Gandhian Philosophy in the Contemporary World Solved MCQs


First figure who made an influence upon Gandhi was:

A. his mother
B. his father.
C. his teacher
D. his friend
Answer» A. his mother

The central teaching of Gandhi’s thought is :

A. spiritualism
B. classless society
C. truth and nonviolence
D. brotherhood
Answer» C. truth and nonviolence

Gandhi identified facts of Nonviolence from the teachings of:

A. vedas
B. buddhism and jainism
C. gita
D. ramayana
Answer» B. buddhism and jainism

Many religious texts made deep influence upon Gandhi.------------------ is ranked fist among them.

A. upanisads
B. ramayana
C. quran
D. gita
Answer» D. gita

Gandhi describes Ultimate reality in terms of :

A. brahman and atman
B. truth and god
C. god and self
D. spirit and
Answer» B. truth and god

Gandhian philosophy is an echo of philosophy of :

A. quran
B. ramayana
C. bible
D. upanisads
Answer» D. upanisads

Essential nature of God is described by Gandhi is:

A. satcitananda
B. iswara
C. jiva
D. athman
Answer» A. satcitananda

--------------- is considered as the most favourite Upanisad of Gandhi.

A. chandokya
B. mandukya
C. isavasya
D. kena
Answer» C. isavasya

Which word from Mandukya Upanisad influenced Gandhi to form his concept of truth?

A. sathyameva jayathe
B. ekamevadvathiyam
C. aham brahmasmi
D. prajnanam brahma
Answer» A. sathyameva jayathe

Gandhi called Bhagavat Gita as:

A. song celestial
B. universal mother
C. first book
D. source book
Answer» B. universal mother

Gandhi said “It has afforded me invaluable help in my moments of gloom”. In this assertion ‘It’ means:

A. gita
B. upanisad
C. bible
D. qurn
Answer» A. gita

--------------- is considered as the great apostle of Non-violence.

A. ruskin
B. thoreau
C. tolstoy
D. hobbes
Answer» C. tolstoy

Tolstoy’s ---------------------- made profound influence upon young Gandhi.

A. song celestial
B. the kingdom of god within you
C. unto this last
D. civil disobedience
Answer» B. the kingdom of god within you

For the formulation of the concept of Satyagraha Gandhi made strong reference on the concept of------------------by Tolstoy.

A. civil disobedience
B. bread labour
C. passive resistance
D. active
Answer» C. passive resistance

“The Magic Spell of a Book”. By this title Gandhi referred about:

A. song celestial
B. the kingdom of god within you
C. unto this last
D. civil disobedience
Answer» C. unto this last

Gandhi symbolise ------------------- is the incarnation of Ahimsa.

A. woman
B. human
C. rama
D. cow
Answer» A. woman

Thoreau’s famous essay ----------------- made profound influence upon Gandhi.

A. civil resistance
B. passive resistance
C. civil disobedience
D. sesame and lilies
Answer» C. civil disobedience

Gandhi’s identification of ---------------------- is considered as fundamental basis for all his thoughts.

A. truth and god
B. truth and love
C. god and soul
D. truth and soul
Answer» A. truth and god

According to Gandhi Truth and Nonviolence are:

A. separable
B. contradictory
C. inseparable
D. hierarchical
Answer» C. inseparable

According to Gandhiji --------------- must be as pure as ends.

A. words
B. means
C. practice
D. none of these
Answer» B. means

Gandhi said “Without ---------------it is impossible to observe any principles in life”.

A. ahimsa
B. astheya
C. sathya
D. aprigraha
Answer» C. sathya

To Gandhi Truth is:

A. theoretical principle
B. pragmatic principle
C. instrumental principle
D. dynamic principle
Answer» D. dynamic principle

Satyagraha literal means:

A. realise truth
B. to hold fast to truth
C. to anticipate truth
D. to strike for truth
Answer» B. to hold fast to truth

Satyagraha believes in the --------------- of mass.

A. brotherhood
B. strength
C. potentiality
D. knowledge
Answer» A. brotherhood

Gandhi said, ----------------------- is the natural consequence of Truth.

A. sarvodaya
B. trusteeship
C. non-violence
D. swadesi
Answer» C. non-violence

Satyagraha claims for itself the great virtue of:

A. physical strength
B. power
C. knowledge
D. fearlessness
Answer» D. fearlessness

Gandhi said Satyagraha is an ------------ of a person.

A. basic need
B. inherent birth right
C. basic desire
D. none of these
Answer» B. inherent birth right

---------------------- is a form of Non-cooperation.

A. fasting
B. protest
C. war
D. all of these
Answer» A. fasting

Who use the term Bread-labour firstly?

A. gandhi
B. ruskin
C. tolstoy
D. thoreau
Answer» C. tolstoy

Sarvodaya means:

A. good for all
B. uplift of all
C. good for greatest number
D. welfare
Answer» B. uplift of all

Kumarappa said, “------------ basis is all embracing love”

A. sarvodaya’s
B. satyagraha’s
C. swadesi
D. trusteeship
Answer» A. sarvodaya’s

Gandhi take his concept of Trusteeship from:

A. un to this last
B. civil disobedience
C. isavasyaupanisad
D. gita
Answer» C. isavasyaupanisad

According to Gandhi, industry was a joint enterprise of labour and capital in which ‘owners’ and ‘workers’ were ----------------- for society.

A. protectors
B. distributers
C. co-trustees
D. owners
Answer» C. co-trustees

The earliest trends of Trusteeship can be found in the visions of:

A. st. ambrose
B. st. francis
C. ruskin
D. tolstoy
Answer» A. st. ambrose

-------------------- is the vow consists in the use of country made things.

A. astheya
B. swadesi
C. trusteeship
D. ahimsa
Answer» B. swadesi

Gandhi said the political institutions of ------------------- will lay the foundations of economic decentralisation.

A. democracy
B. socialism
C. panchayati raj
D. rashtra raj
Answer» C. panchayati raj

Gandhi advocated ---------------------- which is more useful to self-sufficient village industries.

A. appropriate technology
B. huge machineries
C. sophisticated technology
D. zero technology
Answer» A. appropriate technology

Gandhi recommended economy which is :

A. capital based
B. labour predominant
C. industry predominant
D. technology devoid
Answer» B. labour predominant

According to Gandhi, “For me there can be no politics with out:

A. religion
B. democracy
C. decentralisation
D. power
Answer» A. religion

Gandhi said, “Politics without ----------------- is a thing to be avoided”.

A. socialism
B. justice
C. morality
D. positive attitude
Answer» C. morality

Federation of decentralised democratic rural community is called by Gandhi is:

A. ramaraj
B. democracy
C. panchyat raj
D. sarvodaya
Answer» C. panchyat raj

Swaraj means:

A. self government
B. political self government
C. governmentd.
D. local
Answer» B. political self government

In Gandhi’s opinion ---------------- is a sin against God and Man.

A. alcoholism
B. religious rituals
C. varna system
D. untouchability
Answer» D. untouchability

According to Gandhi the practice of --------------- is very helpful to dilute environmental issues.

A. swadesi
B. trusteeship
C. satya
D. fasting
Answer» A. swadesi
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