Indian Literature in English Translation Solved MCQs


Vijay Tendulkar's novel ' Silence ! The Court is in Session ' was written                   .

A. 1964
B. 1963
C. 1967
D. 1968
Answer» B. 1963

                 is a revolutionary novel.

A. Seven Steps in the Sky
B. Samskara
C. Godan
D. None
Answer» A. Seven Steps in the Sky

The novel ' I Take This Woman ' received a                award in 1965.

A. Padmashri
B. Padma Vibhushan
C. Sahitya Akademi
D. Noble Prize
Answer» C. Sahitya Akademi

Gitanjali' is a collection of            prose poems.

A. 53
B. 103
C. 50
D. 52
Answer» B. 103

Vijay Tendulkar's play ' Silence ! The Court is in Session ' is divided into                   .

A. Two acts
B. Three acts
C. Five acts
D. Six acts
Answer» B. Three acts

               is the full tittle of Sri Aurobindo's work ' Savitri'.

A. Savitri-an Epic
B. Savitri
C. Savitri-A Legend and Symbol
D. Savitri- A poem in Three Parts
Answer» C. Savitri-A Legend and Symbol

Who wrote the ' Hayavadana '?

A. Premchand
B. Vijay Tendulkar
C. Amrita Pritam
D. Girish Karnad
Answer» D. Girish Karnad

Which of the following, according to Gandhiji, is an essential principle of Satyagraha ?

A. Infinite capacity for suffering
B. None violence
C. Truth
D. All the three
Answer» D. All the three

The important character of ' Samudrantike ' like           .

A. Aval
B. Iqbal
C. a & b both
D. None
Answer» C. a & b both

             became the judge in Mock Trial.

A. Mrs. Kashikar
B. Sukhatme
C. Mr. Kashikar
D. Prof. Damle
Answer» C. Mr. Kashikar

The source of ' Meghaduta ' is taken from               .

A. The Ramayana
B. The Mahabharata
C. Natyashastra
D. None
Answer» A. The Ramayana

           is/are partition novel.

A. Train to Pakistan
B. Pinjar
C. a & b both
D. None
Answer» C. a & b both

U.R.Anantha Murthy's ' Samskara ' was translated by           .

A. Himself
B. Girish Karnad
C. Shivaprakash
D. A.K.Ramanujan
Answer» D. A.K.Ramanujan

The Chess Player ' was written into Hindi by           .

A. Premchand
B. Kabirdasha
C. Swami Vivekananda
D. Abdul Kalam
Answer» A. Premchand

             is the first Dalit novel set in rural Gujarat.

A. Joothan
B. Sangati
C. Angaliyat
D. None
Answer» C. Angaliyat

Amrita Pritam was a Punjabi            .

A. Novelist
B. Dramatist
C. Playwright
D. Critic
Answer» A. Novelist

Dhruv Bhatt's ' Oceanside Blues ' is divided into              Parts.

A. 5
B. 2
C. 4
D. 3
Answer» B. 2

The play ' Adhe - Adhure ' was written by             .

A. Anita Desai
B. Mohan Rakesh
C. Vikram Seth
D. Girish Karnad
Answer» B. Mohan Rakesh

" Where the mind is without fear And the head in held high; Where knpwledge is free; Where the world has not been broken up Into fragments by narrow domestic walls;

A. Amrita Pritam's ' Kat Canvas'
B. Vikram Seth's ' The Golden Gate
C. Tagore's ' Gitanjali'
D. Jayant Mahapatra's ' Life Signs'
Answer» C. Tagore's ' Gitanjali'

Pinjar ' is the story of a Hindu girl           .

A. Rano
B. Pooro
C. Leena Benare
D. Mrs.Kashikar
Answer» B. Pooro

The Discovery of India ' divided into            chapters.

A. 10
B. 8
C. 9
D. 11
Answer» A. 10

The story of My Experiments with Truth ' was originally wriitten in           .

A. Marathi
B. English
C. Hindi
D. Gujarati
Answer» D. Gujarati

Gandhiji's autobiography can be divided into            parts.

A. Five
B. Six
C. Seven
D. Eight
Answer» A. Five

Who played the role of Pooro in the film ' Pinjar '.

A. Farida Jalal
B. Isha Koppikar
C. Urmila Matondkar
D. None
Answer» C. Urmila Matondkar

The word ' Samskara ' means          in Kannada language.

A. Ritual
B. Culture
C. Civilization
D. None
Answer» A. Ritual

The novel 'Godan ' was first published in           .

A. 1938
B. 1936
C. 1926
D. 1940
Answer» B. 1936

Rajinder Singh Bedi was an Indian            writer.

A. English
B. Gujarati
C. Bengali
D. Urdu
Answer» D. Urdu

Miss. Leena Benar was a           .

A. Social worker
B. School teacher
C. Lawyer
D. Clerk
Answer» B. School teacher

Gandhi was returned to India from South Africa in           .

A. 1918
B. 1910
C. 1915
D. 1905
Answer» C. 1915

The play ' the Fire and The Rain ' is based on the myth of             .

A. Ramayana
B. Mahabharata
C. Yavakri
D. None
Answer» C. Yavakri
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