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1. Which colour mode is used for print production?

a. cmyk

B. ryb

c. pantone

d. rgb

2. What is the extension of Adobe Indesign?

a. .psd

B. .aep

c. .indd

d. .cdr

3. The final version of Adobe Pagemaker is___________

a. 6.0

B. cs

c. 7.0

d. 7.5

4. Master pages

a. cover page

B. for setting common elements

c. chapter page

d. none of the above

5. Page layout software

a. after effects

B. adobe indesign

c. ms excel

d. nuendo

6. Which file format contain photorealistic images

a. jpg

B. cdr

c. eps

d. dwg

7. Image enhancement

a. reducing the size

B. enlarging the size

c. improving quality

d. none of the above

8. Image manipulation

a. image exchange

B. image editing

c. image exporting

d. none of the above

9. Paste board

a. hoarding board

B. short term data storage

c. flux board

d. notice board

10. How to create PDF files from Adobe Indesign

a. create postscript file and rendered to pdf

B. adobe pdf presets

c. page setup as pdf

d. none of the above

11. Button Tool is used for

a. create buttons

B. create shapes

c. create slices

d. none of the above

12. Increase the font size in Indesign

a. ctrl – shift - >

B. ctrl –shift- <

c. ctrl-alt ->

d. ctrl-alt - <

13. The first version of Adobe Indesign was released in

a. 1998

B. 2000

c. 2002

d. none of the above

14. Leading means

a. space between images

B. space between two characters

c. space between sentence

d. spaces between lines

15. In Indesign Alt + Ctrl + M stands for

a. outer glow

B. drop shadow

c. align center

d. none of the above

16. A4 size

a. 28x22 cm

B. 29.7x21 cm

c. 30.5x23 cm

d. 18x27 cm

17. Post production in publishing

a. lamination

B. scanning

c. printing

d. none of the above

18. Color separation

a. pre-press

B. press

c. post press

d. none of the above

19. Text wraps

a. surround a picture with text

B. cropping the text

c. editing the text

d. none of the above

20. Embedding

a. editing

B. integrating

c. deleting

d. all of these

21. Which of the following can't be included in a character style sheet?

a. shortcut key

B. leading

c. font color

d. tracking

22. Web feed printing

a. offset printing with sheet

B. offset printing with roll

c. digital printing with sheet

d. none of the above

23. Demy size

a. 20x19 cm

B. 29.7cm x 21cm

c. 28x22 cm

d. 56x44cm

24. Crown Size

a. 38.10x50.80cm

B. 29.7 cm x 21 cm

c. 28x22 cm

d. 56x44cm

25. Texture

a. difference in elements

B. difference in image

c. none of the above

d. the surface feels of an object.


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