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Statistics for Research Solved MCQs

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In olden days statistics also called ………………

A. science of soldiers
B. science of kings
C. science of business man
D. science of managers
Answer» B. science of kings

Now a days the use of statistics is extended to various fields such as ………….

A. Agriculture
B. Economic
C. Psychology
D. All of these
Answer» D. All of these

In ………… sense, statistics refers to numerical statements of facts.

A. plural
B. singular
C. both
D. none
Answer» A. plural

Measures of central tendency is also known as measures of ……………

A. central calculation
B. central location
C. central information
D. central data
Answer» B. central location

The arithmetic mean of a variable ‘x’ is denoted by the symbol.

A. x2
B. x
C. x
D. ∑ x
Answer» C. x

Short cut method for calculating arithmatic mean also known as

A. assumed average method
B. Assumed variable method
C. Assumed mean method
D. All of these
Answer» C. Assumed mean method

Geometric mean considered to be the best average in the construction of ……

A. Index numbers
B. median
C. mode
D. quartiles
Answer» A. Index numbers

There are equal number of observations on the right and on the left of ……… value

A. mean
B. median
C. mode
D. quartile
Answer» B. median

The word statistics have been derived from the Latin word –

A. Statistik (
B. Status (
C. Statista (
D. Strata
Answer» B. Status (

Statistics helps in

A. Testing (
B. Prediction (
C. Formulating policies (
D. all of these
Answer» D. all of these

Modern statistical devices have been made business forecasting more

A. precise and accurate (
B. difficult (
C. misunderstanding (
D. easy
Answer» A. precise and accurate (

---- are the eyes of Govt. administration

A. Statistics (
B. Economics (
C. Politics (
D. none
Answer» A. Statistics (

Statistics does not deals with

A. Qualitative (
B. Quantitative (
C. Both (
D. None
Answer» A. Qualitative (

Statistics is an art as well as

A. Science (
B. Average (
C. Theory (
D. None
Answer» A. Science (

-----is a figure that represents the whole group

A. Average (
B. Value (
C. Data (
D. None
Answer» A. Average (

What is the Mean for the following observation ; 3,4,6,7,10

A. 4 (
B. 5(
C. 6 (
D. 9
Answer» C. 6 (

Which divides the value of a variable into two equal parts?

A. Median (
B. Mean (
C. Mode (
D. All these
Answer» A. Median (

----- is the value of item of a series which occurs most frequently

A. Median (
B. Mean (
C. Mode (
D. none
Answer» C. Mode (

----- is not affected by extreme items

A. Mean (
B. Median (
C. Mode (
D. All these
Answer» C. Mode (

When the distribution is of open end classes which average may appropriate

A. Mean (
B. Median (
C. Mode (
D. None
Answer» B. Median (

Find mode of the following series 2 3 4 3 4 3 5 3 7

A. 3 (
B. 4 (
C. 5 (
D. 2
Answer» A. 3 (

----- is useful for computing average rate of increase of profits , average rate of speed , average price ..etc

A. Arithmetic Mean (
B. Geometric Mean (
C. Harmonic Mean (
D. Mode
Answer» C. Harmonic Mean (

-----is a mathematical average

A. Arithmetic Mean (
B. Geometric Mean (
C. Both (
D. None
Answer» A. Arithmetic Mean (

-----is not a patrician value

A. Mean (
B. Median (
C. Quartiles (
D. all these
Answer» A. Mean (

---- is the half distance between the third and first quartiles

A. Q.D (
B. M.D (
C. S.D (
D. Variance
Answer» A. Q.D (
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