies per question

c. Five rupees per question

d. One rupee per question

14. “Rub it on your forehead and go home. Never travel southward again, and you will live tobe a hundred.” This is said by ______

a. Jim to Della

B. Lawyer to the Banker

c. Socrates to the Schoolmaster

d. Astrologer to Guru Nayak

15. According to Socrates, the first lesson at school is…

a. Not A B C, but to wash faces and eyes and hands

B. Not to wear jewellery, but to use quinine and mosquito nets

c. Both the above

d. None of the above

16. Which of the following authors wrote under the pen-name of O. Henry?

a. William Sydney Porter

B. Anton Chekhov

c. Henry James

d. Stephen Leacock

17. The photographer asks the author to drop his ____ a little more.

a. Eyes

B. Hair

c. Face

d. Ears

18. How old was the author when he visited the photographer?

a. Twenty years

B. Thirty years

c. Forty years

d. Fifty years

19. After all, the doctor is a stranger to the strong and healthy; his work is with

a. The rich and the established

B. The poor and the downtrodden

c. The sick and the weak

d. None of the above

20. Which of the following is the synonym of ‘impertinent’?

a. Polite

B. Kind

c. Impolite

d. Gentle

21. Which of the following is the antonym of ‘filthy’?

a. Dirty

B. Foul

c. Unclean

d. Clean

22. Match the words in List A with their synonyms in List B and select the proper answer from the options given below:
List A List B
i) Mould a) slim
ii) Punctually b) deny
iii) Slender c) promptly
iv) Deprive d) shape

a. i-b, ii-c, iii-a, iv-d

B. i-d, ii-c, iii-a, iv-b

c. i-b, ii-a, iii-d, iv-c

d. i-a, ii-b, iii-c, iv-d

23. Fill in the blank by using the appropriate article: Just then ___ mother was heard scolding her child and using language which made Socrates jump with horror.

a. The

B. An

c. A

d. None of the above

24. He had a working analysis of mankind’s troubles: marriage, money and _____ tangles of human ties.

a. The

B. An

c. A

d. None of the above

25. Fill in the blank by using the appropriate preposition: Come back on Saturday, and I’ll let you see a proof _____ it.

a. At

B. On

c. For

d. Of


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