Indian Writing in English (Poetry - Drama) Solved MCQs


                   among the following is not a dramatist.

A. Girish Karnad
B. Badal Sarkar
C. Jayanta Mahapatra
D. Vijay Tendulkar
Answer» C. Jayanta Mahapatra

„Savitri‟, an epic in blank verse was written by                    .

A. Rabindranath Tagore
B. Sri Aurobindo
C. Toru Dutt
D. Sarojini Naidu
Answer» B. Sri Aurobindo

                 writer wrote the poems „The Professor‟ and „Night of Scorpion.

A. Pritish Nandy
B. Rabindranath Tagore
C. Nissim Ezekiel
D. Kamala Das
Answer» C. Nissim Ezekiel

The play „Tara‟ was first performed in                     .

A. Bangalore
B. Mumbai
C. Punjab
D. Kolkata
Answer» A. Bangalore

                   was the real name of Sarojini Naidu.

A. Sarojini Chattopadhyay
B. Padmini Gangopadhyay
C. Aparna Mukhyopadhyay
D. Sarojini Bandopadhyay
Answer» A. Sarojini Chattopadhyay

Girish Karnad was awarded with The Padma Shri in                    year.

A. 1971
B. 1974
C. 1978
D. 1981
Answer» B. 1974

                   wrote the Hindi play „Ashadha Ka Ek Din‟.

A. Mohan Rakesh
B. Sri Aurobindo
C. Vijay Tendulkar
D. Asif Currimbhoy
Answer» A. Mohan Rakesh

„Ghashiram Kotwal‟ was written by in 1972 year.

A. Rabindranath Tagore
B. Rabindranath Tagore
C. Vijay Tendulkar
D. Vijay Tendulkar
Answer» D. Vijay Tendulkar

K.N.Daruwalla got Sahitya Akademi Award in                   year.

A. 1984
B. 1986
C. 1988
D. 1983
Answer» A. 1984

At                      place did Sri Aurobindo practiced Yoga and studied the culture of spirituality.

A. Culcutta
B. Delhi
C. Madras
D. Punducherry
Answer» D. Punducherry

Vijay Tendulkar‟s play „Silence! The Court is in Session‟ was originally written in                       language.

A. Gujarati
B. Marathi
C. Punjabi
D. English
Answer» B. Marathi

Jayanta Mahapatra was born in                        .

A. 1928
B. 1918
C. 1929
D. 1930
Answer» A. 1928

                         was the first Asian to receive the Noble Prize.

A. Vijay Tendulkar
B. Sri Aurobindo
C. Rabindranath Tagore
D. Girish Karnad
Answer» C. Rabindranath Tagore

Badal Sircar won the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award in                    year.

A. 1968
B. 1967
C. 1978
D. 1977
Answer» A. 1968

                         wrote the national song „Vande Matram‟

A. Rabindranath Tagore
B. Sarojini Naidu
C. Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay
D. Sri Aurobindo
Answer» C. Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay

Toru Dutt was a                        poet.

A. Bengali
B. English
C. Marathi
D. Punjabi
Answer» A. Bengali

                       was the full name of Girish Karnad.

A. Girish ram Karnad
B. Girish Raghu Karnad
C. Girish Rajan Karnad
D. Girish Raghunath Karnad
Answer» D. Girish Raghunath Karnad

Nissim Ezekiel was born at                         .

A. Bombay
B. Culcutta
C. Madras
D. Banaras
Answer» A. Bombay

                       play Girish Karnad wrote first.

A. Tughlaq
B. Yayati
C. Hayavadana
D. None
Answer» B. Yayati

Rabindranath Tagore‟s songs generally known as                       .

A. Rabindrageet
B. Rabindragatha
C. Rabindra Sangeet
D. None
Answer» C. Rabindra Sangeet

                     poems were translated into English from Tagore's „Gitanjali‟.

A. 55
B. 50
C. 53
D. 52
Answer» C. 53

                      is the full tittle of Aurobindo‟s work „Savitri‟.

A. Savitri – an epic
B. Savitri - the woman
C. Savitri- A Legend and Symbol
D. Savitri – A poem in Three Parts
Answer» C. Savitri- A Legend and Symbol

Tagore, Iqbal and Sri Aurobindo are                          writers.

A. Indo- Anglican
B. Anglo- Indian
C. Indo- English
D. Indo- African
Answer» A. Indo- Anglican

                       is the first book of K.N.Daruwalla.

A. Under Orion
B. Apparition in April
C. The Keeper of the dead
D. Crossing of Rivers
Answer» A. Under Orion

                       is call the Keats of Indo English Literature.

A. Gieve Patel
B. Girish Karnad
C. Toru Dutt
D. Rabindranath Tagore
Answer» C. Toru Dutt

Gieve Patel‟s poem speak of deep concerns for                         .

A. Politics
B. Culture
C. Nature
D. Society
Answer» C. Nature

                       writer has translated „The Mahabharta‟ into English.

A. A.K.Ramanujan
B. Krishna Srinivas
C. R.Parthasarathy
D. Purushottama Lal
Answer» D. Purushottama Lal

For                      movie Girish Karnad won first President‟s Golden Lotus Award in Kannada Cinema.

A. Hayavadana
B. Samskara
C. Tughlaq
D. Tiger
Answer» B. Samskara

                       dose Naidu wish to drink in her poem „Soul‟s Prayer‟.

A. Joy
B. Pain
C. Both A&B
D. None
Answer» C. Both A&B

Mahasweta Devi was a writer in                        language.

A. Kannad
B. Marathi
C. Hindi
D. English
Answer» A. Kannad

Tagore was awarded „Noble Prize‟ for his                          work.

A. Ghare Baire
B. Gora
C. Kabuliwala
D. Gitanjali
Answer» D. Gitanjali

                   is the author of „Adhe – Adhure‟.

A. Mohan Rakesh
B. Prem Chand
C. Vijay Tendulkar
D. Badal Sirkar
Answer» A. Mohan Rakesh
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