Business Correspondence Solved MCQs


The Story 'Three Questions' reveals the importance of the-

A. Future in Life
B. Past in Life
C. Present in Life
D. Anything in Life
Answer» C. Present in Life

The King Goes to a ________ to seek answers to his questions.

A. Hermit
B. Pope
C. Courtier
D. King from another kingdom
Answer» A. Hermit

When The King approched, the hermit, he was-

A. Praying to God
B. Digging the ground
C. delivering sermons to his followers
D. sitting idle
Answer» B. Digging the ground

The King saved the life of the bearded man who turned out to be his_______.

A. Friend
B. Follower
C. Enemy
D. Soldier
Answer» C. Enemy

Who is the most important 'man' according to the hermit?

A. The person you are with
B. The person who you should be with
C. The person who is far away from you
D. none
Answer» A. The person you are with

Leo Tolstoy is a ________ writer.

A. Italian
B. Russian
C. Indian
D. German
Answer» B. Russian

Rani Laxmibai was born in ______

A. Mathura
B. Lucknow
C. Haridwar
D. Varansi
Answer» D. Varansi

She was named after the bathing _______

A. River
B. Ghats
C. Pond
D. Lake
Answer» B. Ghats

Laxmibai's father was a ________ in King's court.

A. Courtier
B. Advisor
C. Jester
D. Army General
Answer» A. Courtier

How old was Laxmibai when she got married?

A. 9 year
B. 20 year
C. 17 year
D. not even 8 year
Answer» D. not even 8 year

what was the name of the son the Kinf adopted?

A. Tatia Tope
B. Mandarbai
C. Damodar Rao
D. Damodar Das
Answer» C. Damodar Rao

In the year _________, the Indian soldiers revolted against the British.

A. 1947
B. 1854
C. 1917
D. 1857
Answer» D. 1857

what was the original name of the Laxmibai?

A. Manikarnika
B. Maniratna
C. Manikumari
D. Manidevi
Answer» A. Manikarnika

The soldiers have taken_______ to fight the enemy.

A. Arms
B. Oath
C. Skills
D. Allies
Answer» B. Oath

The soldiers are________ according to Subhas Chandra Bose.

A. Pioneers
B. Expendable
C. Pawns
D. None of the above
Answer» A. Pioneers

The________ of Indian Independence has been sounded.

A. Horns
B. Bugle
C. Whistle
D. Drums
Answer» D. Drums

Freedom can never be had by ___________.

A. Begging
B. Fighting
C. Debates
D. Giving
Answer» A. Begging

The __________ responsibilities are increasing day by day

A. Family
B. Job
C. Military and Political
D. Moral
Answer» C. Military and Political

The bus _____ arrived

A. Do
B. Does
C. Have
D. Has
Answer» D. Has

She _____ not like Cabbage

A. Do
B. Does
C. Have
D. Has
Answer» B. Does

I ____ busy when you called me.

A. Was
B. Am
C. Were
D. Is
Answer» A. Was

____ that a white leopard?

A. Is
B. Was
C. Are
D. Were
Answer» A. Is

We_____ Walkiing our home now.

A. Is
B. Am
C. Are
D. Were
Answer» C. Are

______ did you sleep last night?

A. Did
B. Do
C. Does
D. Has
Answer» A. Did

______ they work in a factory?

A. Does
B. Do
C. Did
D. Has
Answer» B. Do

 I __________ working all afternoon and have just finished the assignment.

A. have been
B. had been
C. shall be
D. am
Answer» B. had been

 Rohan __________ the movie before he read the review.

A. watches
B. have watched
C. had watched
D.  was watching
Answer» C. had watched

 He __________ in the States but he still does not have a command over the English language.

A. have been living
B. has been living
C.  have lived
D.  living
Answer» C.  have lived

By the next month, we shall __________ the project.

A. has completed
B. completing
C. completed
D. have completed
Answer» D. have completed

 Every boy and girl  __________ in the class today.

A. are present
B. is present
C.  have present
D. had present
Answer» B. is present

 ___ means communication without words.

A. Object communication
B. Written communication
C. Oral communication
D. Non- verbal communication
Answer» D. Non- verbal communication

The person who transmits the message is called ___.

A. channel
B. sender
C. receiver
D. response
Answer» C. receiver

___ aims at making people work together for the common good of the organization.

A. communication
B. conversation
C.  combination
D.  connection
Answer» A. communication

 at each stage in the process of communication, there is a possibility of interference which may hinder the process. Such interference is known as ___.

A.  sender
B. receiver
C. barrier
D. none of them
Answer» B. receiver

 A ___ connects the sender to the receiver.

A. Channel
B. Noise
C. Communication
D.  feedback
Answer» C. Communication

Communication that takes place between the members of an organization within itself is ___.

A. external
B. formal
C. informal
D. internal
Answer» D. internal

___ is an exchange of facts, ideas, opinions or emotions by two or more persons.

A. communication
B. combination
C. conversation
D. connection
Answer» A. communication

 Language of a memo should be ___ and ___ to understand.

A. indirect, personal
B. direct, concise
C. lucid, easy
D. concise, difficult
Answer» C. lucid, easy

Which of the following is not one of the steps in the communication process?

A. Noise
B. Transmission over communication media
C. Decoding message
D. Encoding message
Answer» A. Noise

The communication process consists of three steps. In _____________, the receiver interprets the message and translates it into meaningful information.

A. Encoding
B. Decoding
C. Noise
D. Feedback
Answer» B. Decoding

Which is not a part to a business letter?

A. Indenting
B. signature
C. Salutation
D. Inside Address
Answer» A. Indenting

How many times will your name appear on a business letter?

A. 4
B. 3
C. 1
D. 2
Answer» D. 2

Which part to a business letter comes after the body?

A. Salutation
B. Signature
C. Closing
D. Heading
Answer» C. Closing

What is the name and address you are writing to called?

A. Body
B. Signature
C. Heading
D. Inside Address
Answer» D. Inside Address

Which part of a business letter uses a colon?

A. Inside Address
B. signature
C. Salutation
D. Heading
Answer» C. Salutation

What do you write in the salutation is you don't know an exact name?

A. Write Dear Person
B. Take your best guess
C. Write Dear Sir or Madam
D. Leave it Blank
Answer» C. Write Dear Sir or Madam

What style format is the business letter written in?

A. Block Format
B. Left Format
C. Square Format
D. Center Format
Answer» A. Block Format

Who can you not write a business letter to?

A. Sport Team
B. Friend
C. Resaturant
D. President
Answer» B. Friend

What is one reason you can write a business letter?

A. To exprees a concern for a product.
B. To catch up on missed birthday
C. To share a funny story
D. To tell about your day
Answer» A. To exprees a concern for a product.

How many parts to a business letter are there?

A. 4
B. 1
C. 9
D. 6
Answer» D. 6
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