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1. Which of the following is not White box testing?

a. structural testing

B. code-based testing

c. glass box testing.

d. closed box testing

2. Sandwich/hybrid strategy is---

a. top down

B. bottom up

c. combination of top down & bottom up

d. none of the above

3. System Testing is ----

a. black box testing

B. white box testing

c. smoke testing

d. both a) and b)

4. Which is required skill of a Tester?

a. good programmer

B. reliable

c. attention to details

d. being diplomatic

5. What is the main goal of software testing?

a. testing

B. bug prevention

c. study

d. execution

6. Which of the following is not a level in testing?

a. system testing

B. black box testing.

c. integration testing

d. functional testing

7. Following is not a Software Test Life Cycle Phase.

a. requirements gathering

B. test planning

c. test closure

d. test design

8. Following is not a technique of black box.

a. equivalence portioning

B. boundary value analysis

c. cause effect graphing

d. statement coverage

9. Smoke Testing is ……..approach

a. integration testing

B. unit testing

c. stress testing

d. none of the above.

10. In which level testing is performed

a. unit,acceptance,integration,system

B. unit,integration,system, acceptance

c. unit,system,integration,acceptance

d. it is on the nature of software project.

11. It is one principal of testing is that Exhausting Testing is…..

a. impractical but possible

B. possible

c. impractical and impossible

d. impossible

12. Which of the following is not a type of incremental testing approach?

a. unit testing

B. top down

c. bottom up

d. big bang

13. Beta Testing is done at:

a. developer site

B. user end

c. both developers site & users end

d. none of the above

14. Unit testing is carried out by:

a. system user

B. client

c. customers

d. developers

15. The formula of cyclometric complexity

a. n-e+2

B. e-n-2

c. n-2-e

d. n-e+3

16. In software testing Verification is …..

a. are we building the product right?

B. to checks what we are developing is the right product.

c. are we building the right product?

d. none of the above.

17. ……………testing checks performance of system

a. white box testing

B. black box testing

c. performance testing

d. smoke testing

18. LoadRunner create load by running ……

a. load creator

B. virtual users

c. load user

d. none of the above

19. In static testing---------

a. code is not executed

B. code executed twice

c. code executed repeatedly

d. none of the above.

20. Cyclomatic complexity is carried out in….

a. black box testing

B. load testing

c. white box testing

d. green box testing

21. Boundary value analysis is the technique comes under……

a. white box testing

B. black box testing

c. gray box testing

d. none of the above.

chapter:   Software Testing

22. A configuration management system would NOT normally provide:

a. linkage of customer requirements to version numbers.

B. the precise differences in versions of software component source code.

c. facilities to compare test results with expected results.

d. restricted access to the source code library

23. Test cases are designed during:

a. test recording.

B. test configuration.

c. test planning.

d. test specification

24. In case of Large Systems

a. only few tests should be run

B. test cases written by good test engineers should be executed

c. only good test cases should be executed

d. testing should be on the basis of risk

25. Which of the following is not a type of incremental testing approach?

a. big-bang

B. top down

c. bottom up

d. functional incrimination


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