Geography (GK) solved MCQs

226. The part of a river near the coast into which the sea flows is termed as

a. Tributary

B. Bank

c. Estuary

d. None of the above

227. The areas of grassland totally without trees in South America especially around the estuary of the River Plate are called:

a. Savanna

B. Pampas

c. Loess

d. All of the above

228. The Great Barrier Reef is a huge coral reef off the northeast coast of

a. Australia

B. Maldives

c. Sri Lanka

d. Uzbekistan

229. What is the name of tropical grassland that has tree clumpsscattered about it?

a. Pampas

B. Moraines

c. Savanna

d. None of the above

230. The floor of a valley that is regularly flooded by a river andwhich receives a layer of alluvium each time is called

a. Delta

B. Flood Plain

c. Confluence

d. All of the above

231. What is the name given to areas of land in the higher latitudes where short, cool summers do not permit trees to grow?

a. Arctic

B. Tropical

c. Tundra

d. Terrain

232. The study of earthquakes and the waves generated by themis termed as

a. Volcanology

B. Seismology

c. Geomorphology

d. All of the above

233. What is the name given to the material borne along by, beneath or within glaciers?

a. Moraines

B. Pampes

c. Loess

d. None of the above

234. The flat-topped hill or mountain left isolated by the erosionof softer rocks all around it is generally known as

a. Mesa

B. Munatak

c. Savanna

d. None of the above

235. A hill or peak sticking through an ice cap, mostly found inGreen land or Antarctica is called:

a. Mesa

B. Moraines

c. Munatak

d. Loess

236. A vent in the Earth’s surface that emits steam and gases, essentially associated with volcanic regions is known as:

a. Fumarole

B. Mesa

c. Munatak

d. None of the above

237. What is 38th Parallel line?

a. Boundary line between South Korea and North Korea

B. Boundary line between India and Pakistan

c. Boundary line between Canada and United States of America.

d. Boundary line between India and Bangladesh

238. Which one is a boundary line between Finland and Russia?

a. Hindenburg Line

B. Curzon Line

c. Mannerheim Line

d. Maginot Line

239. Which are the boundary lines between India and Pakistan?

a. Working Boundary

B. Line of Control

c. Line of actual contact

d. All of the above

240. Where lies Macmohan line?

a. Boundary line between India and Pakistan

B. Boundary line between India and China

c. Boundary line between India and Nepal

d. Boundary line between India and Bangladesh

241. Which of these mountain passes are in Pakistan?

a. Babusar Pass

B. Shandur Pass

c. Lowari Pass

d. All of the above

242. Gobi desert is in

a. Mongolia and China

B. Iran and Iraq

c. Saudi Arabia and Yemen

d. Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan

243. Seattle is a seaport of

a. Hong Kong

B. United Kingdom

c. United states of America

d. Singapore

244. Which is the largest river of Uzbekistan?

a. River Amu

B. River Syr

c. River Zarafshon

d. River Naryn

245. Qyzylqum is the largest desert of

a. Turkmenistan

B. Tajikistan

c. Kirgyzstan

d. Uzbekistan

246. Jenish Chokosu or Victory Peak is the highest point inwhich central Asian State?

a. Uzbekistan

B. Kazakhstan

c. Kyrgyzstan

d. Tajikistan

247. Garagum desert is in which central Asian State?

a. Turkmenistan

B. Uzbekistan

c. Tajikistan

d. Kyrgyzstan

248. The highest peak of the central Asia lies in Tajikistan that is 7500 meters high. Its name is

a. Lenin Peak

B. Victory Peak

c. Ismail Samani or Stalin Peak

d. None of the above

249. Which is the largest landlocked country of the world?

a. Mangolia

B. Uzbekistan

c. Chad

d. Liechtenstein

250. Which is the second largest country in Africa?

a. Sudan

B. Algeria

c. Egypt

d. South Africa


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