500+ Engineering Thermodynamics Solved MCQs

Engineering thermodynamics is a branch of engineering that deals with the study of energy, heat, and their relationship to work and the transfer of energy from one place to another.

It is a fundamental subject that forms the basis of many other branches of engineering, including mechanical, chemical, and electrical engineering. The principles of thermodynamics are used to design engines, power plants, refrigeration systems, and a wide variety of other devices and systems that are essential to modern society. Some of the key concepts in engineering thermodynamics include the laws of thermodynamics, entropy, and the concept of equilibrium.


At any dbt, the          the difference of wbt reading below below dbt,          is the amount of water vapour held in mixture.

A. smaller, smaller
B. greater, greater
C. greater, smaller
D. smaller, greater
Answer» C. greater, smaller

When unsaturated air flows over a sheet of water in an insulated chamber

A. specific humidity of air decreases
B. the water evaporates
C. both air and water are cooled during evaporation
D. all of the mentioned
Answer» A. specific humidity of air decreases
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