BCA- Mathematics Solved MCQs


Any measure indicating the centre of a set of data, arranged in an increasing or decreasing order of magnitude, is called a measure of

A. Skewness
B. Symmetry
C. Central tendency
D. Dispersion
Answer» C. Central tendency

Scores that differ greatly from the measures of central tendency are called:

A. Raw scores
B. The best scores
C. Extreme scores
D. Z-scores
Answer» C. Extreme scores

The measure of central tendency listed below is:

A. The raw score
B. The mean
C. The range
D. Standard deviation
Answer» B. The mean

The total of all the observations divided by the number of observations is called:

A. Arithmetic mean
B. Geometric mean
C. Median
D. Harmonic mean
Answer» A. Arithmetic mean

While computing the arithmetic mean of a frequency distribution, the each value of a class is considered equal to:

A. Class mark
B. Lower limit
C. Upper limit
D. Lower class boundary
Answer» B. Lower limit

The sum of the squares fo the deviations about mean is:

A. Zero
B. Maximum
C. Minimum
D. All of the above
Answer» C. Minimum

For a certain distribution, if ∑(X -20) = 25, ∑(X- 25) =0, and ∑(X-35) = -25, then is equal to:

A. 20
B. 25
C. -25
D. 35
Answer» B. 25

The sum of the squares of the deviations of the values of a variable is least when the deviations are measured from

A. Harmonic mean
B. Geometric mean
C. Median
D. Arithmetic mean
Answer» D. Arithmetic mean

If X1, X2, X3, ... Xn, be n observations having arithmetic mean and if Y =4X ± 2, then is equal to:

A. 4X
B. 4
C. 4 ± 2
D. 4 ± 2
Answer» C. 4 ± 2

If =100 and Y=2X – 200, then mean of Y values will be:

A. 0
B. 2
C. 100
D. 200
Answer» A. 0

If the arithmetic mean of 20 values is 10, then sum of these 20 values is:

A. 10
B. 20
C. 200
D. 20 + 10
Answer» C. 200

Ten families have an average of 2 boys. How many boys do they have together?

A. 2
B. 10
C. 12
D. 20
Answer» D. 20

If the arithmetic mean of the two numbers X1 and X2 is 5 if X1=3, then X2 is:

A. 3
B. 5
C. 7
D. 10
Answer» C. 7

We must arrange the data before calculating:

A. Mean
B. Median
C. Mode
D. Geometric mean
Answer» B. Median

The lower and upper quartiles of a symmetrical distribution are 40 and 60 respectively. The value of median is:

A. 40
B. 50
C. 60
D. (60 – 40) / 2
Answer» B. 50

If in a discrete series 75% values are greater than 50, then:

A. Q1 = 50
B. Q1 < 50
C. Q1 > 50
D. Q1 ≠ 50
Answer» A. Q1 = 50

Suitable average for averaging the shoe sizes for children is

A. Mean
B. Mode
C. Median
D. Geometric mean
Answer» B. Mode

A measurement that corresponds to largest frequency in a set of data is called:

A. Mean
B. Median
C. Mode
D. Percentile
Answer» C. Mode

Which of the following average cannot be calculated for the observations 2, 2, 4, 4, 6, 6, 8, 8, 10, 10 ?

A. Mean
B. Median
C. Mode
D. All of the above
Answer» C. Mode

What have been constructed from OR problems and methods for solving the models that are available in many cases?

A. Scientific models
B. Algorithms
C. Mathematical models
D. None of these
Answer» C. Mathematical models

Which of the following is not the phase of OR methodology?

A. Formulating a proble
B. Constructing a model
C. Establishing controls
D. Controlling the environment
Answer» D. Controlling the environment

Operations research is the application of methods to arrive at the optimal solutions to the problems.

A. Economical
B. Scientific
C. Both A and B
D. Artistic
Answer» B. Scientific

In operations research, the are prepared for situations.

A. Mathematical models
B. Physical models diagrammatic
C. Diagrammatic models
D. Both B and C
Answer» A. Mathematical models

OR can evaluate only the effects of .

A. Personnel factors
B. Financial factors
C. Numeric and quantifiable factors
D. Both A and B
Answer» C. Numeric and quantifiable factors

Which technique is used in finding a solution for optimizing a given objective, such as profit maximization or cost reduction under certain constraints?

A. Qualing theory
B. Waiting Line
C. Both A and B
D. Linear Programming
Answer» D. Linear Programming

By constructing models, the problems in libraries increase and cannot be solved.

Answer» B. FALSE

A solution can be extracted from a model either by

A. Conducting experiments on it
B. Mathematical analysis
C. Both A and B
D. Diversified Technique
Answer» C. Both A and B

The main limitation of operations research is that it often ignores the human element in the production process.

Answer» A. TRUE

Feasible solution satisfies

A. Only constraints
B. only non- negative
C. Both A and B
D. A, B and optimal solution
Answer» C. Both A and B

What is the objective function in linear programming problems?

A. A constraint for available resource
B. An objective for research and development of a company
C. A linear function in an optimization problem
D. A set of non- negativity conditions
Answer» C. A linear function in an optimization problem
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