250+ Visual Programming Solved MCQs


One or more option button controls can be selected from _____ choices.

A. multiple.
B. single.
C. dual.
D. parallel.
Answer» A. multiple.

_____ bar contains a set of tools to provide controls in the Form.

A. Status.
B. Tool
C. Menu.
D. Progress.
Answer» C. Menu.

Debug window is the same as ____ window.

A. procedure.
B. object.
C. form.
D. code.
Answer» D. code.

______is a data type that can be used to declare a text of maximum 10 million characters.

A. String.
B. Numeric.
C. Single precision.
D. Date.
Answer» A. String.

A module-level is available to all the _______ in the module.

A. data.
B. procedures.
C. event.
D. task.
Answer» B. procedures.

____variables are not reinitialized each time Visual basic invokes a procedure and thus retains or preserves value even when a procedure ends.

A. Static.
B. Dynamic.
C. Virtual.
D. Currency.
Answer» A. Static.

Code window consists of a ______ box and procedure list box.

A. object.
B. event.
C. tool.
D. message.
Answer» A. object.

The ____ statement checks in the module for usage of any undeclared variables and reports an error to the user.

A. looping.
B. iteration.
C. dim.
D. external.
Answer» C. dim.

Dynamic arrays can be declared when the user may not know the _____of the array at design time.

A. exact column.
B. exact variable.
C. exact value.
D. exact size.
Answer» D. exact size.

Variables are named storage locations in memory, the value of which does not change during program ______.

A. design.
B. execution.
C. debug.
D. modification.
Answer» B. execution.

Variables of different data types when combined as a single variable to hold several related information is called as ______ data types.

A. numeric.
B. user defined.
C. string.
D. byte.
Answer» B. user defined.

____ function translates a numeric value to a variable.

A. Message.
B. Build In.
C. Val.
D. Mod.
Answer» C. Val.

____box provides a set of choices to the user.

A. List.
B. Command.
C. Combo.
D. Text.
Answer» A. List.

All the controls in an array will have the same _____.

A. Value.
B. properties.
C. address.
D. location
Answer» B. properties.

The _____property in Visual basic is common for many a tools.

A. location.
B. place.
C. window status.
D. name.
Answer» D. name.

Option button can be grouped in a ______control.

A. label.
B. text box.
C. frame.
D. check box.
Answer» C. frame.

A _____ bar appears in the top of the screen.

A. title.
B. menu.
C. tool.
D. debug.
Answer» A. title.

A disabled menu item does not appear in the ____ bar.

A. menu.
B. standard.
C. status.
D. title.
Answer» A. menu.

A menu can include a maximum of ___ levels of sub menus.

A. 2.
B. 4.
C. 6.
D. 8.
Answer» C. 6.

Form_Mouse Down ( ) procedure is executed when any mouse button is clicked in a free area of the ______.

A. window.
B. form.
C. screen.
D. property.
Answer» B. form.

_____ is a tool used in visual basic to draw rectangle in the form.

A. Textbox.
B. Option button.
C. Command button.
D. Shape.
Answer» D. Shape.

In visual basic ______ is the extension to represent project file.

A. .frm.
B. .vbp.
C. .cls.
D. .txt.
Answer» B. .vbp.

In default ____ numbers of tools exist in toolbox.

A. 20.
B. 15.
C. 10.
D. 8.
Answer» A. 20.

_____ method removes a dialog box from view.

A. Display.
B. Active.
C. Hide.
D. Enabled.
Answer» C. Hide.

The ______property of a form automatically sizes the picture loaded to it.

A. auto size.
B. default.
C. size.
D. height.
Answer» A. auto size.

While entering a new project ______ option to be select from the dialog box.

A. open exe.
B. standard exe.
C. activex exe.
D. activex dll .
Answer» B. standard exe.

The ______control used to insert image to the form.

A. text box.
B. shape.
C. option.
D. picture.
Answer» D. picture.

The Line method can be used to draw ______ shape in VB.

A. rectangle.
B. circle.
C. ellipse
D. oval
Answer» A. rectangle.

There can be only ____MDI form in an application.

A. four.
B. two.
C. one.
D. zero.
Answer» C. one.

In Visual basic more than one child _____ is allowed to add in project.

A. form.
B. window.
C. property.
D. codings.
Answer» A. form.

Status bar appears at the _____ of the MDI form.

A. top.
B. bottom.
C. left.
D. right.
Answer» B. bottom.

The _____ keyboard refers to current form in Vb project.

A. me.
B. current.
C. form.
D. case.
Answer» A. me.

Scroll bar is of _____ types in Visual basic for usage.

A. two.
B. four.
C. five.
D. six.
Answer» A. two.

The width of any tool in visual basic can be changed at ___ time.

A. run.
B. debug.
C. design.
D. edit.
Answer» C. design.

The Visual basic programming is ______ based programming concept in general.

B. logical.
C. concept.
Answer» D. GUI.

. The IDE stands for _____.

A. Integrated Development Environment.
B. Integer Development Environment.
C. Information Development Environment
D. Internal Development Environment.
Answer» A. Integrated Development Environment.

The ______ is a tool used for both the Input and output purpose.

A. command button.
B. text box.
C. label.
D. list box.
Answer» B. text box.

______ property is related with Command button specific for displaying picture

A. Down picture.
B. Picture.
C. Height.
D. Object.
Answer» A. Down picture.

____ is a tool used in form window for grouping the option button.

A. Label.
B. Group.
C. Frame.
D. Shape.
Answer» C. Frame.

The list of forms will display in tree like structure in _____window.

A. form.
B. project explorer.
C. property.
D. form layout.
Answer» B. project explorer.

The _____ menu used for adding tools in to existing tools box.

A. file.
B. view.
C. project.
D. format.
Answer» C. project.

The ____ menu is used for executing the program in Visual basic.

A. run.
B. tools.
C. insert.
D. window.
Answer» A. run.

In visual basic the declaration of variables is done by _____ key word.

A. int.
B. dim.
C. else
D. declare.
Answer» B. dim.

In visual basic _____ types of scroll bars available in visual basic.

A. two.
B. three.
C. four.
D. five.
Answer» A. two.

While designing the visual basic there are _____ methods used for adding a tools in to form window.

A. five.
B. four.
C. three.
D. two.
Answer» D. two.

In VB the main form consist of more than one sub form is called ____.

A. subordinate.
B. child.
C. super.
D. second level.
Answer» B. child.

The ____ is shortcut key used for execution of visual basic program.

A. F7.
B. F2.
C. F5.
D. F9.
Answer» C. F5.

Among the events in VB, the Load event is associated with _____ .

A. command button.
B. label.
C. text box.
D. form.
Answer» D. form.

The Data Report designer is broken into ____ different sections.

A. two.
B. six.
C. eight.
D. ten.
Answer» B. six.

____ window is used to align the form execution in desired position or location.

A. form layout.
B. property.
C. project explorer.
D. coding.
Answer» A. form layout.

In coding window, the programming statement has been written in the _____.

A. block.
B. group.
C. event.
D. property.
Answer» C. event.

_____event will execute automatically at the activation of the tool.

A. GotFocus
B. LostFocus
C. Enabled.
D. Click.
Answer» A. GotFocus

The ____ key is used as control key on moving around the form without mouse.

A. Spacebar.
B. enter.
C. shift
D. tab.
Answer» D. tab.

In command button the _____ property is used to change the label value for any content.

A. name.
B. font.
C. caption.
D. height.
Answer» C. caption.

In visual basic the _____ file consist of complete coding and form design.

A. project.
B. form.
C. class.
D. module.
Answer» A. project.

Self Length Property is supported by ____ control in VB.

A. label.
B. text box.
C. command button.
D. option button.
Answer» B. text box.

In multiple form based project the current form represented by ___ keyword.

A. me.
B. load.
C. class.
D. form.
Answer» A. me.

Like text box, _____ is another tool used for display / output the information.

A. input box.
B. frame.
C. label.
D. message box.
Answer» D. message box.

Among the various properties of the tools in VB, in general _____ property in not supposed to change the value at maximum time.

A. caption.
B. name.
C. height.
D. color.
Answer» B. name.

_____ property is used to hide the tool in run time by setting value as false.

A. visible.
B. enabled.
C. hide.
D. delete.
Answer» A. visible.

SDI stands for _____.

A. Simple Document Interface.
B. Single Document Interface.
C. Sample Document Interface.
D. Simple Document Internal.
Answer» A. Simple Document Interface.

____ is a command used to come out of the loop.

A. break.
B. continue.
C. case.
D. elseif.
Answer» A. break.

The component option is used to insert new tool in to the toolbox, ____ menu is used.

A. file.
B. view.
C. project.
D. help.
Answer» C. project.

___ boxes display information in a dialog box superimposed on the form.

A. Input.
B. Message.
C. Text.
D. List.
Answer» B. Message.

In VB the order in which you create the controls is the order used by using ____ key

A. tab.
B. Spacebar.
C. caps.
D. scroll.
Answer» A. tab.

In visual basic the _____ value is equivalent to the vb YES NO button in message box.

A. 2.
B. 4.
C. 6
D. 8.
Answer» B. 4.

The F5 is key pressed the ____ event of form is executed first.

A. activate.
B. got focus.
C. initialize.
D. paint procedure.
Answer» C. initialize.

ASCII stands for _______.

A. American Standard Code for Information Interchange.
B. American Source Code for Information Interchange.
C. American Source Code for Information Interface.
D. American Standard Code for Interval Interface.
Answer» A. American Standard Code for Information Interchange.

In coding window the _____ shortcut key is used to find the particular character or code.

A. Ctrl + Q.
B. Ctrl + F.
C. Alt + F.
D. Alt + Q.
Answer» B. Ctrl + F.

The right hand drop down list box in the coding window is called _____ list box.

A. procedure.
B. event.
C. task.
D. content.
Answer» A. procedure.

The ____ shortcut is used to get the QuickInfo option in visual basic.

A. Ctrl + Q.
B. Ctrl + Z.
C. Ctrl + I.
D. Ctrl + F.
Answer» C. Ctrl + I.

In visual basic the, Visible property consists _____ state.

A. 6.
B. 4.
C. 2.
D. 1.
Answer» C. 2.

The _____data type is the default and standard type used in programming side.

A. variant.
B. string.
C. numeric.
D. byte.
Answer» A. variant.

In data type the ____ prefix used to represent the Boolean data.

A. bcl.
B. bln.
C. bct.
D. bty.
Answer» B. bln.

The ____ function returns a string stored in a variant data type.

A. Chr.
B. Str.
C. Char.
D. String.
Answer» A. Chr.

To run / to install the Visual basic 6.0 minimum of ____ ram capacity.

A. 1 mb.
B. 32 mb.
C. 64 mb.
D. 128 mb.
Answer» B. 32 mb.

GUI stands for ________.

A. Graphical User Interface.
B. Graphical User Internal.
C. Graphical User Information.
D. Graphical User Interchange.
Answer» A. Graphical User Interface.

____ option in project explorer window used display the coding of the program.

A. View object.
B. View code.
C. View source.
D. View design.
Answer» B. View code.

To open the property window for usage ____ shortcut key is used.

A. F3.
B. F2.
C. F5.
D. F4.
Answer» D. F4.

In visual basic form, the caption property content will reflect in ____ area.

A. status .
B. work.
C. title.
D. right.
Answer» C. title.

The ______property is used in VB for maximum form at run time.

A. window status.
B. caption.
C. name.
D. window resize.
Answer» A. window status.

The ____ is a shortcut key used to replace the content by specific data in coding window.

A. Ctrl + F.
B. Ctrl + H.
C. Ctrl + Z.
D. Ctrl + U.
Answer» B. Ctrl + H.

In declaration a variables _____ length of characters is allotted for a variable.

A. 32.
B. 64.
C. 255.
D. 128.
Answer» C. 255.

From the following _____tool is used to display pictures in VB form.

A. picture.
B. shape.
C. list box.
D. check box.
Answer» A. picture.

In VB form, the name property can be named with alphabets; ____ is the maximum number of character allowed.

A. 10.
B. 20.
C. 40.
D. 50.
Answer» C. 40.

In command button, the ____ symbol is used to make the button with shortcut key access.

A. %.
B. &.
C. #.
D. @.
Answer» B. &.

___ is property is used to hide the content in textbox with some symbols.

A. Name.
B. caption.
C. hidden.
D. pass word char.
Answer» D. pass word char.

____ property is used to set the flow of control in between the multiple controls.

A. Index.
B. Tab Value.
C. Tab Index.
D. Value.
Answer» C. Tab Index.

The _____ number of events related to form execution.

A. 2.
B. 6.
C. 10.
D. 12.
Answer» B. 6.

The ____ is the function is used to display the picture using picture box.

A. picture( ).
B. load picture( ).
C. pic( ).
D. display picture( ).
Answer» B. load picture( ).

The ____ concept is used to check for multiple conditions in VB.

A. for....loop.
B. if.
C. if elseif
D. while.
Answer» C. if elseif

In the following logic, the condition is check at the end of the loop.

A. If.then.
B. For.
C. While.
D. do_While.
Answer» D. do_While.

In for_loop operation ____ keyword is used to increment the value of variable for execution.

A. else.
B. step.
C. incr.
D. select.
Answer» B. step.

___ is the keyword represents the end of the for_loop in Visual basic.

A. next.
B. end.
C. close.
D. stop.
Answer» A. next.

The ___ type of operator is used for checking comparing values.

A. bits wise.
B. logic.
C. relational.
D. arithmetic.
Answer» C. relational.

The ____ is a keyword is used to combine two conditions for checking at same time.

A. or.
B. and.
C. else.
D. loop.
Answer» B. and.

In for_loop concept in visual basic ____ keyword is used to come out the loop immediately.

A. exit.
B. out for.
C. exit for.
D. exit if.
Answer» C. exit for.

The ____ statement is used to change the control to specified location without any condition.

A. goto.
B. select.
C. else if.
D. while.
Answer» A. goto.

In list box concept ____ function is used to insert item to the list.

A. addlist().
B. additem().
C. addcount().
D. adddata().
Answer» B. additem().

___ function is used to delete all the data items be completely removed.

A. list().
B. listdel().
C. listclear().
D. listremove().
Answer» C. listclear().
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