Synthetic Fibres and Plastics Solved MCQs


A chain of small chemical units combined to form a large single unit is called ____

A. Polymer
B. Poly
C. Polythene
D. None of the above
Answer» A. Polymer

Polythene and PVC are examples of

A. Bio degradable substance
B. Thermosetting plastics
C. Thermoplastics
D. Rayon
Answer» C. Thermoplastics

Plastics which when moulded once, cannot be softened by heating. Such plastics are called ____

A. Polythene
B. Thermoplastics
C. Polyster
D. Thermosetting plastics
Answer» B. Thermoplastics

Polycot is made by mixing two types of fibres namely

A. Silk + Cotton
B. Polythene + cotton
C. Silk + Polyester
D. Polyester + Cotton
Answer» D. Polyester + Cotton

The 4 R Principle is

A. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recover
B. Remember, reduce, Recycle, Rejoice
C. Repeat, Rejoice, recycle, reduce
D. None of the above
Answer» A. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recover

_____________ is an example of natural polymer

A. Rayon
B. Cellulose
C. Nylon
D. All of the above
Answer» B. Cellulose

Which of the following is Non-biodegradable

A. Woolen clothes
B. Plastic bag,
C. Cotton cloth
D. Wood
Answer» B. Plastic bag,

Bakelite and Melamine are examples of

A. Thermosetting plastics
B. Silk
C. Nylon
D. Rayon
Answer» A. Thermosetting plastics

Fire proof plastic uniform worn by fire fighters has a coating of _____ to make it fire resistant.

A. Nylon
B. Rayon
C. Melamine plastic
D. Silk
Answer» C. Melamine plastic

The coating on modern non- stick cookware and electric iron is of

A. Terrycot
B. Rayon
C. Polyester
D. Teflon
Answer» D. Teflon
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